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  1. I don’t think your reading your phosphate test correctly. I’m seeing 0.12 as your number.
  2. Just for point of reference, I’ve got healthy GSP on the bottom of an 18” deep tank under a single AI prime HD PAR readings
  3. Yeah, I set the drop in intensity up that way to try it out. I’m thinking about slowly reducing the drop over the next few weeks to increase the average PAR. The corals look really happy and are starting to take off so I’ll watch how they respond. MY corraline is growing really fast these days.
  4. 250 par is nice. My AI prime won’t do that unless shallow. Which Kessil do you have that does this?
  5. What PAR are you guys shooting for. Someone mentioned PAR and I’m curious if you have measured PAR with these lights. I have measured PAR with my AI prime but curious what that Kessil A80 produces. My tank ranges from 160 PAR in the shallowest and 130s mid tank and 80-100 near the bottom back edges. I’ll post a pic of my recent tests.
  6. So your changing 10% per day? That’s quite a bit. Do you need to change that much to keep up with nutrients? Feeding heavy? I’d think 10-20% per week would be plenty. In my 20 gallon I change around a liter a day which is around 10% per week. There is nothing wrong with it as long as your corals are not starved of nutrients.
  7. Borrowed my buddies PAR meter just to get a base line reading. This is with my lights at my max intensity for the day. They only stay this bright off and on during my mid day cycle. Saturday water tests. Nitrates and phosphates have risen to detectable levels finally. 1ppm NO3, 0.07 PPM phosphates. I’ve got some macro algae growing in the display now. Looks to be seeded Chaetomorphia and sea lettuce seeded from my algae reactor. All those white specs on the glass are my pods going crazy. Alk is rock steady at 8.6 getting dosed using two part 3 times a day. Calcium is in the 430 range. Magnesium is 1400. Temp 78 and salinity is rock steady at 35ppt. Once I glue these newest corals down I’ll search for few more. Everything looking great. I’ve got tons of amphipods and copepods. Kinda fun to watch my PJ chase them on the rock. Once so e of these corals start to grow and shade them selves I’ll add the second AI prime to this tank to help with shadowing. These par numbers will help to dial them back to a reasonable PAR value.
  8. My tank has been wet for about 8 months. Started with dry rock. Seeded Corraline with Corraline in a bottle at the 4 month mark and got a little Corraline on a frag and snail. About two months later with good stable alk it just exploded. My rocks and pumps...anything plastic is getting covered. My LEDs seem to grow it just fine. Mine is an AI prime with BRS settings.
  9. Just a couple update pics. Got a couple new corals. Small green and purple Acan, blue Montipora Dig, and an Orange Montepora dig. They are acclimating on the sand bed. Duncan looking much better with an adjustment to my flow. Corraline growing steady. My Hammer seems to have split into 3 different heads.
  10. I don’t have any real nuisance algae. I’ve got a greenish brown patch of sand in one area and that’s it. Lots of Corraline growth and my algae reactor is very green. Coral growth is decent except for my Duncan.
  11. I’m dealing with the same issue. I’ve got a little phosphate at 17-23 PPB but Nitrates always read zero on my Red Sea Kit. So I’m feeding more and slowly reducing photoperiod on my algae reactor. I may find I need to remove it entirely? We will see.
  12. Is the skimmer the only form of nutrient export? What are your phosphates? I have the opposite problem and can’t get mine to register. I feed 5 days a week on average and only have two fish but I’ve probably got too much nutrient export. Skimmer home made algae reactor auto water change system any way to add a refugium, grow macro, add some macro to display? Then maybe try feeding a few days a week less. You just need to find your balance.
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