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  1. Glad someone was there to catch it.
  2. Looks good to me. You’ll end up adding some rock here and there with some coral. Coral will grow and you’ll be glad you have the room.
  3. Thanks. Once my corals are busting at the seams then I’ll be happy. I am off to a good start though. My 4 corals are happy and hopefully will begin to grow.
  4. NANO After just a couple weeks occasionally dosing Reef Roids I noticed my pod population exploded. These were seeded early on but I thought they all but died off. Guess they could have come in on my corals but I dipped them and figured the dip would have killed them. My dip killed amphipods for sure as I saw a couple just fall off a plug and pretty much die instantly so pod re seeding is unlikely. More likely is the originally seeded pods like what I’m feeding at the moment and now reproducing nicely. Either way I’ll take it.
  5. Thanks. I eventually plan to hook it all up to a bigger tank but for now it’s a nice experiment. Seems to make my life pretty easy. It’s all for nothing if I don’t end up with a cool display. Ha ha
  6. Cool. Sounds similar to mine. My skimmer is very quiet. It skims pretty well. It tends to skim a little wet but not bad. Just keep parameters stable and I bet your tank will settle in just fine.
  7. What are your actual parameters? Why did you change skimmers? I find my stock skimmer works great. My gut is just keep doing what your doing. I did install a Chaetomorphia reactor on mine but it’s not really growing much. No idea if it’s helping me keep algae at bay or what is. I do have a very slight dusting of diatoms. Tank is 5 months old. I only have two fish, one pistol shrimp and a clean up crew. I’m also feeding daily, similar light schedule and my parameters are below. 1.026 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 0 phosphate 0 alk 8.4 calcium 430 magnesium 1480 tsmp 78 degrees.
  8. Nice. Mine has been running for about 5 months. I’m just now adding corals. I’ve got two fish in mine. One pajama cardinal and an orange spot goby. My goby is paired with a pistol shrimp. Do you have a build thread?
  9. Making progress. FRP hung. One more wall to go. Next up, remove the old corroded AC unit.
  10. Just add it in then but keep on an island. I added GSP to mine and will watch it like a hawk on its own island of rock. Love it but must control it. Ha Ha. Love your tank BTW.
  11. Update on the Office reef. Not much new here. We have got it running, temp stable, salt in and it’s cycling. The new protein skimmer and calcium reactor is here but yet to be plummed. Im letting my buddy do all his own organizing from this point. He’s not as OCD as me so it’s kind of a mess at the moment. I’ll be curious if he ever gets it organized. He’s the type that fine with it as long as it works and it’s out of sight. Here is his skimmer and reactor waiting to be plummed into the system. No rush on this as it’s not needed yet.
  12. Update on several fronts. First the NANO. Im about to glue my new frags down. I’ve got a Hammer, Duncan, some Zoas and some GSP. I’m going to keep the GSPs on a rock in the sand. They will be kept off the rock structure. The hammer will go lower left and not sure yet about the Duncan. All the corals have looked fantastic, seem to like my water and lighting. The Hammer looks bigger but I’m sure just more extended than at the LFS. All my nuisance algae is gone at the moment. My Chaeto is starting to grow but nothing spectacular. I’m feeding almost daily. I’m also spot feeding some reef roids to the corals along with the Duncan capturing some meaty foods all in its own during feeding. I’ll post a few pics once I get them mounted this week. African tank rebuild. This has been a big project and has taken me away from my NANO. I finally got all the old sumps, lower drywall, old electrical torn out and am in the process of replacing it all. I should have the inside drywall hung today and then covered in FRP. I’ve installed a hard wired heater for the winter to replace my bathroom heater I’ve been using for the last several years to keep the room warm. I’ve also got my new sumps in and will begin th final plumbing layout once I get the walls completed. Here are are some progress pics. Below is just after tear out and sump removal. Sink is in the old location and will be moved. Just a little modivation juice. Here is is one of my new sump tubs. There will be two. This one will be the bio tower and the other will be for water polishing and return to main tank. They are both 90 gallons each. The sink is sitting in its final location. I moved all the plumbing over and re did the drains with all new hard pipe. Ive sprayed all the old mold with bleach and it dried out. The Sheetrock on the other side will also be replaced from the other side. I’ll finish the insulation at that time. New sink plumbing. I’ll slap some paint on these old rusty legs. Here is my new heater install. I’m loving it so far. You can also see I’m replacing all my old electrical plugs. They were getting corroded from 20 years of aquarium room use. Here is the old 1000 watt heater I’m replacing. It’s sitting in top of the old snake cage that I’m replacing with a new and better ventilated one. Pics later once I get it installed. Heater and two of the new outlets installed. Pic after sump tear out. There was some water trapped in my old plumbing. One LAST flood I hope. This is before I sprayed bleach and got everything cleaned up. When looking back at my old plumbing I have to think “what the hell was I thinking” back then. My plumbing skills have come a long way. Really glad I’m rebuilding this room.
  13. Sure looks like a split. Good luck and hopefully you’ll have two soon enough.
  14. Oh, as for the copepods, when I added them to my tank they did colonize in there but mine have died off as far as I can tell. But if they are thriving in your tank I’d think they would thrive in there.