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  1. Jeff Hood

    Sharbuckles 78g Starphire Cube

    Interesting your surface skimming is not keeping up with it.
  2. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Thanks @Donny41 it will recover fine. It needed to be re done but I was hoping it could be on my terms but it decided for me. It will come back better in the end. The nano is doing great so far. Been stable. I’ve got some hair algae that’s sprouted up despite no measurable phosphate ever and moderate Nitrates. I’ve got those down to 5 and I’ll mechanically remove it soon. New tank thing. It will get better. I’ll start adding more to my clean up crew.
  3. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Well, first fish is in the NANO and doing well. The second fish will get transferred in the next few days once he’s back up to full speed. He was a little sluggish after the copper treatment. He is eating now and looks good. My african tank is drained. I’ve lost half my fish. Just too stressful a move I guess. It’s not over yet. Hopefully I can keep what I have left. I’ve began re plumbing it. It will be a much better system once done. I’ve learned a few things plumbing my buddies 800 gallon and will use a similar setup at home. The 800 gallon office reef is full of test water and running. We’ve got it pretty well dialed in. No major leaks and it’s passed the power out test.
  4. Thanks. I’m wondering if you could move that whiter timeframe to anywhere in the 12 hour photoperiod to coinside with when Id like to view the tank or did they feel the timing of that mattered? Blue in the morning then Say 3-6 pm full on. Then blue rest of the time.
  5. My algae reactor, which is not doing much at the moment is running around 200 gph. In reality your flow only needs to be high enough to keep the nutrients in the reactor the same that’s in the main tank so 2x is likely plenty but I’m betting mine is around 10x. I’d just get the smallest pump you can that will move water through it reliably.
  6. I’d love to see your schedule on that lighting if you can post it or give a link.
  7. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Well, small disaster at home. My big African tank that’s been running for 15 years sprung a major leak. One of my bulkheads for the return through the bottom of the tank decided to fail. So I had to drain the whole tank and transfer the fish to the sump. Wasn’t fun and got 99% of the fish out. A few didn’t make it. Lessons learned...never use the flexible PVC pipe. It just doesn’t get the same bond to the fittings as regular pipe. Sure it lasted a long time but should have lasted forever. Gonna take this opportunity to redo the whole room and re plumb the whole tank. It’s overdue as the plumbing for this tank has been set up since 2002 from my old salt setup. Tanks front panel will get a good polish, new sump layout, new external biofilter, new pump. Should look nice once done. I did consider turning this tank back into a salt tank but decided to keep it an African tank. Not fond of acrylic with salt water. Almost impossible to keep coralline off the front panel and gets scratched too easily trying to get it off. While re doing the room I’m gonna remodel the whole room to make it a more efficient pet room, room for multiple tanks, quarantine tanks, other displays, new boa constrictor cage etc... the room will get it’s floor and lower walls sprayed with Line-x to form a waterproof floor wall system in case of another leak. Stay tuned. As for the NANO, all is on schedule. Fish doing well in quarantine and tolerating their treatment.
  8. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Sumps for the office tank coming along nicely. Need to finish plumbing the air exchanger in there otherwise I’ll need to take my respirator to finish up all the plumbing. We have decided on two 90 gallon sumps chained together. I can bypass the second one and turn it into a salt mixing tub for a 90 gallon water change. It will also double as an algae grow out sump. When a water change is required it will just me moved and put back when done. Still a lot of work to go. Today I’ll be adding unions to the top drains so the sumps can be removed and cleaned easily. On the NANO front, fish acclimating well to their quarantine environment. Both are eating well and showing no signs of disease. The Goby has set up a little territory in a piece of PVC pipe. Probably doesn’t venture much farther than 6” from the opening. Can’t wait to get him “Walter”. And his buddy the pajama cardinal “Lurch” into their new home.
  9. Jeff Hood

    Sharbuckles 78g Starphire Cube

    Looking fantastic. On my old 600 I had a giant leather like yours. Mine reproduced like crazy. What it would do was those curls at the top would become more pronounced and eventually pinch and fall off and drift around the tank. They would implant them selves and grow. I bet I had 50 babies all around my tank. Was one of my favorite corals.
  10. Jeff Hood

    Starting new biocube 16 gallon tank

    For my powerheads I chose the Innovative Marine 1500 gph heads. I started with one and just added a second. They wirelessly link together and will wave back and forth. They are quiet in all but the highest setting. Seem to be working great so far. I also have them on a battery back up in case power goes out for a few hours.
  11. Jeff Hood

    34g Mangrove and SPS Cube

    Nice find. Corals look good.
  12. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Yea, first macro life in the display. One Astrea snail. I also have two new fish in the Quarantine tank. A pajama cardinal and a yellow/ orange spot goby. Both pretty small.
  13. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Ok, now I am ready for winter and any possible short term power outages. Anything longer and I’ll get a generator but for now this should be great. Battery back up for my two powerheads. I’m working on trying to get a little DC pump to fit for the return section but no luck yet. Oh oh and here is a sneak peek of my buddies build I’m helping with. His 800 gallon office reef. It’s gonna be crazy.
  14. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    First full tank shot with final aquascaping.
  15. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Well, for the continuation of this build thread I’ll add a few pics of some other 3D printed stuff we’ve made and progress of my cycle. The tank is cycled. After 2 months it’s pretty stable. I changed the water yesterday to get Nitrates down to less than 5. Phosphate is unmeasurable. I’ve been feeding the tank, adding phytoplankton. Skimmer is working and running silent. I’ve now lowered it back into its stock location. I’ve added a second wave pump I bought on Black Friday and got it set up. They work together wirelessly. Pretty cool for a nano. It’s the little egg shaped one from Innovative Marine. 1500 gph each on Max. I run them in level 7 for now. I’ve also added a nice screen top for future jumpers. The Quaranteen tank is also cycled. The glass lid should be here Wednesday and ready for its first inhabitants. I need salt to change the water in the Q tank so should order my first fish next week. Looking forward to having some life. I’ll quarantine the fish for 3-4 weeks with standard practice then add to the display tank once deemed healthy. I also got got in my calibrated temp probe. Discovered my Q tank heater was almost 3 degrees off. My Apex for the main display was calibrated to match the heater I bought for it that had its own external temp probe. Amazingly it was spot on. So now both my tanks are temp matched and water parameters are matched. Here are the new NANO probe holders my buddy made for me. They worked out perfect. It hangs from the glass separator for the pump return section in my Red Sea tank.