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  1. I’ll see if the owner is willing to start one here. He’s a big Internet forum guy and loves DIY so I bet he will. If not I am willing to be the middle man and start it. I ran a pretty successful, 600 gallon system and used your principals with out really knowing it. It ran perfect for 3 years and died because of an air conditioner failure. Looking forward to doing it again with someone else’s money 😂
  2. Cool. Thanks for the info. I’ve got a biology degree but it’s been decaids and haven’t really thought this stuff through in a while but what You said was my gut feeling. I’ve always said I wanted two refugiums but now I want them for different reasons than before. I’m also helping a friend build a 800 gallon office reef and we both love your ideas. Thanks again for your time and info.
  3. So in your opinion would running two refugiums, one as a cryptic and one as a lighted macroalgae fuge be counter productive by removing nutrients from the system that would otherwise be recycled? Does the cryptic refugium result in a low measurable Nitrate/ Phosphorus/ phosphate system despite it being a high nutrient system because of assimilation? How is pest algae being prevented?
  4. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    @Subsea we will see how impressive it is once it’s alive and stable. So far it’s just a box of money. I’ve been successful in the past but not with a NANO. I’ve got a lot to learn. I’ve read several of your posts and like the way you think. The NANO with no sump presents some challenges and I’m hoping some of the automation will make it easier. It very well could be the opposite.
  5. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Ok. May have spoke too soon. Raising it may not have put as much back pressure on the pump as I hoped. We will see where it settles out. May have to put the air valve back on. I’m sure once the tank gets fed regularly it will change for the better. Man I’m ready for this thing to finish its cycle and get something in here. Ammonia 0.2 Nitrite. 0.2 Phos. 0-1 PPB. Alk 7.7 Ph. 8.2/7.9. Red Sea kit/ APEX probe Edit, the skimmer definitely has calmed down with it raised. Air valve is removed. Micro bubbles are minimal but still present.
  6. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Ok, made another modification today. I was not happy with the performance of my stock skimmer. To me it was too low in the tank. Water gait was all the way open and it was overskimming bad. Could hardly turn the air valve on at all. No adjustability in the low end. So I raised it several inches using PVC I had laying around. Now the water level in the skimmer is where I want it and I can raise it further using the stock gait. If I ever need it lower I can adjust the height of my PVC stand or remove it. Seriously doubt I’ll ever need to remove it. We will see if it helped as much as it has seemed to at the moment.
  7. Jeff Hood

    My Shot at the TOTM title

    Nice. Will be following. Love that size of tank.
  8. Jeff Hood

    Red Sea Max Nano

    Man, I love that planted tank. I’ve never kept one. Would like to do one some day. Once that day comes I’ll pick your brain.
  9. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Since the new NANO is in limbo I figure I’d post a coupe African pics. My prettiest fish are camera shy.
  10. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Very cute. Never owned one. I’ve heard my daughter talk about them. Can those spines poke into you? How careful do you need to be when handeling them? as for my little NANO goes, the cycle is complete now. I’m on call so much these last two weeks I just can’t get out of town to go visit my closest LFS which is 1:20 away. Even if I fly it takes an hour to get there just because of the logistics of it all. Hopefully soon. I read on line that they carry Chaetomorphia so I plan to get some and also buy some rubble off their live rock pile to seed the tank with coralline algae. Once my algae begins to grow and nirtates begin to drop I’ll add my first fish.
  11. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Yes ha ha. Me too. I’ve got to channel it somewhere. I’m planning on going to a LFS today if time permits. It’s an hour drive each way. Gonna scope out what kind of resource it will be for me. Once this system is operational and doing well I will begin planning my 350 gallon pentagon corner tank for my living room. Wife said no until house is payed off so will be a couple years. Will take that long for me to be happy with my plan anyway. Plus two years to scope out deals on equipment. Tank update... everything is is running super quiet. Remember, this is one foot from my head while sleeping. Ammonia was around 0.4 and Nitrite was 0.3 yesterday 24 hours after an ammonia dose. I’ll re dose today and likely consider it cycled. Hopefully I can pick up some Chaetomorphia for my algae reactor and get it up and running. Once I see Nitrates falling close to zero with no water change I’ll add some real bioload to the tank next week. We are getting there.
  12. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    I live in a small town in Oklahoma. We are starting a local reef club so likely me and my buddy with his 800 gallon reef will be the local source. I will try a local store up in a neighboring town and see if they are growing it. I’m guessing the Chaetomorphia is the best choice. That’s about all I see mentioned on the forum. Anyway, finished up my closet lighting tonight and hooked it up to a motion sensor to turn on when I open the door. I left the old lighting which is much brighter for maintenance. It’s still on a standard switch. All my lighting is orange behind the panel, white in front of the panel. All my wires are now covered in orange wire sheath. I think it turned out pretty good. The doseing reservoir is yet to be made. I plan on using some water bottles and some 1/4” bulkheads. A buddy at work has a 3d printer so we will make something to hold the bottles and display to match what I’ve done so far. I’ve also got some tube organizers to give some organization to my 1/4” tubing. Should be running those this week after I calibrate all my pumps.
  13. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Update on the initial cycle. My ammonia finally read zero and Nitrite fell from way darker than 1.0 to less than 0.2. Nitrates were around 10-12. So almost there. I added another dose of ammonia last night and will see how long it takes to drop back down. I should be ordering some Chaetomorphia soon. Anybody recommend a source for this? I’ve looked at Algae Barn but there is a waiting list.
  14. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    So far my main return pump is very quiet. Same for the skimmer. Now that I’ve fixed that cobalt power head I feel I know how to deal with that issue.
  15. Jeff Hood

    Nightstand NANO build

    Ok, tonight I fixed a problem with my Algae reactor powerhead. It was very noisy and ratteling. Read lots of solutions and decided to try gluing the impeller blade to the magnetic rotor. It worked perfectly. So much quieter. Seems to pump the same. I pulled out the impeller assembly on my Cobalt powerhead. Used gel super glue and let it cure for 30 minutes. Not sure why they make them the way they do.