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  1. Hello! Any advice about how to remove a bubble tip anemone from a sea cucumber? It must have attached itself when the cuc was against its rock. I did try to remove it, but didn’t budge, and I don’t want to hurt either. I’d love suggestions about how to tempt the BTA to another, non-living spot! I did try putting them in a glass in the tank, but John (the cuc) just crawled out.
  2. Hi all. I've had some requests for pics of my 37 gallon reef. I am tempted to upgrade to 65 gal., but downsizing my figure 8 puffer Murphy to the smaller tank is feeling bad, so we will see. This is clearly not a pic of my figure 8 murphy, but of my barnacle blenny Jorge.
  3. In addition to some lovely rock work caves, etc.., I added large barnacle clusters. If I could bill each spot with a Blenny I would! I have a barnacle blenny (Jorge, my first blenny love) who rules one cluster, a midas blenny who is queen one, and a third cluster waiting....maybe a tail spot....
  4. Hi Dawn! I am so impressed with you ponies! Adam was a stunner, I am sorry you lost him. I am glad to have quickly found someone on the forum who loves macros and donuts. My first google searches when I'm in a new area are "donuts near me" and "fish store near me". My priorities are clear....
  5. Vlangel, I got a very small frag on ebay, and it did require some nurturing, but now I have 5-6 nice clumps in under 3 months. It just takes a dab to start a nice growth!
  6. Hi Christopher, I hope I am replying in a way that you receive the response. I will post additional pictures, because I love the way the tank has evolved. I have had very few issues. I tried one SPS, which was a no go, and since limiting myself to a small amount of corals, some macros and a nice collection of fish, things have gone very well. I do frequent water changes (15-20% every 6 days or so), I've got nice coraline growing, and see growth on my clam, macros, zoas, etc.. Not that I didn't lose all the frogspawn I ever bought, along with two hammer corals--I attribute to drastic changes in placement, lighting and crushed/injury. It isn't easy, and I have had a reckless moment or two in regards to what I've added (two-spot goby, lucky he took to prepared foods), but overall I do search here and hopefully have avoided catastrophe! Thank you for checking in on me! I will post pics soon.
  7. Hi Vlangel, Thanks for your response! The macro algea is blue ochtodes, great for sea horses btw! It is gorgeous, grows readily under good lights and is easy to prune and transplant. It is my favorite. Provides that true violet color under day lighting.
  8. leighla

    Forum Lurker

    I was a lurker too! It is intimidating to actually participate.... Good luck with your nano, it will be fun to see your plan and stock. I love my 55 gallon tropical set-up, my angel Shadow is too fabulous!
  9. I love my shrimp/goby pair. I love the snaps and pops of a busy little shrimp and the flurry of sand he makes!
  10. Hello all! I am not new to the hobby, but I have primarily focused on freshwater planted nano tanks. Currently I have fresh, brackish, and reef tanks. My latest set-up is a 37 gallon reef, mostly softies, macros and BTA/rock flower anemones. Struggles I've had include: carpet surfing (small clown chased out during water change, didn't notice); bought a green goby who was pinched and didn't ever recover; finding appropriate flow and light (I use two powerheads and two AI prime lights). I love the reef, and have to control myself from converting more tanks! I have a big thing for Blennies and Gobies, and am very partial to my two-spot goby. I am excited to make connections, get advice and share my experience! Best!
  11. Hi! It is looking good! Did you secure that arch somehow? I have something similar in mine, but it always makes me nervous that it is precarious and could collapse. Any tips on making it secure? Good luck! Any stocking plans?
  12. Hello! I recently acquired a pictus blenny, a very small algae eating guy, who may or may not also eat pods, mysis, etc.. Does anyone have any experience with this specific fish? Any advice and tips would be appreciated! Mine came in very pinched and while he is finally coming out a bit, and it has only been a couple of days, I would like to see him start to fill out. Watching, waiting, tempting with multiple foods...no reason to not be optimistic. Love to hear from others, many thanks!
  13. Hello! I love this build, and have used it to inform mine. I am using two powerheads and am reliant on water changes, lots of water changes.
  14. Hello! I have a 20 L nano reef tank that I started 5 months ago. I have only ever had fresh and brackish tanks, so this is my first time with salt. I think this journal will help me track my progress, make better choices and be a form of catharsis for addressing my mistakes. I started with a pair of clowns and small hammer corals. Like most noobies, I quickly ran wild and failed to exercise patience in regards to stocking. This is counter to my previous behavior. I have a 65 g with two fish, and a 55 with 10, so I was surprised by my recklessness (especially considering the risks for the animals and the cost to obtain them). Now I have a number of Ricordea, macros, rock flower anemones, mushrooms and some additional fish. Lessons I've learned the hard way: 1) You need a cover. I lost my platinum clown during a water change. 2) Frogspawn corals and I are probably not compatible. I keep buying them, and they keep dying. My torch and hammers are great, just the frogspawn.... 3) I like to overstock. A lot. 4) I don't like to leave well enough alone. 5) I work very hard to maintain this one small tank. 6) I am grateful for this forum. Here are a couple of pictures, they are not great, but I am learning.
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