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  1. Nice tank. Would love to see how it matures. And if you got that chalice as mummy eye, good on you, looks like one of those 400 dollar ones. Edit: I’m also considering a 25 lagoon. Would use it as a frag tank tho.
  2. Also want to see how us 10 gallers are faring in these tough winter months.
  3. We cant know what fish think. His growth has been stunted in that tank and the op cannot upgrade. The only option at this point to to regime the poor fish.
  4. This black box has a two channel dimmer and the exact same lenses as the ocean revive. You can find some good bbs if you look. Keep it 12 inches over the tank and just turn the knobs and you’ll be good.
  5. The ocean revive is my favorite option on that list. Do you want to go with an option on the list or are you open to suggestions? You may want to consider one of these (the longer kind) https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07DFLPJY4/ref=mp_s_a_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1549400723&sr=8-16&keywords=reef+light i used the smaller one and got some pretty good growth and colors out of my lps. It also includes several Violet leds
  6. Tbh I would say your fully stocked. Clownfish can get pretty big and mean and eat a ton. Plus the goby your have a full house.
  7. There’s quite a bit more than 3 speiceis. There’s hundreds but only about 5 percent eat corals. And most only eat zoas.
  8. I wish I could get rid of him. All he does is eat, sit in the corner, and terrorize my hand whenever it’s in the tank.
  9. And our slightly corrupt diva ruler who shuts down all other rap artists. Don’t ask how but I think I know who sent Tupac to Cuba...
  10. Forgot to give a word update. There is no large issues right now. Dino’s are being stopped by not changing filter floss, not changing water, craning up light and flow + vigorous turkey basting. The bryopsis algae stuff was killed by flucon and a black out period at the end of the 14 days. I think the algae stripped my nutrients and led to the dino’s I have not changed anything other than lights and the corals are already improving. The zoas skirts have turned bright green, the acan has lost its get and is now true blue and purple along with the orange. The Monti has not had any growth but polyps have been showing more frequently than with leds. The mushroom is a mushroom. The only coral to suffer from the increased light was the chalice. When I got home it was clinging to its skeleton so I had to figure out a new spot for the most aggressive coral in my tank. I feel that it is about time for an Acropora, maybe a garf bonsai? Beetlejuice is still a resident of the cesspool and he bites me whenever I do tank matinence, very annoying, why do people choose to keep clowns?
  11. It’s been a bit y’all. I got the halide and set it up over the tank here’s what it looks like
  12. I are tried ehim jager, finnex, and tetra. The finned die because crappy suction cups put the heater IN the tank. The jager 100w is not fun to calibrate and drifts very quickly. The tetra preset ironically has been the best one, I use the jager set at lower temps (as to not fry my corals as it drifts) to do the heavy lifting and the tetra gets the final push.
  13. I heard about that. Checked the reviews on the new stuff and people say it just gets hot. And I need heat! I have to run a 100w and a 50w to keep my tank at 76 (would much prefer 78)
  14. It’s an Oddysea 150w. Double ended and atm it has a 14k phenix bulb. Considering changing it to 20k if it’s too white.
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