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  1. Aquarium Care Center

    FINAL NOTICE -- Jason Fox at ACC this Saturday 11am-3pm

    Thanks for coming. We hope you enjoy your corals.
  2. Saturday 12/1/2018 11am-3pm Our tanks are full of fish and we've been cutting so many frags that we are out of racks. The doors open at 11am and you'll be able to shop from ACC's selection as well as from Jason Fox's private stash! Winners will be drawn from our pre-registration list for 1 $50 JF Gift Card & 2 $50 ACC Gift Cards. 10 people will be drawn to win a JF T-Shirt REGISTER TO WIN
  4. MOCHA STORM CLOWNFISH! $169 EACH $299 PER PAIR View Singles View Pairs AquariumCareCenter.com
  5. Black Storm Clownfish 1" In Size -- $199 Each CLICK HERE OTHER BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: AquariumCareCenter.com Policies / Guarantee / Shipping $39.99 Overnight Shipping $29.99 NY/NJ Shipping Free In Store Pick Up AquariumCareCenter.com Questions - ACCLive@aquariumcarecenter.com
  6. AquariumCareCenter.com Black Friday WEB DEALS 15% Off CoralWear Clothing CLICK HERE 50% Off All Captive Bred Clownfish From Sea & Reef Phantoms - $65 EACH Ultra Picasso - $65 EACH Midnight - $50 EACH Domino - $50 EACH Flurry - $35 EACH Naked - $40 EACH Ocellaris - $15 EACH Black Storms - $375 PER PAIR Mocha Storms - $350 PER PAIR AND MORE! CLICK HERE New Coral Colonies In Stock: GOLD HAMMER COLONY CLICK HERE Orange & Green Aussie Acan CLICK HERE Pink Gonio Colony CLICK HERE Purple Tip Torch Colony CLICK HERE VIEW ALL COLONIES NEW FRAGS AVAILABLE: VIEW ALL FRAGS
  7. Aquarium Care Center

    Black Friday Begins At ACC! In Store Deals

    Sorry this sale is for our store front. Below is the post for our online update for the weekend, but we don't have any gold torches available at the moment.
  8. Aquarium Care Center

    Jason Fox at Aquarium Care Center in New Jersey

    Join us for the second event we are having featuring Jason Fox! He is bringing along some pieces from his collection to sell and we will have some crazy deals in our tanks to take advantage of. Pre-register for your chance at 1 JF gift card, 1 of 2 ACC gift cards, and 1 of 10 JF t-shirts. Early registrants will be granted early access to preview the store and shop before the crowds. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT
  9. Aquarium Care Center

    Anemone questions

    There is no telling if it will move or not.. some species like bubble tip anemones are known to not move nearly as much unless disturbed or a change of environment occurs. Other species, like the condy - seem to continually move periodically for no reason at all.
  10. Aquarium Care Center

    Aquascape help IM 30L

    I see tons of potential!
  11. BLACK FRIDAY ACC STYLE ALL MONTH LONG SAVE YOUR MONEY SHOP ACC SAVE 40% AND UP ON LIVESTOCK EARN 10% CREDIT BACK ON ALL EQUIPMENT SAVE 15% OFF ALL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES* *Discount does not apply to MAP items. You choose one of the THREE Black Friday Deals below to add to your Red Sea Purchase Free Drive Pump for system Override 40% discount off Live rock/Dry rock purchase Additional 5% OFF UNIT- That's 20% OFF BUY ONE GET ONE FREE CLOWNFISH Excludes Storm & Longfin Clownfish
  12. AQUARIUMCARECENTER.COM New Coral Colonies Available Peach Fuzz Scoly $275 CLICK HERE Aussie Elegance $150 CLICK HERE Aussie Orange Acan Colony $375 CLICK HERE Tonga Green Frogspawn $150 CLICK HERE Long Stem Tonga Torch $175 CLICK HERE Green & Purple Frogspawn Colony $150 CLICK HERE LT Plate Coral $200 CLICK HERE Coral Colonies on BLOW OUT: $225 DOWN TO $199 CLICK HERE $150 DOWN TO $90 CLICK HERE $200 DOWN TO $125 CLICK HERE $165 DOWN TO $99 CLICK HERE NEW FRAGS: CYPHASTREA FRAG PACK Bizarro / Christmas Morning / Skittle Bomb $99 CLICK HERE Goniopora 2 Pack $55 CLICK HERE Other New Frags: FOR MORE VISIT: AquariumCareCenter.com PA / NY / NJ / MD / CT Members Don't Forget! Jason Fox at ACC 12/1/18 AquariumCareCenter.com for more info
  13. We are excited to announce that Jason Fox will be joining us for the second year. Come shop his collection and take advantage of some of the great deals ACC has to offer. Follow the links in this post or visit AquariumCareCenter.com to take advantage of pre-registration.. everyone to register for the event will be entered in a drawing to win: 1 - JF Gift Card 2 - ACC Gift Cards 10 - JF TShirts For More Info & Registration..CLICK HERE
  14. AQUARIUMCARECENTER.COM $40 & $60 Frags Buy 2 Get 1 Free Add 3 $60 frags to your cart and use coupon code "60b2g1" to receive one of the three frags for free. Add 3 $40 frags to your cart and use coupon code "40b2g1" to receive one of the three frags for free. Limit one coupon code per order - We can multiple combine orders into one box when shipping.. After completing your first purchase and paying for shipping on the initial order, select “in store pick up” to combine shipping. “Blasto Blow Out” frags excluded from Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal due to already low cost. AQUARIUMCARECENTER.COM CORAL COLONIES: 25% OFF! AQUARIUMCARECENTER.COM BLASTO BLOW OUT 4 Head Blasto FragsOriginally $60 -- NOW $30 AQUARIUMCARECENTER.COM
  15. ACC Halloween Sale EXTENDED Long Fin Black Ice Clownfish from Sea & Reef IN STOCK NOW CLICK HERE Captive Bred H. Erectus from Seahorse Savy CLICK HERE Biota Mandarin CLICK HERE Black Storms -- $375 PER PAIR Mocha Storms -- $350 PER PAIR CLICK HERE