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  1. I removed the filter and it made the flow better and combined the two Cheto together in one. So now have two empty chambers and all the bubbles went into the tank. No more standing fish bowl water in HOB. I also removed the guard to the overflow. But now pods and worms etc.. can get into the tank. We will see what it looks like in the morning
  2. Ok I have a hob refugium that has been up and running for about 3-4 months. It has 3chambers one with small fliter and second one with cheto and last with small amt cheto. I have the flow on high. But I think water flow is too slow. Well on the top of the water in the refugium has bubbles that form and go in the tank plus I am not sure if I should clean it because I see mix options on that topic. I will post pictures. I do a flush with some saltwater top off in hob but only lasts a few days before it the bubbles come back.. if I take out the fliter it does flow better. clean or not clean? open all the chambers to one big one w/sand and cheto? thanks for any help
  3. Ok I have a power head pointed at top of tank. I have done the bottle thing before. What about the hob refuguim clean it out or leave alone update: I put a strong power head pointed up to the surface. Still no change. i think even doing a water change it would still be coming out of the refuguim messing up the DT. So I decided to clean the top of the water in the hob refuguim. And do a water change. maybe the film is normal and don't worry?
  4. Ok I have a power head pointed at top of tank. I have done the bottle thing before. What about the hob refuguim clean it out or leave alone.? thank you
  5. Here's some pictures to help. Refuguim is dirtier then it looks
  6. Ok so I have a 5 gal reef tank with one fish and hob refuguim I haven't fed the fish in a month cause had this on and off no heater (fl weather ) and only a powerhead and live rock weekly water change of 2 gals so I have a flim on top of my tank which I think is coming from hang on back refuguim, because the refuguim has a lot of film in the top of it over flowing into the DT. The refuguim - I have read that it should be keep dirty, but I want to clean it all out. And put new water in. the three parts have a small filter in one that I clean once a week and cheto in one. And the last one is empty. the cheto has pods, worms, baby star fish, etc so what is this nasty oily film? i am thinking about a protein skimmer but the tank is small with 5 corals. i don't dose the tank.. i use distilled water
  7. HOB refuguim which is new just added last week. A lot going on in the Cheto pods,worms, baby starfish. Etc all came in it. Am still learning about refuguim. There’s a lot of different options out there.
  8. Hey everyone ive been using this forum for a little bit for lots of information and reading. I’ve learned a lot. great to see the things in the “home reef tank” have changed for the better. I have had many reef tanks over the years. I currently have a 4.5 gallon tank now. It’s around 3 mos old. Check out the pictures. It’s hard with the nights.