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  1. We bought a waterbox and it came with no instructions. When we took it out of the box it had sponge on the bottom, charcoal, bioballs, and another sponge on top in the center of the back channel. Is this correct?
  2. When I fed today the Pom Pom came out with a belly covered in red eggs. I can’t get a picture because she is at the back of the tank at the moment
  3. I’m not new to the hobby but I’ve been using the same kits for years. I’m due to buy new kits and was curious as to what everybody’s favorite kits are? I’ve been using API
  4. I figured out the sarcasm! We ended up going to 5 stores across the state. We love checking out the fish stores! Next up are CT and upstate NY
  5. It’s my mom’s birthday and she loves fish stores. We are going to one in Framingham but would not want to miss any other must see coral stores!