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  1. Water pump?

    Awesome, thanks guys! I wasn't sure how these external pumps worked so I wasn't sure.
  2. Water pump?

    Anyone have any ideas of a small pump that pulls water in and out like an aqualifter but one that works faster? I'm 6 months pregnant so carrying and tipping water is becoming more and more difficult--I'm looking to be able to put a hose in my water reservoir that pumps fresh saltwater into my tank. Right now I'm pouring it into a smaller bucket and then slowly pouring it into the tank...not ideal, if I can have a pump that can do that I'd be happy ...not submersible preferrably, just literally one that will suck it out and pump it in that's small.
  3. ATO Return line

    When I was looking around, I found this: http://www.reefbytes.com/collections/probes/products/ad-magnetic-mount-for-1-probes-ad-1probe Not sure if this helps you any...they have a 4-prong one too. It says sold out but you can reach out to: www.aqua-digital.com Ask for the GHL Probe Magnet and Michael will help you out.
  4. Hey guys, If you have any extra special grade reef sand laying around and want to part with about 5 cups worth--please let me know. I have oolite and there's a portion by my filter where a valley is being created so I need to top it off or fill that area with heavier/grainer sand. Everywhere I look is 15lbs or 40 lbs...way too much than what I need. Send me PM, thanks!
  5. Hey Glazer, still doing custom work?

  6. Craziest story?

    I think my hermit stayed out of the water for the weekend--I heard my dog barking at something on the floor after I heard something drop. I didn't see or notice anything so we left for our trip. Came back and noticed the hermit was on the floor--dog barked at it again so pretty sure it was barking at the hermit. Plopped it back in the tank and went right back to finding something to eat.
  7. Craziest story?

    My zoanthid exploded and did this: Oh and while removing all of my corals from my main rockwork with a drill, chisel and hammer to re-plug them and re-do my rockscape with new, dry rock...I got sick for two days from the coral toxins for not wearing gloves.
  8. NanoTopia's ZEOvit 80L [ ]

    This is one of the cleanest setups I've ever seen, it's amazing. Such an amazing job with this little piece of the ocean you've got.
  9. Wes' Jewel Lido 120 Drop

    What a really unique build. That's a beautifully made stand, it's going to look amazing once it's all put together. I'm looking forward to seeing it stocked.
  10. rbaby' 60-F Dual View Panorama

    Found it. I checked, it's the 13mm from Cal Aqua.
  11. Hello !

    Does it look like this? If it does, it's bubble algae as frankdr had mentioned. You can manually remove them but be careful not to pop them as that can inadvertently release spores in your water and just have them spread.
  12. Smith's ADA 60-F *Retired*

    Great tank...what else do you have planned for it?
  13. Hello !

    Welcome to NR!
  14. Mini Max Anemone - Garden

    I have about 4 mini-mini green/purple anemones, 2 mini-mini red anemones and 7 maxi mini anemones...but 5 of them are hiding in a cave underneath that can't be visible LOL...but I had a maxi mini garden in mind
  15. DT's ADA 60F Shallow Reef

    I love 60-Fs and yours is beautiful! Yes, update shot please