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  1. After X amount of years hiatus from the hobby, I built a dual view ADA 60F. I've since boiled down the corals since it was too crowded leaving little room for more growth and redid my rockwork and replaced the sand.
  2. My second tank; upgraded my cube. 30g tank with a 10g sump. Retired.
  3. This was my first tank and foray into nano reefkeeping. It was a heavily modded 126 or so watts hood from nano customs. Retired.
  4. I don't know how people get the $45 overnight delivery rate--whenever I do a calculator online, it's always around $65+. Tips?
  5. What a beautiful tank, I love that it's a mixed bag--I find that SPS heavy tanks can seem very boring, though colorful and you have a great balance that shows off the beauty of each type of coral. Well done!
  6. Love it!
  7. Fish needs to get fed badly
  8. Spotted crab spotted under the ole tree for wisdom...
  9. BEST PICTURE! That's adorable.
  10. I'd love to be that clownfish, that anemone is like a really big large fluffy bed that looks fun to dive into.
  11. Brilliant!
  12. My little clownfish that I named after Chris Jung--to show my appreciation for all the patience he displayed while I notoriously asked my questions ...
  13. Flame now, ask questions later! I'm diggin the scaping, looks good.
  14. Looks to be more like a macroalgae of some sort--or it's a very very close-up picture, the strands seem to be larger than that of hairy algae.
  15. FTS