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  1. Oh ya sorry I don’t know how to close threads down lol it did it for a couple days and then stopped... I’m not sure if it was the pump (MJ) or what but nothing in the tank changed and it just went back to normal temperatures so no clue but it’s been fixed for months now lol so it couldn’t have been Watts.... because we have had the exact same equipment since day 1 (it was running normal temperatures) then it went up a few degrees and then came back down) but our weather nor the equipment changed but just glad all has been well 🙂 but thanks very much for your help! I will keep that info for the future! More Watts makes more heat Lol 🙂
  2. Ha I didn’t do it intentionally lol (well the nitrAtes were at 20 so I was lowering them) but it’s just from regular water changes... I do a weekly change of around like 5g’s or so (only have 3 little fishes right now and some snails) so I probably don’t need that much and all I am running is InTank tray with floss, purigen and chemipure.... nothing else.... no skimmer, no macro... nothing... I am cautious of not over feeding and such but even my back chambers are clean... a wee bit of sand dust on the bottom but that’s about it... and I’ve been doing my water changes mostly from the back chambers just because I don’t find there’s a lot of circulation going on back there (there probably is and I just can’t see it) but I’ve had nothing to suck out of the DT (I do change a bit of the DT water when I siphon chamber 1) but then I at least know it’s nice fresh water going back into the tank and I have great tank circulation (I have 2 aqamai KPS’) plus just the regular return with the MJ.... but ya I wanted to lower my nitrAtes down from 20 to about 5 and I did 2 weeks of water changes (like in 2 weeks time) and they both dropped to zero.... im sure once I finish my stocking and such it will come back up... and I also am not going to be keeping any sps.... it’s all going to be softies and maybe a few of the hardier LPS... (it’s my sons tank so he looks after it) lol
  3. Coralline is what it looks like and was my thought but just odd that it would grow in that spot first (I have a bit growing on my rocks) tank is only a couple months old (cycled for a couple months) and all the equipment was brand new.... it’s a biocube 32... not sure if I mentioned that or not... Hopefully you can see it from the picture... I’ll do my best but the back of the tank is in a dark spot.... dont mind my water spots back there... haven’t wiped them up from the condensation from when I fed them this morning lol if you zoom in on the picture you can see it really good actually (at least I can)
  4. Not really sure how else to describe it other than what I have said in my title.... i have no algae in my tank (tiny bit of diatoms on my sandbed and rock... but barely any.... no green hair algae or anything anywhere.... nothing really... my snails keep everything clean and tidy- for example I will go to bed and notice some algae on my glass (a tiny bit) so I will say “oh I’ll get that in the morning” but my snails have it gone but the time I wake up and everything is clean and clear (I still clean the glass a couple times a week anyway) but i upgraded tk the MJ1200 return pump and as of the last week or so I have noticed like a purple (what I presume to be algae) only on the cord that runs down to the pump... it’s not on any of my other cords but they are all significantly smaller.... i have taken my pump and tubing out during water changes (every second one- twice a month) and cleaned it all in ro/di water... just to keep everything running smoothly.... but I never noticed the purple stuff before? does this grow on anyone else’s cords? And if so what is it? My son said he wiped it off the other day (not sure if he really did or not) and I noticed it’s back today... just wondering if it’s normal or if it’s going to effect my pump or if something is wrong with the cord?? my phosphates are extremely low- basically undetectable in all test now (showed .02 on UL Hanna repeated a few times even used different sample water) and my nitrAtes are undetectable as well on all high range and low range tests ammonia and nitrites are 0 i do a lot larger than I need to when it comes to water changes so that my guess as to why... (I only have 2 O. Clowns and 1 Green Chromis) and I replaced and clean out all the back chambers every water change and I change about 8g of water every Saturday.. I even remove my InTank media basket and clean it and swish around the purigen and chemipure elite in ro di water during the water change to make sure they are all clean... so this purple wire is basically all I have for algae lol i tried a google search but couldn’t find anything about algae growing on wires and cords like this so that is what is making me worry.... any help or what to try would be great... i can try to get a picture of it would help anyone...
  5. Hey just wondering if anyone who has the biocube 32 and is also using the cobalt version of the MJ1200 as a return pump has heat issues in their tank.... my heater had never came on ever.... the tank stays at a constant 79-80 degrees.... (which is fine) stock LEDs.... no other equipment but the InTank tray with floss, purigen and chemipure elite... Other than 2 aqamai KPS wavemakers on all sorts of random flow patterns and they make no difference in temp (heater is located in chamber 1 and it’s a cobalt neotherm and also is indicating that the temp is around 79-80- by the flashing light) but everywhere in the tank is the same temp... the DT, and all 3 chambers... (my temp probe is in chamber 3 with the MJ) and it reads the same... I have even used an external thermometer and it reads the same like 78.9, 79.5.... always consistent (I know that’s what’s important I just want to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my MJ because I know they can shut off when they overheat (it has NOT done this yet).... only other thing Hong I can think of is that it’s very new and I keep everything very clean MJ included.... is is possible that its creating that much heat? I read others that very commonly use this upgrade but they always mention having a heater?? So I’m lost.... thanks for any help...
  6. Bio-Spira works much better but use dr Tim’s ammonia drops with it (just my opinion) Biospira had my tank (with NO live rock what so ever) converting 2ppm ammonia in about 2 days... then about 2 days later my nitrite shot up to around 5-7ppm for about 2 days and then everything was 0’s after that (except nitrAtes).... I waited 2 weeks total... ended with about 60-80ppm nitrate... did my water change on day 14 (do 100% or as close to as you can) and I’ve had no issues... I have 2 clowns, and several types of snails... just waiting to add our next fish from QT.... but I have had no spikes in anything.... 0 ammonia 0 nitries 0 nitrAtes ans very very close to 0 phosphates and I run floss, purigen, and chemipure elite in an InTank basket.... i was trying to grow macro algae but quite because it wasn’t growing (and making more of a mess lol) because I had nothing to feed it... so IMO (I’ve userd the freshwater version several times and it works but not as good as TSS and TSS is the successor for salt water from biospira....) So having a positive experience with biospira that’s what I would recommend...
  7. Well I get that but I had diatoms (had) lol and I guess if they read probably in another post about people telling me to go ahead and add them and that I could just supliment their feedings if I had to... but they have been fine... except the one guys but he was right off the bat so who knows what happened there... but the nassarius snails get a piece or 2 of Mysis and the trochus loves some Nori but now I am starting to get a bit of algae and it’s actually good that I had the small cuc because they are keeping it under control... it’s their a bit in the daytime and by morning it’s all cleaned up.... I suppose most people have more algae after their cycle and some have less... but the post was about having diatoms which are food for some snails... that’s why I was curious about why it would have been too early to add the couple snails that I did..
  8. Sorry I am confused as to why you say this? (The part about being too early to add snails... the tank was cycled for a week before I put them in?) My tank was processing 2ppm ammonia in a couple of hours... and I had no nitrites for well over a week... why would that be too early to add snails? From everyone’s advice I got I was told to add my cuc first thing.... im just curious as to why you thought it was too early and maybe something I missed? They are all alive and same with my clowns and my ammonia and nitrites never seen a spike and my nitrAtes are now down to 10ppm (or lower... that’s the highest it’s showing on any of my test kits for nitrAtes) Also, no this is not a rude comment...I am really just curious as to why I wouldn’t be able to add snails to a cycled tank? (I did not add the snails with these parameters... I added the snails when the tank was cycled lol)
  9. Trust me lol we are going slow... I’m waiting like 3 weeks in between fish additions (and that’s to the DT) not counting a couple weeks in QT lol so more like 5 weeks lol... slow and steady was one of the first things that I learned.... do not rush anything lol
  10. I run them opposite my tank lights We check and count each snail every morning lol not hard when there only a couple to count lol The tank has been cycled and water changed and his fish in it... I was told by everyone the very first thing to add was snails and the other ones just ate him after anyway... I could see where he fell off the glass (lost suction) and then the nassarius snails ate him nothing left... and it didn’t even move my ammonia to the slightest... not even the free ammonia...I was told that cuc should be the first thing I added and that was on here and everywhere lol that was about the only thing everyone agrees upon.... it’s just a good thing and I had a bit of common sense not to add the amount that people were telling me lol or I would have had a lot of dead snails lol But again all this is old stuff way past that now... lol I don’t have any unresolved posts now 🙂 yet.... lol Until my next problem haha 😂 But I will let everyone know how the nitrate sponge filter works! (Ps my son tests his tank everyday for ammonia nitrite nitrate (several tests lol) and ph... and he tests every like 3-4 days for calcium phosphates ect ect) He is very meticulous lol I mentioned in other posts this is his tank not mine... he does all the work I just help him out a bit with some of the research but he does his own as well... He’s been looking after his own Axoltyl tank for over a year now... 64g with several axoltyls... and he cleans his own canister filter and everything... I do nothing...he even still does his weekly tests on that tank before he does his water changes lol He’s actually very responsible for 12 lol (more responsible than my other 2 teenagers lol yes I’m old... some one once joked about me being a millennial lol I took the compliment well... 😀 Those are the posts I like haha) But I do appreciate everything that you have informed me of Thank You!
  11. Ya I did test for phosphates but again not planning on adding coral for like 6 months or so and it was 0 so I just didn’t say anything because I figured someone would ask if they thought it had something to do with my problems...I used 2 different tests... I used the API test and I used the salifert and then I bought the UL Hanna checker and they all said 0.0... I found it odd too.... but the rest are all old posts that have been figured out and done... but I’ve said it a couple times I don’t know if you can do it on this forum but I’d close them off or delete them but I don’t know how... on other ones (forums) you can close them once you don’t need an answer anymore
  12. See 2 other members told me to do the exact opposite... they told me to start a new thread if it’s for something else and just keep one question on one thread lol right now just the stock LED’s because I have nothing but the 2 clowns a a couple cuc and I’m growing Chaeto... in the InTank Fuge using a JBJ nano glo light on the back... it’s almost doubled in size in about a week but there is still not much there... I started with about a golf ball size
  13. Haha ya the foam was the filter floss... leave it to my luck I got a bad batch... it was the InTank stuff but sometimes the machine I guess runs funny and puts too much blue and not enough white..so it wasn’t flowing through right but Steve helped me figure it out and it’s all good and working now 🙂 And I’m not complaining about the algae lol I know it will come and will come in many forms but I wasn’t sure why my media basket kept over flowing and everyone kept telling me after my cycle that I would have diatoms and algae and I have zip... I only added 2 trochus snails and 2 nassarius snails and one trochus snails already died from no food (but fed the nassarius’ in turn lol.... it’s my sons tank so I want to do as much right as possible as he looks after it all himself and he hasn’t even used his flipper yet because I’m hoping for a bit of something to feed the snails lol That sounds terrible but I don’t like to see them die... snail or not lol I was gonna try and feed them but I just said screw it... if they don’t find food then in a way that’s a good thing lol and when the algae comes I’ll just replace a couple of need be i had diatoms for like a day and they disappeared lol
  14. Thank you for that info! We are new to this so we are taking it really really slowly... we are going to work on adding and keeping our fish and cuc alive first and then try some corals down the road.... that’s why I was hoping to reduce them to around 5 or so before adding more fish and then trying to fight a bit of an uphill battle... because as of right now with just 2 clowns I have 0 waste (food wise) lol I drop in a couple NLS pellets or some mysis shrimp and nothing hardly hits the water lol I’m sure i could hand feed them already lol and I do have macro... just waiting for it to grow... I only added it a week ago... it’s def. growing just at a slower rate because I don’t think I have quite enough to feed it... my nitrAtes are up but I have 0 phosphates so it’s just the waste from the 2 clowns and my very tiny cuc...
  15. I am not being defensive but my point was that I know water changes will decrease it... I wanted to know if anyone had used any other methods that’s all... That was all I was wondering and it turned into this crazy mess.... All I was stating was that through my research it’s more healthy and beneficial for the fish ect... to do smaller water changes instead of larger ones because again, not to do with the salinity or any of that... but to do with the minerals and such that the salt adds to the water... the articles I read said that it’s better for fish long term and short term to do a series of smaller water changes over a week or do your regular ones once a week than to do a large one... because as the days go by the minerals are depleted slowly.... when you add new salt water it brings them all back up very quickly and can mess with their systems.... because it happens rapidly not slowly like when the deplete... that was all but again I would do 1 large water change because doing that kind of thing once or twice here and there will not kill your fish but if you do it every time or wait long periods and then do a large one it’s harder on the fish’s systems... I am by no means being defensive.... although it appears people are reading it that way..., but when sentences are followed by an “lol” it’s generally in a light hearted manner or joke... and I also thank everyone at the end of each post for their thoughts and ideas... but it’s just the same answer over and over... so there’s not much more to add... I can not do a large water change right now because of our equipment situation so that’s why again. I was seeing if anything had worked for anyone else... simply because I know once I get them down they will stay down because my water changes will be the same as all my other tanks and done maybe a day after a week... for example... all I have is 2 clowns and a couple snails... who aren’t producing hardly anything because there isn’t anything left for them to eat lol (hence why I only added a few right now) If I had the equipment to do 1 big change right now then I would have just done it but I do not unfortunately so that’s why I was curious... everyone uses different set ups so I didn’t know if anyone had tried anything other than water changes.... that was all.... and no one has to agree with my about doing regular large water changes being worse then a series of small ones but I’ve done a lot of research and belong to nearly every salt water forum there is and people have offered me some great advice...and I have found some great scientific information to support it... For example if I could get my hands on a couple more sponges all you have to do is treat it like regenerating purigen... bleach, then water and prime and then let it dry... and it would have a month before needing to be placed back in the tank....that will kill all the detritus and anything else in there but I can’t get them in Canada so I went with trying these (see picture) ((And no @Subsea lol I do not have 200 tanks (this is my first salt water but I have MANY Freshwater and Brackish Tanks big and small.... 10 would be more like it... but I don’t count some of my small ones like 8 and 10g’s lol that was just an exaggeration lol.... although i would love 200 tanks if I didn’t have to maintain them all lol)) So in place of the sponge I’m trying cutting these filters (again see picture) I have idea if they will work but what’s the harm in trying... it will be tossed in a week anyway and I’ll know if they worked or not if they do...great...if they don’t then I’m just gonna shove some of my InTank filter floss in there and chuck it every couple days or in a week... it’s easy to see if it needs replacing... yes people do use Chaeto without the sponge but a lot of people also keep the sponge there to stop the bits from getting into their pump... and a lot of people just keep it there without the Chaeto with no issues... the same way people were able to keep the bioballs with no issues while other were not (in the old ones) but from the recommendations from InTank (it’s in their Fuge basket) and others I have chosen to keep something there... and it was based on a similar post to this one... but the sponge is out not anyway and I have a cut of this filter pad in there for now... if I notice things going down hill then I’ll take it out... and just put the filter floss in... I don’t quite understand how people think I am being argumentative... I’m only letting people know what I have read and what has been told to me.... it’s the same way when you are doing research and you come across a person that regularly posts on a forum and you find them giving 2 different people 2 different answers to the same question... I find it kind of funny... they tell person one thing and the other the opposite for the exact same question.... those are the people I tend to skip over their answers lol but by no means am I being rude (and that’s part of the problem with typing... no one can sense your tone... so while I could be laughing someone could be reading it as if I’m being argumentative when it was not the intention at all.... just gets lost in translation...) so again i thank each and everyone of you guys (seriously, no sarcasm) for your time to respond to my post... and I thank you for your answers 🙂 As for the filter pad in the picture it has all positive reviews that it works and it says it’s safe for freshwater, saltwater and ponds... so why the heck not try it out lol (I got it from amazon)
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