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  1. pom pom crabs are neat too. also @Firefish15 arrow crabs are a good option too
  2. id go the fiddlers. you could also get some mudskippers. both need a good amount of mud to burrow in tho
  3. pixie hawkfish? be careful if you have shrimp tho
  4. i got one that looks just like that. i reckon its a zoanthid.
  5. oh yeah i forgot about coral beauties. i have a 30g and i wanted one but tanks too small 😞
  6. i would agree. ive kept these exact coral, and theyre prolly the hardiest coral out there looks like a sponge. leave it there. its not harmful.
  7. that seems likely. sorry about your fish.
  8. sorry, i dont know how to help. maybe stripping rocks might be a good idea. he could be stuck.
  9. id go either a blue tux or a red tux. i have a red tux and he's awesome!
  10. yeah! if my lfs stocked them id set up a tank just for them! like a 20g for 4-5
  11. yeah, if you spook him he might hide. when i added my sixline i didnt see him for a few days and i absolutely lost my shit. he eventually came out at feeding time and he ate like a pig. just give it a few more day.
  12. dont worry. some lfs will tell you stuff like that. if he seems happy and healthy, its probably fine. if he does seem stressed, take him back to the lfs or find someone with a big enough tank.
  13. my clarkii hosts a sinularia at night.
  14. if they are a pair, they could even breed. im pretty sure maroon x perc hybrids are called maroonerallis or something and some places do sell them, like ORA
  15. regarding diet i would reccomend also feeding good quality frozen as a staple, like krill or mysis and supplement with good quality marine flake or similar pellets.
  16. ive had 3 clowns (2 darwin misbar and a ningaloo black clarkii) with my sixline and he has never bullied them. occasionally has a shoving contest with my clarkii, but its very minor when it happens. sixlines can be dicks tho, guess i just got lucky.
  17. apparently aussie cleaner shrimp live at 30m+, so its a hassle to collect them. indonesian cleaners are normally collected in very shallow water, and are thus cheaper.