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  1. pom pom crabs are neat too. also @Firefish15 arrow crabs are a good option too
  2. id go the fiddlers. you could also get some mudskippers. both need a good amount of mud to burrow in tho
  3. pixie hawkfish? be careful if you have shrimp tho
  4. i got one that looks just like that. i reckon its a zoanthid.
  5. oh yeah i forgot about coral beauties. i have a 30g and i wanted one but tanks too small 😞
  6. i would agree. ive kept these exact coral, and theyre prolly the hardiest coral out there looks like a sponge. leave it there. its not harmful.
  7. that seems likely. sorry about your fish.
  8. sorry, i dont know how to help. maybe stripping rocks might be a good idea. he could be stuck.
  9. id go either a blue tux or a red tux. i have a red tux and he's awesome!