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  1. freshwater frogfish are naturally freshwater, not genetically modified.
  2. WOAH. that is sick! overstocked though. is that purple thing coral?
  3. ooh expensive. i really hope people will give them a suitable tank. FISHY WHY ARE YOU SLEEPY
  4. OMG i fell for it too LOL. i kinda hope it isnt real, because if it was i can guarantee we will see tons of clowns in half gallon bowls. i dont even want to think about that. the GEX thing is interesting though. i heard about it a few years back, with a pic of a tank with foxfaces and goldfish together. certainly very interesting.
  5. sounds good! i would remove the goby. i feel he would get out competed for food. you could try, but have another tank ready for him just in case. good luck!!
  6. yeah, id get two percs/ocellaris. different morphs will be ok together, assuming that they are the same species
  7. yeah, this really bothers me. just looking at the balloon mollies and baloon rams at the fish shop is enough to put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. why do people think breeding and selling intentionally deformed fish is ok?
  8. ooh sounds delicious! 😂
  9. yeah, i think flow would get through that. possibly a bit too much. if its too much just add a sponge or you could even use the chaeto. good luck with your seahorses
  10. yep, aiptasia. you could try aiptasia x, copperband butterfly or peppermint shrimp
  11. wow. that goes against everything i thought i knew about mandarins. anyways, you're prolly right. jeez, if i new that you could get captive bred that would eat flake, i would already have one! but now i have a maniacal sixline so maybe not
  12. its cos i missed a few w/c's. im gonna get the problem under control before i add anything
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