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  1. Off topic question for nanorox. For your picorox pair, what are the dimensions of each? Would they fit in a 2.5 gallon pico?
  2. You are very strong to go through all that, do you go to a therapist to talk to about your mental state? I've needed one for my chronic anxiety and depression since I was in 1st grade and it manifested suddenly. I've been going without one for awhile since specialists are an hour drive away but I'm overdue to start back up, I find therapy to be very helpful in sorting through my thoughts and feelings and learning how to manage symptoms. As far as tank maintenance goes do you have help? If you have a difficult time with maintenance It would probably be a good idea to downsize the size or number of tanks you have.
  3. Thats a lot of crap to deal with dude! Whenever my migraines and other issues get the best of me I find solace in my fish, snakes, and birds. Are you in therapy?
  4. I'll go look for one thanks 🙂 Thanks for the links, i think i'll try that second one actually. If i dont like it in the tank I can always use it to mix my water for water changes. Thank you for the suggestion, the rio 50 does look like it may work as well. In other news I ordered my refractometer and calibration fluid today. My plan is to order an item or 2 per week until I get my pending bonus from work.
  5. So the glue will work on wet rock? I might try to glue feet onto the rock when i glue my rocks together. Hmm, I may see if i can try and get away with it. I honestly have never been good about testing and just eye-ball it unless stuff gets real bad. Do you have a link to that pump? It would be nice to have something that heats and provides circulation. I may try the seachem stuff if it makes the process a little faster.
  6. So I have some of my equipment picked out. Light: ABI 12W royal blue and cold white and a swing arm desk lamp fixture Refractometer: Ade advanced optics salinity refractometer Test kit: will the api be ok? I the fancier stuff is too expensive Heater:i'm thinking the aquaforest one
  7. I once told my boyfriend i could literally just put a piece of live rock in a tank and be happy watching all the organisms on it. I've always been fascinated by the little odd creatures on the rocks.
  8. I was wondering if it would be possible to glue small pieces of rubble to the bottom of liverock to act as "feet" to keep a tiny gap between the bottom of the tank and rock for cleaning? If so what kind of glue would I use that can work on a wet rock?
  9. Live rock it is then! I honestly am excited at the concept of hitchhikers and being able to see all the cool little stuff living on it, its honestly. It just seemed like a lot of people chose dry rock for their little tanks so I assumed it would be the easier option. I'm definitely going to start out with no sand.
  10. I think i'll go with the tetra heater since I'm on a budget. I've ran them before and never had an issue. Is this refractometer the right kind? https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005ES6MOQ/ref=ox_sc_act_image_3?smid=A2KU5BPCTRSW5I&psc=1 And what is your opinion on me running a modded aquaclear for a chaeto fuge on this small of a tank? Would it be worth it?
  11. If he doesn't make it try not to be too hard on yourself. You clearly did your best here.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, I put the par38 on my amazon with the refractometer for when I'm ready to order. Will the tetra 50watt work for a 1.5 gallon? It says 2-10 gallons. You're right on just toping off water myself every day. If I do it every time I give my conure fresh water I'll likely not forget.
  13. Hello all, I've been lurking for a bit reading up all I can about pico tanks. I have little salt water experience but know how to use a refractometer and have plenty of freshwater experience. I'm only in the planning stage here and likely won't take the plunge and set up the tank for another month, however I want to make sure all the details are fleshed out first. We just moved into a new place today and space will be quite limited so I decided If I want to try a salt water tank I'll likely have to go hard mode and stick to a pretty small size to fit on my desk, and I already have a standard 1.5gallon tank that is vacant. My plan is to keep hardier corals like a zoa and mushrooms and maybe a single porcelain crab or anenome shrimp. Since the space is very limited I will likely limit myself to one zoa on one side, and maybe 2 or 3 different colored mushrooms on the other. Coral wil be added one at a time over a few weeks. I'll probably start with just one head each and let them grow onto the rock. I'll keep it bare bottom for easy maintenence and start the tank out with dry rock and maybe a small piece of live rock to seed the tank and begin the cycle. Of course I'll be waiting for the cycle to finish before adding life. Water changes would likely be 100% or close to that once a week and top offs done with ro water from my lfs. I'll mix salt myself in a designated clean bucket and check with a refractometer. As for equipment this is where my questions begin. Lighting: I'm aware that since its such a tiny tank that corals like mushrooms can get burned by light thats too strong. Any recommendations for an LED light thats inexpensive but effective for zoas and discosoma mushrooms? Preferably one that has a day/night setting and one that can be put in a lamp fixture if one exists. Water volume/fuge: I'm thinking I may try to alter an aquaclear filter and turn it into a small chaeto/macro fuge for a little extra water volume, and the filter can act as the powerhead for water flow. I'm unsure what size filter i'd use for this, i'd like to try and stick something as large as I can on there for maximum volume, although I know I'll need to modify it to cut down the flow rate as to not upset the coral with too strong flow. I also have a tiny deepblue HOB filter that could be put on the side as another power head.to add another direction of flow. ATO:I think it would be best I have an ATO of some kind because of evaporation, but I'm on a budget and have limited space. I'm thinking of just using a pair of modified hamster bottles for the ato as I saw here before. Any other suggestions for something easy? Heat: any recommendations for a reliable pico heater? Timer for light: any recommendations for an accurate timer for setting up my photo period? Preferably one that won't need to be reset if un-plugged? CuC: any suggestions for efficient and coral safe cuc members? I really want a brittle star, are any tiny enough to be alright? I'm aware of the extreme difficulty of maintaining stability in such a small tank and therefore i'm going to try and keep this little experiment on the inexpensive side of things, so no fancy coral and no rushing things.