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  1. A blue thumb maybe? Space is definitely getting tight. I want to let the corals grow out a bit more while i plan an upgrade 🙂 Thanks Dutch!
  2. @Christopher Marks, Frag Farmers Market was my first big swap and it was so cool to see such a huge amount of coral all in one place! It was awesome to see pieces that very rarely pop up at my LFS and at such affordable prices. FFM really is a one stop shop for any coral you could want. It was also a great opportunity to talk with like minded people who understand the obsession... and to get advice from very experienced reefers.
  3. Thanks Dantrasy! I've been really enjoying watching everything grow and sharing the progress here on Nano Reef. Here are some more shots to mark the progress of the tank at 6 months. I also just ordered some Kamoer dosing pumps, so I'm excited to not be dosing by hand every day...
  4. The tank just passed the 6 month mark! I figure this is an appropriate time to post a new FTS to celebrate the occasion.
  5. Thanks Dantrasy! I have struggled with getting an appropriate amount of flow to all parts of the tank. Since this is my first tank i wasnt thinking too much about how my aquascape would affect the flow in the tank when I built it. There are still some dead zones in a couple places. I have messed with the powerhead placement a lot to find a spot where I am decently happy with the flow. I am currently using a constantly on powerhead and the spin streams on the stock return pump. While the randomness from the spin streams is nice, they reduce the flow A LOT. I would like to try the RFG nozzles instead and eventually upgrade to a controllable powerhead.
  6. The snowy drive to Frag Farmers Market was well worth it. Picked up some awesome new pieces!
  7. Time for the February FTS and some more coral photos. 2/23/19:
  8. Before my water change on saturday Alk tested at 5.3... It appears that weekly water changes are no longer keeping up with the demands of the coral. So ive picked up Red Sea's foundation solutions (Ca,Alk,Mg) and also their trace elememt program to slowly bring levels back up in my tank. Anyone have thoughts about their trace elements program? Did it make a noticeable difference to coloration for anyone?
  9. Yes, lets bring this topic back! I love seeing everyone's awesome euphyllia. Here are some from my collection. Its hard to capture the orange and green highlights in the torch in pictures.
  10. Some more of my favorites. As you can probably tell I am a big fan of euphyllia. These are two of my fastest growers
  11. I like the cart you have picked out for your rolling water change cart. Not carrying buckets is awesome! The idea for an acclimation/frag dip table is something I want to setup for my tank too. I am looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!
  12. I spent some time this weekend with my camera trying to get better quality pictures of my reef and favorite corals. I also added the finishing touches to my mobile saltwater mixing station. My source for water is not near my tank so I can roll this station over to the bathroom to hook it up and make saltwater, and then roll it over to the tank when I am ready to do my weekly water change. I really like having all my water making and water change gear in one place that's easy to roll out and use when its time for tank maintenance. Keeps everything much tidier. Mobile Saltwater Mixing Station: FTS 1/13/19: Well I am at my limit for photo attachments so the rest will have to wait...
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