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  1. I bought the orange filter @banasophia recommended. What a difference. Now to get my phone to actually focus on the objects.
  2. They are all mostly open or working on opening! Not sure why lol. Have left the tank alone since taking the chemi pure out last post and adding the hermits last post. No water change now for about 12-13 days. Usually do every 8-9.
  3. @Jackal227 some vids above. can't for the life of me figure out the zoas. 2 weeks ago they were all great.
  4. Vid this morning after all lights are on. Acans look good right? Some zoas are trying to open but still mostly closed. 30 hours after removing chemi-pure blue. The scans have never looked bad. I did get 5 hermits added about 3 days ago. Untitled by S@xplayer, on Flickr
  5. 1 bag. I took it out. Are those worms bad?
  6. Horrible video but an idea. Biocube Zoa Problem 1.9.19 by S@xplayer, on Flickr
  7. Crappy shots but gives you an idea... Acans have looked ok. Quite closed up after I messed with some stuff. I removed my chemi pure blue. Wonder if the water is too clean. I haven't seen any visual spotting of nudibranchs plus ALL my zoas are doing the same thing.
  8. Ok so I don't know what these are.. little white things and they are everywhere. Snail eggs? Something bad / worse - hope not - tons of them.
  9. Wanted to add - my salt mix says my ppm at 35 salinity should be a dKH of 8 not 7.6. My refractometer - I calibrate it every time with refracto juice to 35 and mix salt based on that. SO maybe that is off slightly too? Even if it is - it is the same way I've been doing it for 5 months without any issues until just 2 weeks ago.
  10. I realized I have been mis-speaking. I have been using Stabilize not Prime. My fish seem fine. I lost my orange clown because my black one harassed it to death but that was also 3 weeks ago, maybe 4. I feel like my over-all tank is doing much worse for some reason and I can't pinpoint why. Regardless... today I did a water change about 50%. Tested my salt mix before water change it was also at a dKH of 7.6 so it seems my dKH is not a problem. I have zero clue why my zoas are being so pissed. They were literally fine for 2 weeks - I left for 1 week. My neighbor supposedly fed frozen brine shrimp 2 times appropriately and when I came back 8 days later they are all closed, euphyllia look worse, and acans so-so. My water chemistries post change are all good. Acans look happy. Euphyllia, not so great and Zoas all closed. I did get some hermit crabs today because I see some GHA popping up and I only had 1 Mexican turbo and 1 astrea snail for a CUC. I don't know what to do.
  11. Red Sea pro. Previously it was clearly yellow zero. Last week and today it was the first shade of light green at 0.2. I wonder if the prime neutralized all of it for a few days allowing the zoas to reopen and once it was gone they closed again? if this is true then it’s ammonia that’s a problem and I have zero clue where or why? If its not that - what could it be.
  12. Ya I'm sure the flow could be a touch high, since I positioned some stuff around I can't get the flow right angles. My wifi controlled pump is at 5% power. However - my main concern now is the zoas. It has been 1 week since I posted (6 days I guess). About to do another water change. Zoas perked up a bit after first water change 6 days ago (and 2 capfuls prime added). I tested dKH again with Hanna - 7.6. So not terrible. Ammonia testing at 0.2. Why would have I have any ammonia after 4 months? I don't know what to do - zoas still look bad and closed. About 60% of them opened up some after water change / prime 6 days ago. Then they slowly closed up again over the next few days. Acans look good. Ideas? I'm getting frustrated here...I bought the Hanna dKH checker and some Red Sea foundation B in case.. but at 7.6 doesn't look like I prob need it? I'm going to water change tomorrow and test my mixed water dKH before the change
  13. Not sure. I didn’t test it prior to water change. Edit - ninja I looked up my last (and only time I tested alk) and it was about 4; weeks ago. It was 3.2/8