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  1. I haven't seen the little guy in three days. I'm not sure if he is just hiding or something worse.
  2. How about a phone call? I have never gotten anything solved playing the email tag game.
  3. Went to foster and smith and pick.up.this little two spot blenny from divers den yeastetday, and also got this new coral.
  4. So if it's kept under control I shouldn't worry about it? I also don't mind how it looks.
  5. Here is a picture from the top of the tank. Is there any real way of telling without irritating it and getting it to close up? From above it almost looks like it is "splitting"
  6. So any ideas on what the "purple stuff" is? I'm assuming some sort of macro? Unless it's harmful is it bad to let it grow?
  7. Things are coming along nicely. I would still love to add another sort of invert or small goby, but I'm going to let the tank ride as is for a bit. Also is my darker clownfish a run of the mill clownfish with darker colorations or different than the other one? My first additions, the Duncan and the green hammer look to be pretty happy and showing great growth. I was also doing some reading about hammers and.it appears that mine is the "wall" variety as it is not branching into new heads but just getting larger. Is there any for sure way to tell at the moment?
  8. Here it is again after growing for almost another month. Also any ideas on what's growing on the rock below the purple thing? also any ideas what this guy is?
  9. I know the pictures are junk but I tried. What ever they are they appear to be slowly growing? Some of them are more hair like, and others appear to have flat "leaves" Thanks for any help.
  10. Also my giant green polyp duncan is growing several new heads.
  11. Everything is still doing well, and I added some new stuff from divers den last weeekend, a Photosynthetic red plating sponge and a branching green star polyp. I don't have much faith in the sponge making it as I cut it off of the giant frag plug and harpooned it to a rock with a toothpick haha.
  12. I ordered the IM reactor and some kolar labs gfo, they should.be here Tuesday. As far as carbon goes can I use any old activated carbon, or should I look for ssomething reef specific?
  13. Here are some current pictures of the tank. Its starting to come along nicely.
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