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  1. Thanks everyone for helping me think through the best next step for the tank. Based on discussions here and at my LFS I decided to get a diamond goby to sift the sand. I put him in the tank yesterday. I had no idea how much these guys shift sand around. He has build huge burrows under most rocks already. Unfortunately my rocks sit on the sand, and not on the glass. I am nervous about the goby being under a sliding rock. See there good flat 1 inch high rocks to glue under my liverock? Or is the only way finding the right pieces of liverock for underneath? I don't want to submerge my current rock under the sand since it's beautiful shallow pieces (caribsea shapes). What is my best bet here? Thank you!
  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the response. Hope your sandbed will clear up soon as well! Good points to maybe not make too many drastic changes.
  3. Any updates on the lagoon 🙂 ? Would you recommend getting the conch snail? I'm fighting algae on the sandbed but am wondering whether they can do well long-term in the 25g lagoon.
  4. Thanks! It's impossible to see in the picture but (1) the algae is actually pretty much all over the sandbed now, so I don't think it's just a problem of the flow in the middle, and (2) the left big rock is actually an arch with lots of flow going through/under it. That makes me think it's perhaps less of a flow issue. Food/detritus never settles in the middle of the tank, so there is definitely some flow. All this makes me think it might be too much light (but corals are happy so I don't want to change it), or too little CUC. I'm now thinking about a sand sifting star or a conch snail. I'm hesitant about a sand sifting goby, because I want to get a few other fish and don't want to overstock (e.g. Yasha goby, maybe small angel). I'm also concerned the goby would dump sand all over the coral. What do you think?
  5. It's okay. I upgraded the return and have a MP10 on reef crest at 70% or so. It's not the strongest flow, but no food or poop settles there in the middle. If I increase flow further, I feel I'm hitting the hammer and torch a bit hard. In that sense it seems more light related -- but I want to keep the schedule for the coral and try to balance it out some other way. I've added the existing CUC gradually because I want to avoid having any starve in end. But it seems it's not enough yet?
  6. Please help me optimize my CUC to fight algae on the sand bed. It is pretty persistent at the level in the picture below. When I siphon/stir up it comes back after a few days. Currently have 4 astrea, 3 nessarius, 2 hermits, 2 emerald, tailspot blennie in 25g lagoon. None really impact the sand in visible way though they keep rocks and glass pretty clean. The emeralds and the tailspot sometimes pick at it, but not enough to make a real dent. I put in 3 nessarius two weeks ago, but never see them anywhere. I set up the tank four months ago. Parameters: - Nitrate 5 - phosphate 0.02 - others are fine too Other potential culprits: - New Spectrapure RODI unit -- unlikely that the filters are bad after few uses. 0ppm. - I tend to feed little, just how much the few fish actually eat. - Aquamaxx HOB 1.5 oversized skimmer and running a 5g nano bag of Chemipure. - Don't want to mess with light schedule as coral are happy What can I do against the algae on the sandbed? More emeralds or Nessarius? Maybe some kind of conch snail? Another bag of chemipure? Any recommendations are very appreciated.
  7. Thanks for confirming. Just superglued them. Hopefully I covered all the holes and exits. I will monitor for a few days before glueing it back into the rockwork. Hope those nasty snails starve to death 😕
  8. This forum this awesome. Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences and recommendations. I will look more into baby brine shrimp hatching, but given my new understanding that they will need pods all the time, and anything else is just supplementing it, I will likely hold off for a little more. Thank you all!
  9. I use the 100W in the second chamber tilted/diagonal. It's been running fine for three months even though it's only 95% submerged.
  10. Are these vermetid snails in/through my montipora? If so, what do I do about it? There is a hole in the top of the monti. Underneath I found multiple calcareous tubes coming out. Often there is slime coming out of the top hole. I'm very new to the hobby, but this sounded consistent with vermetid snails that are nasty pests? What do I do? Do I try to snap them off and/or put superglue inside? Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/hS4fjdH and https://imgur.com/a/0tVnUeu
  11. Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences and thoughts. I will likely wait quite a bit more and look into hatching baby brine shrimp as another way to supplement food.
  12. What percentage do you run the Nero 5 at? I have a lagoon 25g but was worried it would be too much. Curious about your experience. I learned that you can do single digit percentage adjustments which might do the job?
  13. The Ikea SEKTION kitchen cabinets work well I think. Just make sure to reinforce them.
  14. Hi all, my LFS got a bunch of gorgeous captive-bred Mandarins from Biota. According to them, they readily eat flakes and pellets and frozen and would be fine without widely available copepods. I love these fish, but my tank is pretty new (3 months) and I didn't dare to get a Mandarin thus far. I probably would wait for a much more mature tank with a bigger refugium. Now I am wondering whether the captive bred Mandarin's would really be that easy to keep. The $90 price tag would be a good investment relative to $30 in pods a month or so 🙂 Now the real question: Do you think that the Mandarin's would thrive on dry food and frozen, with only limited copepods that wouldn't fully sustain them alone? Thanks!
  15. Thanks, this is quite helpful. I wish the Aquamaxx was smaller, but I hope to stock quite a few fish in the 25g (2 clowns, blenny, 2 wrasses, maybe goby, maybe small angel), so perhaps that is still the way to go.
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