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  1. For me no, never try before.
  2. Lawnmower blenny, Will it help abit?
  3. Do red sea nopox help?
  4. Old topic! How do you guys get rid Hair aglea from your tank?
  5. Anyone have Orangespotted Filefish in their tank? They only eat acropora coral? Please share your experiences. thanks 😀
  6. Does anyone use red sea nopox to reduce their NO3 level? Please share your experiences. Thanks!
  7. khtan


    Some one told me that if you got 25-26C coral will stretch to more bigger size and colour be more nicer!
  8. khtan


    Thanks for the info. I live in Singapore a tropical island city and just using a fan to maintain the temperature at about 28C😅
  9. khtan


    Can anyone tell me is there any LPS can keep in a temperature about 28C?🤔 Thanks!!!!
  10. Oops wong photo, yeah that's a Leptastrea I'm going to collect.
  11. This one but don't know the Id😅
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