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  1. New Haul from Marine Depot. Have a Nanobox Duo M and Clearview Lid on the way.
  2. Thanks! When you dose it, the smell is almost minty. You can tell my clown didn't mind when i used it after I got him.
  3. Hey all - I have had this product and used it when introducing my clown and a hi-fin goby (who has since jumped) in my 10 gallon tank. I have used it intermittently since then and the seem to have a healthy fish on my hands. I know i'm probably opening up a much larger debate, but is anyone using a product like this for QT? I'll be turning my 10 gallon into a QT for a while shortly, but was curious what everyone's thoughts were on this product and the extent of its effectiveness?
  4. Wasn't worried about the temp so much as I was the possibility of the tank running even hotter than ideal temps without the ability to control. BUT - in the end. this concluded with me being a goof and overlooking something easy and obvious!
  5. Plugged in - Yes. Calibrated - Not even close. #Facepalm
  6. Recalibrated about 3X tonight. Found my issue. Feel stupid. Carry on.
  7. Tank Temperature question: I have a IM10 gallon that's been running for roughly 6-7 months and an IM25 that's been cycling for roughly 3-4 weeks. Both tanks are in the same room - right next to each other. The air conditioning in my finished garage/entertainment/tank room is consistent at 74-75. Both tanks have Eheim Jaeger heaters - IM10 is a 50W and IM25 is a 75W. The IM10 is heated and runs at an average of 77, but when I take the heater out to do more thorough cleaning on a monthly basis the water temp doesn't hold 77 and does drop. The IM25 is heated as well, but the heater is set to 75 and has never turned on. The tank runs between 78 and 79 on its own since it started cycling. It doesn't seem as if I could get it to run cooler without a chiller - which isn't something I want to do. 78-79 isn't exactly bad, but I'm concerned about not having controllability. Why is the IM25 running hotter?
  8. Current view. What should I supplement biological filtration with if I choose to stay with only 10-15 lbs live rock and 20 lbs sand? Eventual plan is to get to 4-5 fish and a host of corals - mostly LPS and easier SPS. Is current live rock and sand possibly enough once established?
  9. It’s really early to tell but I like the increased aquascape options of the larger footprint already. I’m thinking about doing a total of 15lbs live rock instead of 25 (lb per gallon winds you up with a lot of rock). The quality of the tank is great!
  10. Slow but steady work on the stand. Went to a local lumber yard and bought some Calico Hickory for the top of the stand. My neighbor builds furniture in his garage, so he offered to teach me how to manufacture a top (the only reason i decided to do anything custom). Well... it's turned into a larger project than expected... We couldn't get the hickory perfectly level with a planer and plenty of sanding, so I had to come up with a creative solution. The investment has grown too large at this point to bail. I decided to go with galvanized piping and an elevated (and also perfectly level!!) 3/4 inch sheet of pine spray painted black. The 10 Gallon will eventually go beside the Lagoon leavin about 2 feet of open cabinet top.
  11. Really cool tank. Just bought one myself. Watching your progress!
  12. After my Hi-fin bailed on me I realized i wanted to get a tighter lid, but was also interested in doing things right in regard to fish and coral acclimation. Every other hobby i'm active in has taught me the investment up front is worth the heartbreak of ruining your long term vision - in this scenario a small reef tank. My new goal is to have an awesome IM25 display tank and use my IM10 as a Fish/Coral QT/frag tank. You could say things spiraled out of control pretty quickly regarding additional investment, but I'm really enjoying this hobby and wanted more than the IM10 could ultimately give me. Plus having a spot to QT is great peace of mind. I'm also building a custom stand that will match the beadbord walls and trim you see in the pictures with a butcherblock-ish sort 3/4 inch thick top. Some shots:
  13. My hi-fin never left the bottom until he jumped. It’s a head scratcher but ultimately I think I might have been able to prevent it. Hindsight is 20/20, of course and this could be totally wrong but, I was thinking back to what I did different and realized for some random reason I threw in a small chunk of pellet food for the pistol to see what he’d do. Well he grabbed it right away, but I think it attracted some hermits to their burrow and caused the goby to freak out. They’re super skiddish obviously so I think he bailed shortly after. The last time I used pellets were for ghost feeding and then right after cycling to keep the CUC alive until adding fish and algae appearing. All flake food otherwise.
  14. Sad News. My goby jumped either last night or this morning. I have the stock Innovative Marine lid on, so I'll look at getting a better, tighter fitting lid before getting another goby if i go that route. Not sure if the shrimp is alive but i'm guessing he'll lay low for a couple days. I'll look for sand movement when watching my tank. Do I need to replace the goby with another goby to help the shrimp along? I'm missing the symbiotic relationship already. Just a super cool thing to watch. But i also find myself wondering what other fish I could put in there that'd be a good combo with a single clown. Would anyone recommend trying to add another clown? I'm a beginner, but have done my research and feel my jumper is almost a right of passage at this point. Still sucks though. I'm definitely going to prevent that possibility as best I can moving forward. What my best next move people?
  15. That behavior isn’t typical but it does happen. He was swimming like that for a better portion of the day yesterday. After lights out he chilled and went straight to the bottom left corner of the tank where he sleeps. I’m trying to be patient but the plan was to get a small wall hammer for him to try and host. Is this a bad idea? This AM w/o lighting on. Could any of this simply relate to too much lighting? The A80 isn’t the most powerful from my research. Max lighting is 45% color/40% intensity at peak. Controller is set to mimic sunrise/set, so it’s only that high for an hour or so.