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  1. My Berghia's didn't do anything that I can tell. looks like I flushed 75 bucks really. On another note, what method are you using to keep corals adhered to the rocks? I have them routinely falling off or maybe a snail has knocked them off. Anyway, I routinely come home to see corals in the sand. I've used reef glue, the putty stuff...etc etc.
  2. Huge and well earned congratulations!!!!! Very true
  3. Close up of my fat emerald crab eating nori
  4. Wow, those zoas are beautiful....yet so deadly! Hahaha
  5. I had removed my stock lights and regretted it. Keep the original!
  6. Hey there. I had a few issues with the product. If you wish to PM me I will be extremely specific. However, with the stock lighting you get white light and blue. With the nano you only get blue. Secondly, and more importantly, I came home to find my water very low, pump gurgling and saw that the LED had burned through the acrylic cover on the hood. Had I been out longer??? Who knows. All BAD.
  7. No. He eats some and some floats away for me to throw out.
  8. Anyone else have a green pig in their tank? 🙂
  9. My Duncan is super temperamental as well. No growth.
  10. Well, got the new, stock lid back on. I have to say that I’m so happy to have the original lighting. I never liked the aftermarket one that I got. It’s nice to have white light again. Everything is doing well. Tank seems very stable. Here are some updates pics.
  11. Haven’t posted in awhile. Been on autopilot and working a lot. However, came home tonight with flicker8ng lights and a ton of bubbles in tank. Looks like something malfunctioned in my Nanobox retro light. There was a melted hole from the light in the plastic shield on the lid. Guess I’ll be going back to stock lights and will need a new shield. Hope I can get one quickly.
  12. It’s going ok. I got the nano lights in and installed. There is no white light in them so my tank always blue. I might put the stock lights back in.
  13. Just piping in here to say hello all and happy holidays!
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