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  1. Thanks Dave. I do try my best 😁
  2. Thanks for the kind words Christopher, appreciate it! I like it too, nice and low and simple which should give a good base as you say. My now female clown was my first marine fish, and her partner is my sons first marine fish so there was no way they weren’t coming with all these recent tank changes! You and me both, thanks. Cheers. Not a chance on something this small 🤣 I’m going down a more natural route this time I think, keep it a little more simple.
  3. Cheers. Its only been a few days but they seem ok, will see more long term, although my first planned upgrade is to get a 6x24w ATI Powermodule as soon as possible. Atm I only have Montipora really so nothing too light demanding compared to Acropora.
  4. Thanks. Its almost perfect, but it measures 49cm deep not 50cm as the tank is. I’ve just mounted a slim piece of timber along the top back edge to support the rear pane of glass. But other than that it’s perfect, especially as we have a long sideboard in the same style next to it in the room.
  5. Hello everyone, I've been reading these forums for inspiration ever since I joined the nano world, and there are so many great threads that gave me plenty of ideas that I wanted to start my own, and hopefully - without being big headed - I can give someone else a little inspiration one day from this. For a little background on myself, I used to run a Reefer 525 on the KZ ZEOvit method until around 8 or so months ago. I shut that down due to mostly running costs, and I never felt like I was getting anywhere with it. My style of tank is definitely a deep (front to back) but shallow tank that has a nice aspect ratio - so I have no idea why I bought the Reefer because it wasn't any of those things at all. The Innovative Marine Lagoon 25 had been on my radar for some years now but being in the UK, we have only one or two suppliers I think. Right when I was shutting the Reefer down, the main supplier had stock of the Lagoons in on their first ever shipment, but I missed out on them because being an indecisive **** I didn't pull the trigger quick enough. I needed a tank to keep my clownfish and a few corals in because I wasn't prepared to let those go for sentimental reasons, so I ended up with a Fluval Evo 13.5. That lasted maybe 6 months until last week when that same supplier had their second shipment in. This time I didn't miss out and ordered the Lagoon straight away! So without further ado, here is my new setup which I intend to keep for a lot longer than the Fluval or the Reefer. I'll detail the planned upgrades and methods in a further post. Innovative Marine Lagoon 25 Aqua Illumination Prime HD GHL Profilux 4 Tunze 3152 ATO InTank Media Basket x2 Jebao OW-10 Schego 100w Titanium heater IKEA Stuva/Besta stand - heavily reinforced 14-4-2019 | Full Tank Shot by Andy, on Flickr 14-4-2019 | Overview Face On by Andy, on Flickr 14-4-2019 | Overview by Andy, on Flickr 14-4-2019 | Top Down by Andy, on Flickr Thanks for looking, Andy
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