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  1. Thanks for your feedback, @Jimbokro!
  2. I just installed a refugium light (IM Chaetomax) for chamber one (with chaeto) of my fluval evo 13.5. I only have the display light and I currently run it for 9.5 hours. As of now, the refugium light is on for 9 hours reverse cycle. Unfortunately, there is some light spill into the tank (through the side of the false wall) and it hits my bird's nest. I'm hoping as my chaeto grows it will block more of the light... How harmful will this be? Does the blue/purple/red light make a difference? Thoughts / suggestions?
  3. Yeah, lighting and food value for your blenny will depend on the specific macro. That site I gave has a nice directory of different macros. It'll also tell you the food value. For example, the food value for the Ulva Sp. is "Very Palatable." But who knows if your blenny will like it.
  4. Yes. DT lights will be enough. Here is a site I found that I like on macros: https://www.marineplantbook.com/marinebookpage8.htm
  5. I'm thinking about putting some Gracilaria Hayi in my display tank. I only have cerith and trochus snails (and a pair of clowns). Will either of these snails eat G. Hayi? I heard that this variety of Graclaria is calcareous, which is suppose to be snail resistant? I also have chaeto in a refugium (reverse cycle). Will there be any competition/concerns with the chaeto or even my corals? I'm a newbie; so, still learning the balance of it all. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone: I used Seachem's Stability to add beneficial bacteria to my tank during cycling. I have also used Seachem's Pristine product. Both of these products' directions have maintenance doses (after water changes for example). Are the maintenance doses beneficial, detrimental, or neither? And why? I'm just wondering if it is possible to have too much beneficial bacteria / bio filtration. And if so, what would be the signs? Could they cause bacterial blooms for example? Thanks for the help! 🙂
  7. This is my first reef tank and I am definitely open to suggestions. I've had this tank since the beginning of July 2018. I do 2-gallon weekly water changes (using Red Sea Coral Life Pro) and my light is on 9 hours plus 15 min. ramp up and 15 min. ramp down (stock lighting for now). Too little? Here was the initial set up: Equipment: CaribSea LifeRock CaribSea Arag-Alive! Special Grade Reef Stock lighting (planning on upgrading, maybe to an AI Prime) Hydor Koralia Nano 240 circulation pump Fluval Dual LED Aquarium Lamp Timer Chamber one Stock skimmer (I know it may be overkill with weekly water changes, but I like that it is pulling gunk out and the extra oxygen) Chamber two Blocked hole in chamber two, and removed stock sponge and replaced with inTank Chamber 2 with: Filter pads Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue Seachem Seagel Seachem Matrix Marinepure cubes (I know I have plenty of bio filtration, but I'm trying to sustain my copepod population with no refugium) Chamber three Stock pump (thinking about upgrading) Cobalt Neo-Therm (75 watt) Fish (no plans on more additions): Two juvenile ocellaris clownfish One mocha/black One orange misbar Clean-up crew (snail only): 2 banded trochus snails 3 nassarius snails 5 cerith snails Coral (no plans on more additions): Softies: GSP Superman rhodactis shroom Blue ricordea shroom LPS Micromussa Acan/Micro Lord Blastomussa Merletti Neon splatter hammer SPS ORA neon birdsnest Starburst monti cap Tyree rainbow stylo Current tank (10.12.18):
  8. Thanks, Aquacrazed. Saving up for a light upgrade, but until then I will bump my stock lighting hours to 10 to hopefully experience some of the success you had.
  9. Hi Aquacrazed! I'm new here and this is very inspiring and encouraging, especially since I have a 1.5 month old evo 13.5 and I'm looking for ideas. Thanks for sharing! Just curious, how many hours are you running your lights?
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