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  1. Forgot the disassembly picture. Once I had all the screws apart, I watched an ATI youtube video on replacing a ballast. It looked easy enough...so I unclipped the plastic grommet from the top of the unit....and slid the cover over slightly and removed the fan...then slid the other way and figured out which wires to unhook. I labeled all the ones I needed to remove from this block. 5 wires in total...so I labeled them by slot # from right to left, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10 and snapped the pic for future reference. I thought I had to remove the ones in the second picture and just put tape around the color that goes in the first slot...so tape around one color each. When I reassembled, I left the tape on so I wouldn't have to redo it in the future if a ballast dies. The hardest part was removing the fan from the cover (pic from ATi website), but it had rubber "bolts" that can only go on not come off without cutting. I went to the ATI site to buy 2 and they were $8 plus $8 shipping. I couldn't do it...$8 shipping for those 2 tiny pieces...no way! So I went to Lowes and bought 2 black 8-32 x 1" black thumb screws and nuts ( a little large so I had to drill out the openings on the fan shroud. 6-32 would be perfect.) I think my cost was $1.44 not $16. The fixture top/lid barely fit in my oven. If it would have been 1/4" longer it would not have fit. I had to make a custom holder to keep it in place while I slid it in the oven instead of hanging it like normal. All in all anytime I get to play with powder coating it is a good week. 🙂
  2. I have been debating and debating on lighting for 3-4 months. I originally went with the nanobox duo, but unfortunately it had some problems with the wiring. Dave took it back and my hunt continued. I thought about and I was going to buy a Kessil 360x, then I found an ATI/Nanobox hybrid that I couldn't pass up. I was not a fan of the aluminum housing...so I powder coated it this week. I built a hanging bracket out of galvanized pipe and powder coated those as well (still need to finish a few pieces)...but I was anxious to test it out. So I hung it this morning...I need to lower it about 4 inches (currently 13" above waterline), but this should be good while I get everything acclimated to the new light. It is still in morning mode, but will get some shots of the tank later today when it is full sun with the 4 nanobox arrays and the 2 ATI T5's (blue plus & Coral Plus). Here a few pics I took while I was disassembling the unit for powder coat and after it came out of the oven and hung. Once I finish powder coating the pipe, I will zip tie the electrical to the hanging bracket. Once I finish PC all the pipe, it will look much better. If I don't like this light...I guess I will try the kessil.. Life was easier when I had VHO's and MH...wasn't as many choices.
  3. @2nafisher Nice looking tank. I just picked up an ATI 2 bulb sunpower with 4 nanobox LED pucks. I just got it last week. I need to mount it above the tank. I think I am going to powder coat the aluminum also.
  4. That's how it always works! Not looking to break the bank on powder coating...I am thinking $30. Here are some examples of brakes for my car and my buddies car I powder coated.
  5. I am thinking about selling my 4 bulb 24" ATI Sunpower (non Dimmable) fixture. Bulbs need to be replaced, but in good condition. Was toying with the idea of putting some LEDs in it and turning it into a Hybrid, but may go another route. Has a few scratches on top but not seen when installed. $260 shipped plus paypal fees or as gift. Can powder coat it black or another color for a small fee. As long as I get my "new" larger oven hooked up in my shop this week. I usually powder coat smaller items in a smaller oven. Thanks
  6. This light is on my short list to get for my 30g. I have talked to Lai at Kessil a few times and the wifi dongle should be out 1st or 2nd quarter next year. With the dongle, you won't need the Spectral Controller...everything will go through the Kessil App on your phone. I have one pre-ordered, but I may wait until the dongle comes out.
  7. Thanks for posting and putting it on sale...I did some research and this skimmer gets good reviews. I think it will fit in my JBJ 30 with no problem...Will have to tell Santa Claus. ?
  8. I am going to wait on the wi-fi dongle...I will control it on top until then. I don't want to spend the extra $100 then buy the dongle. I don't like the Radion for some reason....so it is Kessil or ATI Hybrid. My tank is a 30 JBJ so 24" x 15" viewable....so 1 is all I need. I have thought long and hard about the 360WE, but Kessil supposedly straightened out the overheating/cleaning issues...I am also debating using the Kessil with T5 down the road and I am not sure how long until I go with a larger tank.
  9. I am 99% sure I am going with the new Kessil 360x....unless I can find a cheap enough 24" ATI T5 with some retro LEDs for a hybrid.
  10. @Zuma Looks really good! With all that baffling, 1/4" is all you would need for a DIY. The baffles give it so much strength plus water level in sumps are never enough to exert too much outward pressure on the top half.
  11. I agree, but hardly anyone does that anymore. I had to send my defective nanoglo back before I could get a new one, but I did change lights with a price difference.