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  1. Thank you Lawn. I'm getting excited looking through all these threads. Feels good to be somewhat back I see. I see. Might as well. LS isn't that much I guess Thanks for the replies
  2. Not sure how much the hobby has changed. It's been a while. I think the LR might be ok with a new water dip. I would imagine. I've heard of people having LR in their garage (dry) and when they put it back in it comes to life after a few weeks of cycling. Thanks for the input. I'm definitely looking into all my options.
  3. Thanks for responding. Remove water and sand meaning get a brand new bag of livesand?
  4. Hello all. I'm somewhat of a veteran in this site. I've been MIA for a few years and I'm ready to start a little project. Not a big project, but something small to get back into the reefing scene. I sure feel like a noob because when I was here with my tanks MH was the thing. Apparently there are new systems out there that make the MH obsolete. LED is the new thing...I guess. Well I have a few questions for the vets here. This is my situation. I have a fairly new (bought it brand new) JBJ 28g Nano Cube. The one that came stock with 150W MH. Well I set up the tank a few years ago and didn't really do much. Kept a pair of clowns only. Well the 2 power pumps went out. The light went out (I think the ballast stopped working). I let it go. Well I have a tank sitting in my dinning room with about 20 gallons of uncirculated salt water, and a bunch of nice looking LR and sand. I'm sure everything is absolutely dead in there. My question for you is, Can I buy new power pumps, connect and start a cycle again? Do I need to completely remove the old water in there? I know the rock will cycle and become LR again. But what about the water? I know my parameters are going to be off the charts but I understand the cycle process. I will also be buying a new hang on LED light. I don't want that MH in the hood thing. I like the open top better. Any info and advise will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Gorgeous. It's hard to come around Rics now'adays.
  6. I'll say something about the tang! AWESOME!
  7. Is that reef safe?
  8. Oh christ. NICE!!!
  9. OH WOW. Awesome.
  10. HOLY BUCKETS OF SH___! That's awesome.
  11. Oh very clever. Never thought of this. Smart idea.
  12. WOW
  14. Ohhhh very nice picture.