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  1. Cesar

    Aquaclear 70 Or 110

    I used a AC70 on my 20 many years ago and had great success. The 110 might be a little over kill.
  2. Cesar

    Our friend Jeremai has passed away.

    Oh I will miss it by days. I will be in Vegas the week before. I wish I could make it. Thanks for posting info.
  3. Cesar

    Our friend Jeremai has passed away.

    WOW! I've known Jer for years and this touches home. I never met the man in person but for some reason when you have a tight community like this it touches everyone. Well R.I.P Jerem, you will be missed.
  4. Cesar

    Need some help with this....

    Oh man. The ballast? Oh great. That's going to be an issue!
  5. Hey fellow reefers. I've been in this hobby for quite some time but I am new to the AIO tanks. I need some help with an issue I have. I have a 28g Nano Cube with 150W MH light. Well for the past 2 weeks or so my lights have been acting up. Before I continue, the tank has been up for just about a year. Well like mentioned, the lights are acting weird. They are powering off and on. But this past days I noticed it more and more. The lights are going off and on every 15 minutes or so. What can this be? Can it be I need a new bulb or do you think there is something wrong with the hood itself? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Cesar

    SHOW us your Anglers

    I take it they are reef safe right? Very cool fish. Always wanted one but just thinking of getting live fish for it might get a little expensive.
  7. Cesar

    Los Angeles Area Nano-Reefers

    Local L.A reefer here. Good to see people local interested in the hobby.
  8. Cesar

    First timer JBJ 28g CF Quad

    Just wanted to wish you luck. I'm the same boat as you at the moment. I have just started a 28g HQI JBJ and it's an awesome tank. I've been in the saltwater hobby for about 8 or 9 years but I used to have a 20g and a 40g. This time around I wanted to try something smaller than that 40 because I notice I have better luck with smaller tanks. I will be tagging along your thread to see it develop.
  9. Well ended up getting a CUC a couple of weeks ago. They weren't helping with the GHA break out. Ended up getting about 20 turbo snails to get rid of the issue. I noticed in 2 days they were in over time. Now the GHA is gone. Before: After:
  10. Pheallox! What's up man long time no hear. Well I didn't have any transfer. I started new. Everything in this tank is new. From the tank to water to rock to everything, lol.
  11. Ok I spoke to LFS here and was advised that I should use Turbo snails to help with the GHA issue. I hope I'm not making the same mistake I did about 9 years ago and listening to the LFS employee's, lol. I really hope they work.
  12. I'm actually not feeding anything at all at the moment since I'm still going through the cycle there is nothing in that tank but water and LR. What kind of snail or CUC do you recommend that will eat that GHA?
  13. Quick question about this green hair algae. Does this algae spread? Does it become an issue like Aptasia? I had an issue with Aptasia before and it became a real bad issue. Aptasia spreads like weeds. Does this green hair algae spread like that? It looks pretty bad, lol. I'm removing it by hand but it's pretty hard because it gets all over the place. On another note these are my water params. Nitrate: 0ppm. Nitrite: 0ppm. Ammonia: 0ppm. pH: 8.4ppm's. That's pretty high in my experience.
  14. This is starting to become a P.I.T.A. I hope this does come off and doesn't become a permanent issue. It's looks ugly. I thought it was all part of the cycle but this green hair algae is looking pretty powerful.
  15. LOL. Deport it, lol. You remember.