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  1. seamonster1974


    How long did it take for the mushroom to grow that large? I've had mine for months with no growth?
  2. seamonster1974

    Seamonster's new tank

    Just added a few new corals,
  3. seamonster1974


    The tank is tight! Such an inspiration as well. Thank you!!!?
  4. seamonster1974

    Seamonster's new tank

    *UPDATE* 3 corals - Duncan, Mushroom and Acan.
  5. seamonster1974

    Seamonster's new tank

    *TANK UPDATE* Just some new critters. Added 2 clowns and one shy fire fish. Also got this huge turbo snail whose been the best a cleaning.
  6. seamonster1974

    Seamonster's new tank

    *Tank update* Added a new buddy. A cleaner shrimp named "Bugsy" a Nassarius snail and a few other snails. Added the In-tank media basket as well.
  7. seamonster1974

    Seamonster's new tank

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys! I'm going to replace the sock with the Intank basket. It looks nice and easy to use. Regarding the aquascape, I wanted a place for fish to pass through and some ledges for corals to grow. I have the top ledge secured to prevent any toppling. Livestock: the usual clean up crew, snails, crabs. I like the peppermint shrimp with the long antenna :) Fish, haven't really decided. Clowns?!? Suggestions? Corals, same, have not quite decided. I do like the Brain corals don't know if I would start with that though. Maybe some softies to start.
  8. seamonster1974

    Seamonster's new tank

    Hello all! Just getting back into the hobby after about 20 years. I got myself a Nuvo Fusion 10 from Marine Depot. I'm trying their tank build for $ 275 and seeing how it goes. So far, I'm at week one. The plan for this tank is minimal fish and mixed reef. Not too crazy, just small and clean. Thoughts on this? Anyone tried their setup before?