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  1. It looks like you already have a float and ASO valve. If you wish to keep that installed, you will want to follow the instructions for installation with an ASO valve. If you remove the ASO valve, then you would follow the typical installation instructions and install on the red line as outlined in your photo. -Robert @ MD
  2. We just received a notice from Triton USA that the nDOC test kits are in the USA and we should be able to get them onto our website within the next 2-3 weeks. This is only an estimate and we are waiting on a few final details from Triton at the moment, however, as of yesterday, you can expect to see them very very soon. -Robert @ MD
  3. LOL, thanks @HarryPotter I am a Rod's Food Fan myself. I like that it has a variety of ingredients and I don't feel like I am torturing my fish with the same boring food all the time. They get frozen in the mornings and a random mix of flakes and pellets throughout the rest of the day. #Fatfisharehappyfish
  4. Come say hi and have some fun. Take a pic, ask questions, I am a nice guy I promise.
  5. @Sancho The Apex EL is far more expandable than the Apex JR. with the same expansion possibilities as the Apex.
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