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  1. getting rid of caulerpa

    I just trim mine back from time to time. If you think of it as a part of the regular maintenance of the tank, it's not so bad. Think of it the same way you think of water changes, feedings, adding nutrients, water tests, ect. I like the look of it in my tank and I know it also helps my tank with the "natural" cycle of the tank, so I do not mind cutting it back. You might even embrace it, if you could start selling the cut-offs online or even locally.
  2. Other sites offer free shipping if you spend $175.00. I have used saltwaterfish.com for over a year now and I am very happy with them. If you join their email list they will keep you posted on sales and specials they offer. Not to mention the great customer service and very knowledgable staff.
  3. help me!!!!

    Ichi, How is your tank going? OK, I hope!
  4. 7/30/04 - Low light corals

    What is NO lighting? To the layman it sound like you keep them in the dark..lol
  5. Significant Others

    Your life, Your passion, Your Money, Your girlfriend....You need to make this decision on your own! We do not live with your girlfriend, so we are not emotionally attached to her (or your tanks). This is a very bad place to ask for this type of advice. You may want to contact ANN LANDERS on this one....lol Perhaps you can surprise her by buying her a small tank and let her pick out her own fish children.
  6. Are you going to MACNA?

    If I don't attend I will most likely be working the events at the NEAQ
  7. serpent star question

    I also feed mine once a day (Since I feed my fish once a day) and he/she seems to be doing just fine.
  8. Stupid Question but wanna be 100% sure

    Bristle worms are great for sifting your sand. As far as them being good or bad is totally up to you. Simpley put do you want them or not. Some people don't care if they are there or not, and some people get creeped out by the way they look.
  9. want to start,need advice

    One more thing I would suggest is to by a few good books on the subject (and by several different authors). Tanks are a science not an absolute. To save money you can get them used on ebay, half.com, amazon.com, ect.
  10. want to start,need advice

    The first and most important piece of advice I would give you is "TAKE YOUR TIME" starting, learning about and maturing the tank (and be very patient). When I started my reef tank it was a fish only tank and I slowly transfomed it into a reef tank. Since this is your first reef tank I would suggest you do the same. The more research you do, the more successful you will be. DO NOT let anyone on this site (or anywhere else) make you feel like your questions are stupid. YOU ARE ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, because you ARE ASKING the questions!!! Start with a few damsels and/or crabs to begin the cycle. Wait for the tank to stabilize. Coral and rock can be and are very expensive. As your tank matures, you can start upgrading and adding whatever is needed as it grows, and not spending alot of money all at once. buying things all at once will set you up for a very expensive and dissapointing experience. As far as the size of your emperor 400, in my opinion, it is fine for starting your tank. A simple rule that has always worked for me is, whatever the minimum filter size is for your tank (freshwater) double it for salt. For example, you have a 30 gallon tank, you would want a filter for a 60 gallon tank. The emperor 400 is for use with a 55-75 gallon tank. Just remember to monitor your tank on a regular basis and more often each time you add new inhabitants to your tank. When you are ready to add coral and live rock to your tank, you can then, upgrade your lighting system at that time (and by then you will have done more research and be more confident in what you are doing).....Master one step at a time. Good luck, Bill
  11. help me!!!!

    Not a very nice thing to say or supportive at all! SHAME ON YOU!:|
  12. small white ball???

    It definitely sounds like a sponge! Take care not to put it in contact with open air (Tank cleaning, water changes, ect.) as this will kill it.
  13. best sites to buy corals online

    Hi Tanked, I tend to go to Skipton's Pet Center (Near B U Medical). They don't always have a wide selection but prices are good and the guys in the Fish section are very knowledgeable and are serious marine hobbiest themselves.
  14. best sites to buy corals online

    I also agree that since the is "The Beginners Discussion" area and if a beginner is asking for help, you should be kind enough to give them the answer they are looking for, and then as an added bonus let them know where they can do more research on the subject (A fish's life may be in danger, and the inquirer may not have time to do time consuming research).
  15. best sites to buy corals online

    I have been very happy using www.saltwaterfish.com for online orders of fish, invertebrates and corals. I have been pleased with the selections they have sent me and they also have very helpful and knowledgeable staff ready to answer any of your questions or concerns. If you sign up for their emailing they will also keep you up to date on sales and specials that they offer. I hope this helps, from another newbie on this site. Bill