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  1. I think I’ll set my tank up that way can you reuse heaters from the quarantine tank in the main one or to mix salt ? Or will it be contaminated?
  2. So I want to quarantine new live stock being added to my tank or treat any fish or coral that may be sick so I want to set up a quarantine tank how do I go about it ?
  3. So you stick your hand in your tank every other day to remove algae?
  4. Can I add microbacter7 with Chemi pure and poly filter in my tank currently ?
  5. Ok I saw the link you sent me so I would put it in a fine mesh bag and throw it in my sump and use less than recommend and change every 2 weeks or so and that would remove contaminates in the water metals etc any cologne , lotions on hands ps I don’t spray cologne in my room or air fresheners
  6. I just tested my tank it’s night time though and I know it may vary but I usually test late at night and afternoon nitrate 10ppm phosphate 0.06ppm so it looks like I still have some and I did a water change and a week ago it’s been about a week since I added the Chemi pure and poly filter . And I’m going to do a water change in the morning . My phosphate was 0.13 the last time I tested it about a little over a week
  7. And I always will leave the carbon inside my tank and replace how often ? I don’t have a skimmer only do water changes weekly sometimes twice weekly about 10% and have the poly filter and Chemi pure
  8. Do you have a link that you can post the recommended products your mentioning ? I want to make the switch once the Chemi pure is exhausted and just to recap the carbon your mentioning removes toxins and not “ nitrates or phosphates correct ?
  9. So Ill leave it in for now then take it out when it’s all used up and switch to using carbon or put an other one in ?
  10. The tank is actually in my garage it prolly get pretty low maybe 60 I’m guessing since it’s winter
  11. So I recently got a little 10 gallon filled with dry rock trying to make it live rock I had a heater in there but let a friend have it for an emergency so the tank it fairly cold maybe 65 the lowest around there can the tank still cycle I also added dr times bacteria with ammonia doing fish less cycle
  12. What kind of preparation did you do before putting hands in tank for water change or moving corals etc do you wash hands with dish soap wait a few minutes ?
  13. Thanks that some great advice now the question. Is do I leave it in or take it out ? I haven’t test my water in a few days before I put the Chemi pure and poly filter
  14. I'm using salifert and hanna test kits and I'm using the poly filter the one that changes colors and I do feed everyday frozen food and feed my corals 2x a week sometimes barely started feeding corals 2 weeks in
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