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  1. Thanks, guys. Couple updates - I got another AI prime because one didn't seem to be able to get good enough coverage at the edges of the tank. I want to replicate the lighting i had in the middle as closely as i can since it was working fine (and i also don't want the anemone to get unhappy and start moving and stinging everything). Does anyone know if two AI Primes pointing at one spot at 50% intensity is the same as having one AI Prime at 100% intensity? i would think it is, but I'm not sure if thats how lighting works. The tank also started running hot for some reason (81-82 degrees) so i bought a fan. Anyone have experience using a fan for cooling? From what I've read, the fan can drop the temperature by a few degrees. If the fan gets my temp below 78,"ill be going from no fan and heater never being on to having a fan and the heater constantly on. I'm curious how other people manage this?
  2. Hi all, So a friend of mine convinced me to get into reefing a few months ago and I've decided to start a journal here to keep track of my progress. This first post might be kind of long since I'm stuffing 4 months worth of posts into it. Tank: IM Nuvo 20 Light: AI Prime HD with Gooseneck mount (soon to be x2) Return Pump: Sicce Syncra 1.5 with two spin streams ATO: Tunze Osmolator Nano Heater: Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater, 75 watt (hooked up to an Inkbird controller) Filtration: InTank filter floss holder on one side and AUQA Custom Caddy on the other with filter floss and Chemipure Blue Rock: 20 lbs of Nature’s Ocean Base Rock and also have 25 MarinePure Bio Spheres Sand: 20lbs Nature’s Ocean Argonite Live Sand Wavemaker: Jebao OW-10 (currently not in use) Additives: Kent 2 part A and B (soon to be switched over to ESV B-ionic 2 part), Brightwell Magnesion Livestock: - 2 black ice clown fish - Tail spot blenny - One more fish TBD - 5 Astrea snails, 3 ceriths, dwarf ceriths (too many to count because they keep spawning), 4 nerites, and 4 dwarf blue leg hermit crabs Corals: - RBTA and blue/orange acan bought from LFS - Neon green tipped torch and red/green blasto bought from LFS - 4 various colored acans bought from acanlord - Bounce mushroom, aussie gold torch, and acan bought from unique corals - Mini purple tipped mini gold torch, jawbreaker, and JPS mystiques zoas from legendary corals - Utter chaos and green monti bought from local reefers - Mushrooms, teal hammer, blue/green zoa, cats eye zoa, and chalice bought from pieces of the ocean Found the perfect spot in the kitchen for the tank. Tank with sand and water. Probably should have rinsed the sand a little better. I didn’t bother cycling the tank since my friend seeded me with 25 bio spheres. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to aquascape but wanted to get a fish ASAP so I just dropped two rocks in first. Originally I only wanted one black ice clown fish and wanted to get another different looking one, but the LFS didn’t have anything else that looked good so ended up getting a second black ice a week later. How could you resist this face? This is how the aquascaping ended up. Started off with corals by getting a red chalice, green monti, and zoa from a local reefer. Eventually ended up getting rid of the red chalice and zoa. I wanted to get an anemone for my clownfish. I’ve read online that its suggested to wait until your tank is mature before getting an anemone, but I really wanted it so I went for it. Its turned out fine so far. When I put it into the tank it moved around for a while trying to go through the back baffle. Also started floating around and ended up losing a couple arms to the powerhead. I ended up having to stick the power head into a media bag which was an eye sore. It eventually settled into a little nook under a rock in the back of the tank, but I ended up moving the rock to the front middle so I could see it. Apparently, clownfish like to suck on anemone tentacles. I googled it - its a thing. Acan I picked up from the LFS (Manhattan Aquariums) Ended up going to another LFS (Advanced Marine Aquatics is a great shop for anyone one in NYC) and picked up a torch and blasto. The torch was just one head, but has since split into two. 4 more acans from acan lord. Excuse the crappy pics. They looked very dull in white light so I took it under blue. Hammer and chalice from pieces of the ocean FTS at this point. Utter chaos I got from a local reefer. I’m using his pic because I couldn’t get a good pic of it WWC Sunkist bounce from unique corals. At this point I noticed this weird pipe growing out of one of my acans. Googled it and eventually found out it’s a vermetid snail. If anyone ever needs a good way to get rid of them I sealed the hole with some IC gel and left it there for a couple weeks and then clipped the snail off. Be careful when you clip it though – it will smell like death. I had it right up close to my face when I clipped it and got a huge whiff. Recently found another vermetid snail on my blasto. Its sealed up but I didn’t take a pic. Finally decided on another fish that I want - tail spot blenny. He was really shy at first, but now he will swim out when Im around the tank. I began running low on real estate so decided to buy a frag rack at my friends suggestion. I bought a Pure Flow Acrylic N52 Magnetic Hole Coral Frag Rack off ebay. I think it’s the perfect size for the side of a nuvo 20 and I like the fact that its clear. Since I didn’t want an empty frag rack I had to get more corals. Got these two mushrooms and cats eye zoa from pieces of the ocean. The mushrooms were labeled as a flaming red jawbreaker and white dot jawbreaker, but I think they might just be regular mushrooms. I felt like I needed more yellow in my tank so I got an aussie gold torch from unique corals. Still needed more yellow so I got a jawbreaker, purple tipped gold torch, and zoa from legendary corals. It was shipped Fedex priority overnight, but for whatever reason it got delayed. I don’t think Fedex is very good. I never receive my Fedex coral deliveries on time, but UPS always gets them to me early. Corals ended up being in the box for about 48 hours. The torch did not look too good and I thought it might be dead, but I left it in the tank overnight and the tentacles started coming back out. Current FTS 10/5/18 (I need to clean the glass):
  3. Hi all - does anyone know what these white stringy things are? They are on the bottom of an encrusting monti. When i picked up the rock to take a pic a bunch of the white strings came off into the water so they dont seem to be attached too tightly. Thanks in advance for any help
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know coral this is? I was under the impression it was an acan lord when i bought it, but I just bought a bunch of acan lord frags from somewhere else and this looks nothing like the ones i just received.