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  1. @specore Oh I love your tank, the simplicity is gorgeous, it's true that sometimes you don't need to cover the floor. I will definitely be following yours! Just a question for your tank, where did you buy your probes? @Christopher Marks Thank you so much for the welcome! I don't have equipment coming yet, the wifey said I can't buy anything until we are completely moved in and my 45 Freshwater is setup.... Will get that going soon.. ? (My previous place that I lived at didn't allow me to have aquariums... so I shut down 3 Freshwater tanks) @helen2 Yes! Let's learn together! I love reading journals and the process people go through, I think it's one of the best ways to learn!
  2. Hi Nano-Reef'ers, My name is Danny Tran and this will be the start of my reefing experience. My goal? To record every success and mistake and lessons learned through this forum. I'm located in Vancouver, BC Canada. A little about me, I'd been a freshwater aquarist for about 4 years, mainly focusing on aquascaping with easy to keep small fish. I've had marble angels, pleco of all types, tetras, and shrimp! I never thought that one day I would start a reef tank. My interest really started when I saw all these beautiful aquariums with amazing colourful corals and very few fish, feeding corals, growing up them, propragating them, it all was so fascinating. I also spent 2 hours reading this CRAZY incident of a bobbit worm taking over an entire aquarium and destroying everything in it's path, here is the link....http://www.michiganreefers.com/forums/advanced-topics/84173-bobbit-worm-chronicles.html So here we go.... I don't have anything in possession yet but I just wanted to begin with a Hello and get your best advice on getting started.