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  1. I was very sad to see that this morning the fish was dead, wedged into a hole in the rocks ? It seems like it would be impossible to get the body out without taking all the rocks out. Should I just wait for my CUC to get to it? Is it ok to get another clownfish or will they just end up fighting again? Or would it be best to return the other one and get 2 new ones?
  2. UPDATE: The one being bullied was missing for a few hours so I assumed that the other fished had killed it... but I just found him in hiding in a small hole in the rock. He is resting on the sand while moving his fins a little bit. How long will he be able to survive like this? I ordered a breeder net that’s coming in 2 days so that I can separate them for now. The bully fish keeps trying to attack the fish in it’s hiding spot. Will the fish be able to survive in it’s hiding spot for 2 days while the bully attacks it? Is there anything I can do right now or should I just wait for the breeder? EDIT: The bully fish is now twitching right outside the hiding spot where my other fish is hiding- is this a good sign?
  3. That’s good to hear that it’s normal. Do you know how long it could take for them to work it out?
  4. Ok, thanks. What are some warning signs that one is under too much stress, and what could I do to help it?
  5. This is my first saltwater tank and I just got 2 Ocellaris Clownfish about a week ago. They were doing great for the first few days and were getting along. A few days ago they started twitching near each other which I realized meant they were starting to pair (right?). But yesterday they started chasing each other and I assumed that they were just working out who is the dominant one. But now I can see that their fins are ripped and it seems like they might actually be fighting. They chase and circle each other but sometimes they still twitch. Also, they are both pretty small and around the same size so I don’t think they would have decided their genders yet. But they did lock mouths at point point which I read is a sign they could both be female. Any advice on what might be going on or what to do? If they are just figuring out who is the dominant one, then how long will it take? Or are they going to fight to the death? Thanks! EDIT: One of them is constantly chasing the other now, and the one being chased is breathing heavily and doesn’t look too good... is this normal or is the other one going to eventually kill it?
  6. Yes, I have around 15 pounds of dry rock in the tank right now (I haven’t added all of it yet).
  7. Thanks! Are water changes the only way to get rid of nitrite? Once it’s at 0 is the tank cycled?
  8. So now I checked today and the ammonia is at 0 and the nitrite is at around 5. What is the next step? I’ve read that I add more ammonia and wait again, and then keep doing that until it can drop to 0 in less than 24 hours. Or is my tank cycled once the nitrite drops to 0? (Btw I have live sand but no live rock) @Weikel @Clown79 @specore
  9. My LFS said I could put fish in a week after getting the tank set up- what would happen if I were to (not that I would) put a fish in before the tank was fully cycled? Would it just die? Also, I thought dr Tims was supposed to be able to cycle a tank within a week, or is that just for some people?
  10. I have my BioCube 32 set up and about a week ago I used dr tims one and only nitrifying bacteria along with dosing the tank with ammonium chloride. The ammonia was at around 3 ppm. Now it’s a week later and it hasn’t gone down much at all (2 ppm). My nitrites are also currently around 2 ppm. I have the heater around 84 and I have an air stone in the tank. Any suggestions on how to speed up the process? Am I doing it right? How long is it supposed to take? Any advice would be appreciated! From what I’ve researched, I’m supposed to wait until the ammonia has reached 0 ppm and then I dose the tank with some more? And then I keep doing that until it can go back to 0 within 12-24 hours? Also, I am wondering how soon I can get invertebrates- after the tank is cycled, or can I get them sooner? There is no algae in my tank yet. Thanks so much! I am new to this!
  11. Hi, I am working on a project using the following images I found online. I found these a while ago so I don’t remember the site I found them on. I was wondering if anyone could identify the names of all of these fish species? Thanks! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.
  12. Thanks! I forgot to add that I got a hydrometer reccomended by the LFS, but I was thinking of getting a refractometer instead since I hear they are more accurate. Is it worth it to get one?
  13. Thanks for the great advice! I am aware that there are some back chambers in the BioCube- what would I put in those chambers besides the heater? Is there anything I would need to put in there while the tank is cycling? Also, do you think I should trust my LFS with any advice they give? They seem to be really knowledgeable but I just wasn’t sure at first if they giving me right info (but it seems like most of what they said was accurate).
  14. Hi everyone! I am setting up my first saltwater tank, which is a BioCube 32. I visited my local fish store today to purchase some equipment to get started with some guidance from the store manager. However, he gave me some advice that has conflicted with what I had previously researched online. One thing he said was that I would not need a protein skimmer. He also said that I would not need a circulation pump. I thought both of these things were important for saltwater aquariums. Here is a list of everything I bought, which is what the store said was all I would need: Heater Live sand Dry rock (+live rock) RO/DI unit ChemiPure elite Instant ocean salt Water parameters test kit The store also said that I would be able to add invertebrates a couple days after I set up the tank, and I can add fish a week or so after that (which does not seem right because the tank needs time to cycle). I feel like I need more equipment than that and I feel like I am missing some info. Could some of you help me fill in the gaps of what else I need to buy and what else I need to know? Help would be greatly appreciated as I am new to this and not sure what to do with so much conflicting information! Thanks!