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  1. Madison989

    BioCube 32 equipment help?

    Thanks! I forgot to add that I got a hydrometer reccomended by the LFS, but I was thinking of getting a refractometer instead since I hear they are more accurate. Is it worth it to get one?
  2. Madison989

    BioCube 32 equipment help?

    Thanks for the great advice! I am aware that there are some back chambers in the BioCube- what would I put in those chambers besides the heater? Is there anything I would need to put in there while the tank is cycling? Also, do you think I should trust my LFS with any advice they give? They seem to be really knowledgeable but I just wasn’t sure at first if they giving me right info (but it seems like most of what they said was accurate).
  3. Hi everyone! I am setting up my first saltwater tank, which is a BioCube 32. I visited my local fish store today to purchase some equipment to get started with some guidance from the store manager. However, he gave me some advice that has conflicted with what I had previously researched online. One thing he said was that I would not need a protein skimmer. He also said that I would not need a circulation pump. I thought both of these things were important for saltwater aquariums. Here is a list of everything I bought, which is what the store said was all I would need: Heater Live sand Dry rock (+live rock) RO/DI unit ChemiPure elite Instant ocean salt Water parameters test kit The store also said that I would be able to add invertebrates a couple days after I set up the tank, and I can add fish a week or so after that (which does not seem right because the tank needs time to cycle). I feel like I need more equipment than that and I feel like I am missing some info. Could some of you help me fill in the gaps of what else I need to buy and what else I need to know? Help would be greatly appreciated as I am new to this and not sure what to do with so much conflicting information! Thanks!