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  1. jokercykoe

    Jokercykoe's Random Photography

    Nice. Paisley (my dog) is no longer that small. They sure do grow up fast! few weeks ago after she got spayed. and these were pretty recent, taken by my gf. In other news, I handed down the t1i + 17-50mm f/2.8 to my sister (she's wanted a dslr for a while now). Picked myself up a 5dmkii, canon 50mm f/1.4, canon 85mm f/1.8, still have that 70-200mm f4L, and a flash. The 5dmkii is a totally different beast from the t1i. Trying to do a 52 week project this year (1 photo submission a week), just to motivate me to get out and shoot. Also have a couple of gigs booked this year shooting backup with a friend. This weeks submission was from a shoot last sunday. I shot backup with a buddy for a wedding. I have a new respect for wedding photographers. It's def tough work! I'm also trying to blog more, and you can follow me here: http://petermnguyen.blogspot.com
  2. jokercykoe

    Frags Under $7 in Chino Hills

    I'm in Santa Ana/Costa Mesa, but I work in Chino off of Central Ave. How far are you from the 71 freeway Central exit?
  3. jokercykoe

    Tigahboy's 35g Project

    Absolutely stunning. Congrats on the wedding Tigahboy.
  4. jokercykoe

    Jokercykoe's Random Photography

    Haven't been on NR too much lately. new dog.
  5. jokercykoe

    jokercykoe's 12" tank

    There is a decent amount of evap everyday. I top off manually daily (haven't set up an ATO yet). A gallon of RO lasts me about 2 weeks. Maybe a little more.
  6. jokercykoe

    jokercykoe's 12" tank

    Some pictures from today 5/30/2010. Been neglecting the tank recently, work has been pretty busy. Lost some zoas, while others took off. Also starting to develop a little aptaisia problem. I count about 6 (some tiny 1 decent sized one). You can see the growth in the picture. The yuma is huge, with 2 mouths and it also spawned a baby one to its left. Some of the zoanthids melted away, others contain the same amount of polyps, and others grew and grew. I need to do a waterchange soon!
  7. jokercykoe

    TrimLess NanoCube 12 Build

    Awesome work. I might just have to do this to my old nc12. It's just sitting there half full of water and rock covered in caulerpa This could def breathe some new life into that tank! Thanks for the inspiration.
  8. jokercykoe

    Fishneedit.com shipping problems... anyone have them?

    I've bought one fixture from them, so I've only dealt with them once, but the one time I did, service was great. Received confirmation following business day. Try contacting the seller asap.
  9. jokercykoe

    Carlton'sTank feedback

    Great seller. Bought some beautiful zoas from him, they came very nicely packaged. Fast shipping from norcal to socal. This was my first time buying corals from another reefer online. Thanks Carlton'sTank for making it a great transaction! I would not hesitate to buy from him. Can't wait to see what else you have to offer in the future! You'll have a repeat customer for sure! And since most people are visual, these are what I bought from him. 95% of everything opened up within the first 15 minutes. These still a frag of 3 polyps that haven't opened yet but I'm not to worried. excuse my lack of macro lens.
  10. jokercykoe

    jokercykoe's 12" tank

    Sorry for the delayed response: So for no problems at all with the fixture. Works great. I love the color the astralux puts out. Stock bulb (i got 14k) was okay. You shouldn't have any problems with it. I would def go with their 20k though as their 14k was not blue enough for my tastes. My only gripes with this fixture is no led/moon lighting. Heres a quick growth picture 4/8/2010 Also got some new zoanthids from NR member Carlton'sTank. Great seller.
  11. jokercykoe

    kyle's photo thread

    Love the portraits, especially the depth of the b&w film ones. Also love the action shots of rock climbing.
  12. jokercykoe

    Jokercykoe's Random Photography

    found a good deal on a lens I've been eyeing for a while. Haven't shot a prime lens since my first 50mm f/1.8, which was a while back.
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    April 2010 - parishilton