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  1. Bought an AI prime HD, hoping for better things out of this light. Mounted 14" off the water line and 16" from the rock. Please check out my schedule and share some input. Photos soon.
  2. I downgraded the pump to a 90gph unit in conjunction with the RFG power head. The tank seems much happier in general. But will say that the rfg power head truly works. A side note after the return system upgrade. This will likely only be an issue with this specific tank. The rfg nozzle has intake ports near the mounting base, reminds me of a newer Chevrolet HD truck exhaust tailpipe tip. On this tank when the sump height is set properly, the display level is so low that water turns to a whirlpool just above said vent holes and will occasionally pull an air bubble from the whirlpool that had formed. I am working on a adjustable sump intake dam to raise or lower the intake level. Which should in theory increase display level.
  3. Added the RFG powerhead outlet. Wow what a difference, small circular lifting flow throughout the entire tank. Its large and a bit of an eyesore, had to also fabricate a reducer to fit my outlet. Corals seem very happy though. Aside from the pink flower pots that WILL open every once and a while, they just have not extended nearly what they were at the LFS. They come out for a bit, then pull right back in. I was determined to install after the death of our torch.... sad day. His flesh retreated and was left with only a few tenticles dangling by deteriorating flesh. Everything else in the tank is happy. I noticed an aiptasia spore on a zoanthid colony weeks back and added a peppermint shrimp for about two days. Verified it wasnt a camel before setting it loose. He made quick work nearly going right to the aiptasia but...I tell you this much, that little shrimp was the devil!! He was the most aggressive destructive thing this tank had seen yet. Flipping health snails in attempt to make a meal, munched a zoa skirt, and likely tore the torch frag up. He has long been out now but the torch didn't make it.
  4. You will need better lighting , also look into a tiny power head, and a return pump upgrade. I run a 3.7 version of the petco imaginarium. Best of luck!
  5. Amazing job on this tank! I love the scale you've built. Your corals are beautiful
  6. Nice tank! Love the no filtration approach. You used a 3.7gal Petco before right? Looks like you knocked the sumpwall down.
  7. To be rid of the grey bristleworm or not. That is the question. I did a feeding last night and he was out munching a couple fallen pieces of mysis shrimp that missed their targets. Creeps me out, but so long as it isn't making trouble I'd prefer to keep it. I saw it snaking through some frags and briefly irritated some zoas and even stole a decent chunk of mysis that a zoa laid claim to, but they popped right back open. Pretty bold creeping out with lights on. The zoa frag that was troubled has recovered somewhat and is partially opening. We will see if it can make a comeback or just melt away 😞 I have not changed water in over a week now and all the water readings I have measured have been zeros. Going to the lfs today for another water test to see if my reef additives have helped from the last time.
  8. My CUC made of 3 dwarf cerith, 1 trochus, and 1 margarita snails have done some serious work on irradricating any algae in the tank. I think I might remove the margarita, its clumsy and falls upside down while cleaning overhangs and can't seem to right itself. My uncle has a biocube 29 that he has been keeping for over 8 years. He offered me some mushrooms from his sandbed. I scooped them up attached to a couple shell fragments that were covered in coralline, including one cleaned out snail shell. Well... what I thought was a cleaned out shell turned out to be the home of a 2" greyish looking white hair worm. GSP seem happy and sprouting new polyps.
  9. I cannot seem to get PH in the desired range... still at 7.8 over the span of 4 days I have done 3 separate 2ml doses of the product I was supplied with for raising PH. Should I add an air stone to the filter sump?? I already have my power head pointed up to the surface breaking water just enough to cause the occasional air bubble. Heeeeellllp I also dipped using coral rx packet and re arranged a couple zoa frags on my rock that I noticed pests and irritations on. During the dip I brushed them lightly with a soft bristled brush and picked a couple of white calcified specks off the frags with tweezers, then rinsed them with RO water. I was amazed to see how much crud came off. When I had the pumps off last night while working I thought I was tripping but I did indeed see a lot of white spec sized bugs crawling up my glass coming from the sad bed.
  10. Had my lady run in some water for a water test today. She also came home with 1 trochus, and 1 margarita snail. Here is the photo she sent with the test results. Looks like Ph, and alkalinity both need attention.
  11. I have been running for just a little over 11 hrs latley I didn't have time for a full panel water test today. Work. I got rid of the zoa harassing bumblebee snails -3 snails, back to the lfs they went. Although I'm afraid they were hanging around that frag because it is not doing well.
  12. I have not used it yet, would you suggest using that in a sump chamber?
  13. Will have that parameter tested tomorrow. I have a basic api kit. Water tested 5 min ago with my kit all was well. Sorry that is the best I can do for tonight.