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  1. I have wanted a 6 line since I have got into the hobby. Been to afraid to try as I don't want to upset the fish chemistry. I have a reefer 350 (75G) with the current fish, 1 foxface lo (medium size) 1 royal grama 1 coral beauty 2 smaller clowns 3 blue/green chromis 1 cleaner wrasse (not sure if the 6 line would go after this guy) 2 lyretail anthias fish left on my list to get 1 or 2 tangs.
  2. Nice tank! Look forward to following and seeing this tank progress.
  3. Foxface had a good day today. Came out of hiding and ate like a pig. Still gets spooked easily but for the most part has been out all day
  4. Coming along. Waiting on my bulkhead fittings for the DIY dosing containers
  5. Royal gramma has nice colors to but mine doesnt swim around to much. Just chills till its time to eat.
  6. Love my Coral Beauty nice colors and she is the mom of the tank. When I feed if food hits the sand bed she picks it up and spits it back up for the other fish. Truly awesome to watch.
  7. All the convict tangs where sold when I returned to the lfs. I bought a foxface Lo that just finished his 45 day quarantine at the store. I will send a picture when he calms down, he is super pissed. Was all black last night after putting him in the tank. This morning he was yellow swimming around and as soon as he saw me turned black again and tried to hide with the rock. He hates me but will learn to love me LOL
  8. My LFS just got some convict tangs in stock that I am interested in. I am planning on using my 6g fluval edge tank as a quarantine tank for 30-45 days. The tang is small so I thing the 6G will be ok size wise for the 30-45 days. I am planning on taking about 4lbs of live rock out of my sump and 2lbs of cured pond matrix and filling the edge with water from my reefer 350. If the tank measures 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites after a couple days do you think it will be ready to add the tang? If the fish looks healthy and is eating would you add any medication?
  9. Is it normal for the last month I have had 0 phosphates and 5ppm nitrates? I have been heavy feeding for the last month to try and get a reading on phosphates but same results after testing today. Also weird thing happened tonight, yesterday I cleaned out my sump really good and cleaned all the pumps and skimmer with vinegar. Water is crystal clear. I fed the tank half a bottle of zooplankton (was pretty cool to see them swim around in the moon lighting and the fish eating them). Everything was running great then I fed a cube of mysis shrimp, I usually drain them with the fish net but tonight I just dumped them in without draining and my protein skimmer went nuts. Is that normal? The skimmer started going nuts about 2 min after eating the food.
  10. Nice work. Looking forward to more updates!
  11. So Redsea emailed me back. July is when they planning on releasing there dosing unit to the us. So that's a bit of a wait but I think I will try and keep manually dosing till then.
  12. Question for you going way back in your thread lol. Did you end up adding a small pump to your sump to help with the detritus?
  13. The Reefdose 4 has 4 pumps and apparently the quality is supposed to be very good. I emailed Redsea to see if they have a release date. What dosing pump are you running and are you happy with it?
  14. My thoughts exactly. Costs up here apex el $699.99 Dos $400 then you might as well buy a couple apex wave makes for another $270 ea and the wave mod $170. That only totals $1800 plus tax 🙄