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  1. HI Ninja, how is that ChaetoMax light working for you? Would you recommend it? The LED off my Fluval Edge tank is working ok but the light is flooding my entire sump and I am getting brown algae build up on everything.
  2. Last weekend when I noticed some hair algae starting to grow from the sand I went crazy overboard. I bought and installed a second reactor and ran phosban in 1 and reefspec carbon in the other. I also dosed 18ml of NOPOX over 2 days and made a refugium with chateo. I am pretty sure this was over kill as now over the last 4 or 5 days my monticaps are losing color fast?! I turned off the reactors yesterday and will turn off the skimmer when I get home. Is it recommended to do a water change or just try and get nutrients back into the water by over feeding? Thank you. The Monti was looking so good and was full of color before I made these changes. The balance between beautiful coral color and algae seems to be a very fine line!
  3. Rearranged the sump. Added a fuge. Using the led light from my old fluval edge tank. Hope it works. Added another reactor. Trying to use 1 pump to run both but having a hard time dialing in the flow. The carbon tumbles so easy.
  4. Taking a break from the city. Hope the tank is ok lol
  5. Cleaner wrasse (flash) didn't come out to eat last night. Then found him on the floor beside the tank. Super sucky he was one of my favorites and was a good eater and tank mate. Damn open aquariums!
  6. Thanks. Never seen a fuge in the return before, you must have a baffle separating it from the pump? Also it looks like your skimmer is a rocket haha cool stand
  7. The latest additions to the tank over the last 2 weeks. Looking better.
  8. Good thinking. After re introducing fish into my tank I have been adding fish very slowly and it has been working out so far.
  9. where did you find the frag rock you put on your back glass? I cant seem to find any small ones like that.
  10. Since I added my Foxface and he got comfortable in the tank, my Royal Gramma has been out a lot. The Foxface lures the royal out of his rock and then blocks his entrance so the Royal has gotten use to swimming about lol. Awesome to watch The Foxface lets him back in after he has got his exercise.
  11. How is your tank doing? Any updates?
  12. DO you have a recent pic of your sump area? I want to see how you have your fuge set up.
  13. Not sure but he is very nice looking!
  14. Did a water change yesterday. I mixed my usual 1/2 cup salt to 1 gal of RO/DI water that usually puts me spot on 1.025. Before I added the new water to the tank checked the salinity with my refractometer and the readings showed 1.030 so I deluded the water and added to the tank. Last night I tested all my water perimeters and my tank salinity was reading 1.029. WTF! So not sure how often the refractometer needs to be re calibrated but after I re calibrated it my tank has a true measure of 1.020. I guess better low than high but not happy. Guessing its best to raise the salinity slowly. My plan now is to mix 10G at a salinity of 1.030 and change 5G tonight and test tomorrow morning and proceed from there. Do you think 5G will make to much or to little of a difference on a 92 G system?
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