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  1. I've had two for about a month and they both seem happy, I target feed every so often with reef roids. One extends much more than the other. If I remember I will give an update at the 6 month mark
  2. I have a stock evo and had it running for about 3 months, and am already planning on upgrading the light which was never in my original plan. I have found that with the stock light always coming on with the white light I have had algae issues but when I have tried to turn it to blue as soon as it comes on that has been less of an issue so I want a light that remembers to come back on with the same colour as it was set on in the previous day. I also find the blue light is too dark to display the tank in its best way so I want some more control over the colours of the lights.
  3. Thanks, any chance you can send me a photo of your set up please? How controllable is the hipargero? Looking at the price on Amazon its a really temping upgrade! Thanks
  4. Has anyone found a light that works well with the stock lid on the fluval 13.5? I want to upgrade my light as my corals look better under the blue, the algae I am battling is much worse when I only use the whites and the stock light with the fluval timer always turns on with the whites. I want to keep the lid if possible to keep the evaporation down as because most of the photos of the tanks I have seen with upgraded lights have a lot of light over spill into the room which I think could be distracting given that the tank is in my living room. Thanks
  5. To tuxedo urchin or not to tuxedo urchin...... I have been debating getting one for a little whilst as I think they look cool and I want to have something more interesting than the snails I have currently to eat my algae. However once I get ontop of whatever it is that is causing my algae problem I worry that I will run out of food for it any my snails which isn't fair on any of them, my second and bigger worry is that it will bulldozer / pick up my frags and make a mess of the tank / kill corals by leaving them the wrong way up. what do you think? Also I have some new corals from trips to my local shop last weekend and the weekend before and I haven't written about any of them on here, so I will try get photos of these tonight!
  6. as another near colour blind reefer I am downloading it as I type - thanks for posting about it I would never have looked for an app to do this
  7. Thanks both for your comments, its the dark bit in the centre of the lump which made me unsure about it as there's nothing like that in the main head. I have moved the coral since taking those photos which makes the lump harder to see and photograph but its not really changed much since I took these nearly 3 weeks ago other than maybe getting a little bigger. Would you have expected it to have formed into a mini head by now?
  8. I have been having an algae issue recently with my tank so its not very pretty at the moment. I went into my fish shop and bought myself a pair of Trochus snails and whilst they they sold me some phosphate remover to add into my filter system which I have been told will help. I combined this with a large water change and it looks like things are starting to pick up a little bit now. The snails have done an amazing job at cleaning the rocks, I hadn't realised quite how bad they had got until I could see the clean patches next to the bits the snails have yet to cover. They haven't done any cleaning on the sand at all though so I picked as much of the algae out as I could but will need to look into getting some other clean up crew who are happier on the sand to help keep that as clean as the rocks. Yesterday one of my snails had me worried that he hadn't survived a week in my tank by not moving for nearly 24 hours, but happily this morning he has moved so must still be alive which is nice to know. I have also noticed that there are new hammers growing on my hammer coral which is exciting, do branching hammers grow new heads by the existing one splitting into two separate ones or by growing a completely new head from the base of the coral? One final question is about my duncan, when in the shop where I bought the frag I noticed the remaining frags from that batch have all grown an extra 1 or 2 heads whilst mine hasn't grown much other than the mystery lump on the side (see previous post). What do you think will be the main reason for them growing quicker in the shop than in my tank - I know the lights they have are better vs the stock evo one I have, but is there anything else you think I can be doing to help it grow or will it all be down to the light? Sorry for the long post!
  9. Thanks, I will probably give it a little whilst before getting one then as its still quite a new tank and I am not quite as ontop of algae as much as I want to be yet.
  10. This weekend I proved facebook advertising worked, my local fish shop has been posting pictures of great corals they have in all week and as I had a quiet day on sunday I decided to pop in and have a look at them in person. As should have been expected I then left with a new frag and a big wish list. The hammer frag is photoed below. And has anyone got advice about if a goniopora will do well in a fluval 13.5 and a new reefer?
  11. Hello and welcome. As someone who was in your position only a few months ago it will be a good idea for you to read though some of the build journals as reading about other peoples tanks was really helpful for me to work out what would work best for my tank.
  12. With this being my first coral please forgive the constant questions. Is the black lump on the side of the coral something bad, or is it something good like a new head growing?
  13. Thanks, I am looking forward to watching this one grow. Do yours close up when the lights turn off at night?
  14. Thanks again for all the advice everyone. I finally got my KH back into check and whilst its still a little lower than ideal (7.2) I finally got myself some fish as its within the recommended 7 - 9 range and the guys at my LFS told me having some fish in the tank may help stabilise it too. So the fish I got are a small pair of Mocha Clowns (Photos to follow, typing is easier on my computer and photos will be uploaded on their own from my phone) and whilst in the fish shop I became like a child in a sweet shop and got myself my first coral frag as well - a small Duncan. After having the tank up and running for two months its really nice to seem some fish in it. The Duncan is looking really happy too, I think its more open now in my tank than it was in the fish shop which is great to see, and I am really looking forward to watching it grow!
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