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    Oli's New Fluval 13.5

    So as its been nearly 4 weeks since I have set the tank up and and a week and a bit since I added the crabs I thought that I may be ready to be able to get myself some fish into the tank. With only 2 hermit crabs in it at the moment it still looks empty most of the time given that the crabs spend most of their time hiding and even when they are out they are small and hard to see. So I tested my water and got PH 8.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 So I headed over to my local fish shop who always seem to have small mocha clowns in which is what I have got my heart set on but also took some water over for me to get tested by them as I have been told the API test kits are not the best so its nice to have my numbers double checked. Unfortunatly for me when we tested my water at the shop it turned out my KH is low (6.2) so instead of a pair of clowns I ended up leaving with some Red Sea KH buffer and a salifort KH test kit. As I need to bring it up slowly it will be a week or so until I will have it ready for the fish. Its disappointing but I'd hate to get fish and kill them with bad water so we will see where I get in a week or so.
  2. olig

    Oli's New Fluval 13.5

    This morning I found one of my hermit crabs climbing up the corner of the tank, is this normal and do I need to worry about the tank seal getting damaged if it does this a lot? Sorry for the bad quality photo the light wasn't great and I only had my phone camera
  3. olig

    Oli's New Fluval 13.5

    So I got crabs! I needed to nip back to the fish shop to return one of the water containers which I had borrowed when setting the tank up and with advice from the person there running there shop we decided that the tank is ready for a couple of clean up crew members so I left with two orange legged hermit crabs so my tank now has some life in it! I am a little worried they won't have enough to eat without there being any waste from fishes and their food in the tank and very little algae which has virtually all gone over night so might try find some food they can eat from a shop today for them. I've really enjoyed sitting watching them since adding them to the tank and really glad I have been able to add some life to it now. On an unrelated note I think my pump has started to get louder which is a little annoying in my living room, do you have any tips for keeping it quieter. Its hard to judge how much it has changed with any difference being very gradual but I notice it a lot more when sitting in the room watching tv.
  4. olig

    Oli's New Fluval 13.5

    Thanks for all the great advice! I like the idea of the torch as it has so much movement, but swapping it for a hammer will give a similar effect. Regarding corals, are there any of the flat plate type corals which would be suitable for this sort of tank, or are they all SPS? I got both of the intank media baskets for it with the tank (thank you eBay!) but at the moment I have the media basket in section 1 with some filter floss at the top for the water to poor through and nothing else. I have some of the carbon bags similar to the one which would have come with the tank originally which I plan to put in the middle chamber when I get some livestock in the tank and in the bottom chamber I will put some of the fluval biomax pellets in the bottom as soon as a media bag from amazon arrives. I have my heater in the second chamber and then the pump in the 3rd at the moment as the heater didn't fit in the 3rd with the pump without having more sticking out of the top more than I would have liked. I am planning on getting a powerhead, something like the hydor koralia 900 for the tank before I get too many corals in - just hasn't happened yet. Do you think there is a big advantage of getting a wave controller for it with a tank this size to mix the flow up even more? Another thought I had today is as I used dry reef rock and dry sand do I need to add anything to feed the bottled bacteria that I have been adding? I am conscious there is nothing in there creating ammonia other than the dried bits of plant that were on the dry rock. My test kit arrived today so I get to have fun trying that out and seeing where things are this evening - I know the cycle will barely have started yet but the scientist in me wants try to try plot a graph of the parameters as they change. Thanks again for all the advice.
  5. olig

    Oli's New Fluval 13.5

    Photo of each side. Sorry they arnt great the reflections on the back of the glass are tricky
  6. Hello All, I'm newish here, but I have been really enjoying reading though various tank journals and articles on here whilst planning my tank. This is my first marine tank so I would welcome any advice anyone has for me. As I have said in the title the tank is a 13.5 gallon fluval sea evo and I have some real reef rock and dry sand in it. I filled it with salt water I bought from the LFS, I plan to buy some salt and use RODI water from the LFS in future but until then I will keep buying the ready mixed salt water from the shop. I am using Fluvals bacteria starter following the instructions on the bottle and have one of the API marine test kits in the post, hopefully will arrive tomorrow. The plan I have created from advice I have seen on here and from talking to the staff in the fish shop is once the cycle has completed (hopefully only a couple of weeks) is to get a pair of blue legged hermit crabs to start off my clean up crew, and as long as things remain stable follow it up with a small pair of clowns the week after. I am not a big fan of snails and don't want to put things in the tank if they are likely to be eaten so I think I would like to use a tuxedo urchin to replace snails in the clean up crew. That is likely to be it for animals and will be introduced over a matter of weeks. I am keen to have corals in the tank too, and would be interested in any advice on when its best to start adding them? I am thinking after the crabs whilst being aware not to add to much to the tank at any one time. The corals I am keep to add at some point are: Pulsing xenea A torch Kenya Tree Some brightly coloured zoanthids I'll add some photos from my phone after this of my scape, I have struggled with getting something that looks good from both sides with it being a peninsula tank.
  7. olig

    Fluval evo 13.5-stock tank-8months

    Nice tank, I'm in the process of setting my fluval up at the moment as my first marine tank. Have you made any changes to the lights that came with it?