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  1. Would love to see some sponsors step up to those impacted. Is he glad contribute or help organize. Stay safe friends and remember we can help you rebuild.
  2. I spend a ton of time researching corals and how to care for them. Not as much as I should on my fish. Recently been switching things up as I hear pellets are the way to go. Still want to spoil them sometimes so curious as to everyone else’s opinions and routines.
  3. Nice! They are my one of my favorites for sure. I got a baby green one for the 32. Really thinking about moving him but getting insane growth in my Biocube currently.
  4. I think you just inspired me to build myself a new one. Looks fantastic!
  5. Can this be accomplished without an apex? I’ve researched the WiFi strips and couldn’t decide.
  6. I don’t! Is there one you reccomend? The blues drive me nuts. I’ve got the app for better pictures but I haven’t figured it out yet. Lol.
  7. Located a 4 headed Gold torch today. Also picked up a Forrest Fire Digi!
  8. Don’t forget to PM me Dave. Really looking forward to getting these rolling sooner than later. Should be a great start for his tank and the few corals he has. lol
  9. He is dead on, that’s a fungia plate. And it’s awesome, great color specs.
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