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  1. Sweet thank you! Also should I add fish yet or no? If so one clown or the pair at the same time?
  2. My tank is 16 gallons! Ghost feeding is when you add food to the tank with no fish or CUC. Also my fish shop lets me buy brine shrimp from how many mL of a measuring cup they pour in! They use like a cooler with a button you push to dispense the shrimp into a measuring cup! They were packed closely! So it was a few hundred to say the least. So should i add a snall CUC to eat the food off the bottom? Like a few snails and crabs? Or add 1 or 2 clowns? Thats all I plan on adding in the tank for awhile with hardy corals like zoas in the following months! Thank you!
  3. I have had my nano tank for over 3 weeks. I have had spikes in ammonia nitrites and nitrates. Ammonia is down to 0 and so is nitrites. Nitrates are at 5. I have live carab sea sand and dry reef saver rock. I have done ghost feedings and put 150mL of brine shrimp too a few weeks ago. Also I did 1 50% water change a week and a half ago. Can I add a hardy pair of clowns or a small CUC to eat all the food from the ghost feedings? Or should I wait till diatoms show up?? Thank you!