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  1. Just a quick update. The all for reef experiment was a failure, I just couldn't get it dialed in. So, I ordered another x1 and some b ionic which I just set up. The instability of the all for reef caused some big dips and spikes which may take a toll on a couple acros... We'll see. Otherwise things are looking pretty good. And there's a frag swap coming up!
  2. Why not just get regular clowns? they're small enough, a 10 gallon is good for a pair. Unless your going Pico.
  3. I wouldn't call 3 stars horrible. I usually prefer at least 4 stars on products I purchase. But I looked into this product before buying it and the vast majority of issues revolves around using the little attachment cup that used to come with the unit. Ice cap no longer even includes it. In fact ice caps is just a rebrand of a model that never included such a thing. As for the rest I'd bet most didn't bother recalibrating it if need be. Without the cup its accurate.
  4. Yea, I've see them on other zoas, but they never set up shop right in the middle of them clearly munching away like they immediately did with the white zimbies.
  5. Well, I did say 99. 9%. As mentioned weeks of looking happy and healthy and no signs of stress until the pods. I do think there's something to the starving angle. I dirtied up the tank to combat dinos about a month ago which caused the population to explode and have since cut back on feedings to keep nutrients in check. Currently they're at 30ppm or so no3, and po4 is somewhere above 0 and below 0.1(salifert kit's a Pita to read). Alk 8.7, cal 450 or so(again color reading is a Pita lol), and mag is as usual reading high on the read sea kit(1550 or so) which means it isn't low. I think being small these zoas were simply easy targets for hungry pods. Unfortunately, I think I may have waited to long to get them back up on the rack and I'm not sure they'll recover.
  6. Well, in this case im 99.9% sure nothing was wrong with the zoas. Open everyday, all day for weeks looking great, and swarmed by pods immediately. The pods do crawl all over my other zoas, and were all over the other new ones right away as well, but they dont seem bothered, and the pods dont seem to set up shop munching on them. I did notice the pods liked the section of the zombies right in the middle where they close up. Maybe these aren't capable of closing as tight, allowing the pods to get to the softer inner flesh?
  7. I know it's crazy, but they were open and happy up until the second i mounted them. And within minutes pods were on them. My only guess is that these zoas are much smaller than the rest. And perhaps their flesh wasn't as tough. They looked like they do in the pic above for 2 weeks on the rack right until I mounted them.
  8. Yea, I never see pods on the rack, or glass, etc. only on my rock and the bottom of the tank. I did put them back on the rack. Im annoyed that I waited to until I saw damage, wanting to believe the pods werent eating them. Hopefully they recover. I really liked them
  9. That's what a lot of people say, but these white zombies opened immediately after being introduced to the tank and were looking beautiful for the past 2 weeks on the rack. Then after being mounted they were swarmed by pods and haven't opened since.
  10. About zoa eating amphipods? Do they exist? I recently bought a number of zoa frags that have been sitting on a frag rack open and happy for two weeks. Then on Friday I mounted them with all my other zoas. 2 of the 3 new ones opened immediately and look good, but my white zombies didn't open. I figured they were just being finicky and I'd give them time.I did noticed a bunch of amphipods close in on them immediately , small and big ones, but figured they were just cleaning up as ive seen them on other zoas without issue. But it's been a few days and the zombies haven't opened at all and I noticed the pods were setting up shop right in the middle of the polyps. And there appears to be bite marks/damage.My only guess is they went after these because they are quite small. I've searched and there doesn't seem to be any concensus regarding zoa eating pods. Some people are positive they eat coral, others that they don't. But that looks like damage to me? I've since moved them back to a rack, think theyll recover?
  11. I personally hate refractometers, not because they are innacurate or anything but I found reading them to be a Pita. I got the ice cap digital tester and it's quick, convenient, and accurate. And as a bonus also gives you a temp reading. It's a bit more pricey but woth it imo.
  12. What would normal people do? You might not want to listen to me then.
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