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  1. MrObscura

    Acro ID?

    I don't doubt the guy, he was just admittedly unsure. I've never seen torts with different color coralites, but what do I know? Lol And yeah, I was at the aquarium extravaganza in villa Park. It was awesome. It was one of the smaller swaps compared to some but It was my first swap, so it was cool having all those vendors and corals in one place. Picked up a number of must haves for my tank. All of my corals except one Zoa and one recordia are from the swap or Wojtek's reef in Chicago, who is awesome.
  2. MrObscura

    Acro ID?

    He said he thought it was a tort. Based on structure its not milli or tenuis, or as you said a thin or smooth skin. So, I figured either a stag or tort as he said, but he wasn't sure. It was his brothers shop and he was just handling businesses at the expo. He said cali tort but I've never seen calis that color. Anyway, usually most reasonably priced acros are a bland imo but thus one had a nice bluish purple color with green hue and bright neon coralites.
  3. MrObscura

    Acro ID?

    Anyone know what species this is?
  4. MrObscura

    No Coralline Algae Growth...Why?

    Temp does not equal spectrum. It's simply for asteticsaes based on the human eye. A 10k light just means it looks yellow not that it necessarily produces a spec anywhere near sunlight. A proper blue light spectrum can offer far more uv and usable light for corals than a "natural looking light." This is based of research by reef farmers, propagation and conservationists far more knowledgeable and experienced than i. In the end it has nothing to do with color temp but spec. A blue spectrum is not the same as a blue looking light.
  5. MrObscura

    No Coralline Algae Growth...Why?

    I'm not doubting your experience but everything I've read concludes that coraline prefers a blue spectrum. Anyway, my tank is going on 4 months old, and between seeding with purple helix and whats been introduced via frag plugs my rock is completely covered in the green precursor to coraline and there are a number of purple spots around the tank.
  6. MrObscura

    What's the smallest All-In-One tank?

    Google "smallest sps rank" and the first thread that pops up has a guy with pics of his tank from the early 2000s. It's like 2" wide. With the same search theres also some crazy small tanks under image search.
  7. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10 New FTS

    Just let them grow over. Some of them are encrusted onto the plugs already and the others I simply don't trust myself to remove the plug and mount them without damaging the corals.
  8. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10 New FTS

    Got the new corals in place, it's starting to look like a reef. One more coral haul and it should be fully stocked and time to just let it do its thing. Anyway, FTS...
  9. MrObscura

    Budget 10 gal

    As an obese capitalist who often feels lost I resemble that remark.
  10. MrObscura

    Alkalinity advice

    Yea, I got that. My concern is until it's adjusted how do I do my wc without it altering the Alk too much?
  11. MrObscura

    Alkalinity advice

    Well, after just adding a bunch more corals the other day, the tank seems to be consuming enough Alk per day to lower it to a point we're the tanks Alk and mix water will be too far off come water change time on Friday. If consumption stays at the same pace they'll be like a 3dkh difference between the tank and the mix water. So, my question is how should I go about this? Do I try to raise it in the tank between now and Friday, or do a water change with a different salt with lower Alk?
  12. MrObscura

    AI Prime HD over Reefer 170 for LPS & Softies

    Softies and Lps don't need much. reef wholesale only aims for 40-70 par for Lps.
  13. MrObscura

    Feeding 2 fish

    Can you order some online?
  14. MrObscura

    Feeding 2 fish

    My clowns are pigs, I feed nls marine pellets. But even though they spit it doesn't mean yours aren't eating.
  15. MrObscura

    So you win a huge aquarium and now what?

    Hell, I'd have 500g tank right next to my desk if I had the money, and tge 2nd floor could support it. My dream office/den would consist of my desk and 2 500g tanks along two walls. One a monster blackwater Amazon tank and the other a reef. Or... A living room with one wall consisting of a huge reef with a huge drop down TV that covers the tank for movie time. Now that would be a first world problem to have. Deciding which to go with... But since we're dreaming why not both? Lol