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  1. MrObscura

    No Coralline Algae Growth...Why?

    Theres plenty of tanks running leds with tons of coraline, so it's definitely not leds in and of themselves. Could be the spectrum of specific leds. Coraline likes heavy blue light and a shorter max intensity period. I got that info from atlantic reef conservation after using their purple helix coraline spores to seed my tank. Also there are plenty of tanks not running led that lack coraline. Every tank is different and it takes off in some while never showing in others. Light spectrum/intensity and water parameters are likely the reason not a specific type of lighting. I'm a nood so take this info for what it's worth but that's the conclusion I've come to.
  2. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10

    The hammer has really opened up now...
  3. MrObscura

    Should I reset, and restart the cycle?

    Yea, that's a good write up. one thing I've never understood is the belief than a bacteria and/or algea bloom is a given when starting a reef. Unless you're giving the tank a ton of red green spectrum while nitrates are high there's no reason you should have issues. And people will say, just wait, it'll happen, but again unless you have a ton of nutrients and are providing the right spectrum it shouldn't.
  4. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10

  5. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10

    He's still closed up and I'm heading out. But I'll take one later.
  6. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10

    Picked up a Duncan for 5 bucks.
  7. MrObscura

    Nano 6-10 gallon Reef Tank Suggestions

    As mentioned the nuvo 10 is hard to beat. I just set one up. Sure it doesn't have a hood, but while I was super annoyed by the light bleed at first, I stopped even noticing it after a couple days and it's right next to me on my desk. Plus you can choose your own light this way without having to rig a hood to change lighting. Evaporation on the other hand... I solved that by going with an Ato. At first I was adament that I'd top off by hand, but that lasted about a day. My tank evaporates like crazy. But the 1 gallon ato resevior only needs filling once or twice a week. Or you could buy an acrylic cover instead. But that might trap a lot of heat. My tank can push near 80 with the heater at 78 and my lights on.
  8. MrObscura

    Should I reset, and restart the cycle?

    When I cycle tanks I dose ammonia regularly and by the end I have a crap load of nitrates requiring multiple 100% WC to get them down. Sure it's a bit of a pain but by the end I know I have a solid bio filter built up. So I would just let ammonia and nitrates fall naturally to 0. Then keep adding an ammonia source until your tank can convert 1-2 ppm with 24 hours. Once it can youre cycled. Then just do as many WCs as necessary to bring nitrates to 5 or less. Like I said it might take a lot of WCs. It wouldn't hurt to do WCs during the cycle, as long as your not removing most of the ammonia and nitrite, but I just don't bother. But if you don't want to do a bunch of WCs at once just follow the steps above but do a WC everytime ammonia and nitrate read 0, then repeat until cycled.
  9. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10

    They're not great pics(I'm trying to find a camera app with decent white balance control), but ask and you shall receive...
  10. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10

    It's officially a reef. Added 7 corals today. Got them all from this guy who runs a place out of his house, and it's more impressive than any actual lfs I've been to. He has tons of coral at amazing prices. In all I added a birdsnest, mystic sunset Monti, a green lord, a purple tipped hammer, some red people eaters, utter chaos, and a no name purple chalice with yellow eyes. I wanted to get as much of the plug off but that didn't go as planned so I settled for simply cutting off the stem. I also struggled with gluing them down with just super glue so for now I just have them wedged in the general area I'd like them and will epoxy in a few days if they are happy. This isn't the best Pic but...
  11. MrObscura

    Reef Roids in Nano tank

    It's likely not the reef roids in and of itself but of more nutrient import than export. Based on what I've read feeding corals once, maybe twice, a week is more than enough. My plan for my tank is reef roids once a week with a weekly 20% WC.
  12. MrObscura

    Mounting corals to back wall

    You know what I just thought of that never crossed my mind? A mushroom garden on the back wall. I know I definitely want a ricordea garden in my tank but have been having trouble deciding where it should go. Well, how about the back wall?
  13. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10

    Through my research it seems the vast majority skip acclimation and just dip and add to the tank. Maybe a quick float for temp. Based on what I've read I plan to do it with all my corals. Granted, I plan fill my tank with mostly frags around 20 bucks, with maybe a 30-40 dollar coral here and there. But I would do it with an expensive coral without thinking twice about it. While there's no actual evidence that acclimation actually does anything to increases an animals odds of survival, the acclimation process can definitely do harm. It's just not worth it imo.
  14. MrObscura

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    Awesome scape. Only thing is my ocd tendicies would make me fill in the gaps between the top shelf and side rocks to make it look like on piece. Lol
  15. MrObscura

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10

    Within 24 hours? Plus don't people store saltwater? I could just keep it in a bucket with a pump running though. Edit: since I'm doing a water change, I think I'll just mix up more water than I need and keep that circulating with a heater until I need it. That makes more sense.