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  1. Daniel91

    Coralline Algae - Introduction?

    Yeah that’s what I was planning to do - With scrapings is there a preferred placed to dump it? On the rocks, sand, glass??
  2. Daniel91

    Traveling 'Nem....

    Is he bothering anything or are you looking to move in a place where he is better visible? You could definitely get him to move with the “flow tactic” however changes are he will move somewhere else or even back there if he likes it.
  3. Daniel91

    R2's Fluval Evo 13.5

    Wow! Great rockscape! How did you get them to stick like that. Looks like one big rock!
  4. Whats the best way to fuel, initiate or introduce this algae to your system? I only have dry rock in my system.
  5. Daniel91

    New Tiger Pistol and Hi Fin Goby

    Pretty sure they are having a tea party under your rocks. I saw my pair the first hour when I got them - didn’t see them until 3 weeks after. Alive and well. Following, they were out and about every day. Unfortunatly I lost both due to tank issues a few weeks later.
  6. Hey, looks great. Digging the rock scape. Your coral(s) will almost always show you if there is a certain spot they do not like. That toadstool looks fully extended and happy, so I would keep it there. IME, Toadys love med-high flow, some more direct than others. Daniel
  7. So I was looking through the tips from DFS and Clown to see if I could add on but they pretty much covered everything. One thing I would like to outline is how important and cheap PATIENCE is. Take your time with everything in this hobby, whether it’s research, coral/fish buying, cycling etc. People without the patience often end up spending way more money than they have to - extra equipment, fish not fit for aquariums, didn’t know the specific requirements of certain corals Good luck - it’s a blessing to have a piece of the ocean next to you.
  8. Daniel91

    Banasophia’s Biocube 16 & IM Nuvo 10

    Yeah they can be quite light demanding.. Bratty things but soo beautiful creatures.
  9. Daniel91

    Banasophia’s Biocube 16 & IM Nuvo 10

    How’s the anemones? I just got myself one;
  10. Daniel91

    My BTAs mouth is super puffy

    How about your parameters; Phosphate and Nitrate? Any temp/salinity swings? Any recent water changes? He may just be ready to poop but above could be a reason 🙂
  11. Daniel91

    Kessil a80 vs AI Prime HD (feedback needed)

    Well define “all coral” types - 3 units would cover the spread and most likely be sufficient power/light for majority softy, lps and your typical BTAs. For SPS, I would only trust the light to be sufficient for the less light demanding and “beginner” montis, birdsnest, digis etc. It might be able to grow other SPS but personally I would not count on it. The price of three a80s with gooseneck equals the price of two primes with mount. Something to consider as well
  12. Daniel91

    Kessil a80 vs AI Prime HD (feedback needed)

    I own and get growth out of both; Kessil A80 - great light for smaller footprint aquariums with low light sps, lps and softies. Love the shimmer. A controller is definitely not needed but very convenient if you want to customize light cycle. I just use a timer. AI HD - amazing light, easy and full control of light cycle, great for majority of lps, softies and sps. Spread far better than Kessil but I hate the disco effect. Also comes at higher price point. In the end it depends on your reefing goals - both can give you successful results but if you are looking at any aquarium bigger than a traditional 10gal, I would go AI Prime (IMO)
  13. Daniel91

    My first saltwater build

    Looks like your YWG is enjoying the shade
  14. Daniel91

    *SoCal* 10gl setup and nanobox

    Yeah, I would be interested in the Jabao as well. Located in Los Angeles, so let me know if you decide to part items.
  15. Daniel91

    Joevember's IM Nuvo Fusion 20: Suicidal RFA

    I really like your tank! Can I ask how you converted the stand? Where you get the material? - Daniel