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  1. Daniel91

    NEW Biocube 32 Set up Questions

    Are we talking matrix carbon? You do not even have to run that during a cycle but it will not hurt. But yes, you could keep it empty with floss until you feel the need to add additional media. Ammonium is the way to go IMO
  2. Daniel91

    tail spot blenny missing

    I do not know if this was asked/answered but do you have a tight lid? My TS jumped through a crack so small I couldn’t even get my pinky through. Check behind/around the tank. Any pets that could’ve ate it?
  3. Daniel91

    NEW Biocube 32 Set up Questions

    I will answer what I have experience/researched so far: 1. No, you want your tank fully cycled before introducing anything. (Unless you are doing fish cycle, which is pretty cruel and unnecessary) 2. Cannot advise. 3. Yes, once your tank is fully cycled you can start additions. Stay away from adding a major CUC in the beginning. You might starve them. Start with a snail or three and then add as needed. You can absolutely add fish/shrimp at the same time. A lot of people do their Goby/Pistol shrimp at once but again - shrimp can be very fragile, so ensure that your tank is fully cycled. 4. Not a difference that matters. Sand is not needed to have a solid bio filter, most of the time it does nothing but be visually pleasing. 5. No need to add any media during the cycle first of all. Some people run filterpads as the only thing, even after the cycle. I think most people add/setup as needed, so when an issue presents itself. Personally I run pad, purigen and carbon and it has worked thus far. I would only run anything else as needed. (Even the setup I have might not be needed)
  4. Daniel91

    NEW Biocube 32 Set up Questions

    I may be wrong but I believe the reason why all your questions are not being addressed is because of the long clusters of info with various questions. As a suggestion, I would break it up and address one thing at a time. You may be throwing people off with longer text and multiple questions because they have to try to remember it all and then address it in the reply.
  5. Daniel91

    The Arkansas Nuvo 10 build

    Sorry about the hassle of having to reset. My phone isn’t loading the picture probably but it looks like your trumpets are nice and fluffy.
  6. We’re talking the same roster of fish for both the IM Fusion 20 and IM Lagoon 25. How many more fish would the additional 5 gallon allow? And yes yes, please disregard territorial/species issues in this question - we all know this is one of the most important factors. Edit: Just a question out of curiosity
  7. Daniel91

    What is this white stuff??

    I believe that you can scrape most sponges off.
  8. Daniel91

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    Everything looks happy and well. Good job!
  9. What has been people’s best experience when trying to maximize their current light? As an example, I am rocking the Kessil a80 at ~65% for 8 hours a day. Most corals seem to be happy and thriving with this. Obviously the kessil is not that powerful but what would be my best bet at maximizing growth? Slowly increase light time or intensity? Maybe both at the same time? One first, then the other?
  10. Daniel91

    Ricordea Florida Swimming

    Before I create a separate thread to get some input on the actual size of this tiny thing, I might have an issue. So I would like avoid glueing it, if possible. But EVERYWHERE I put it, the random flow from spinstream takes it somewhere that is either not covered by light and/or somewhere in the back rockwork where I cannot see it. I know they can wander but the flow seems way to strong for it. Suggestions?
  11. Daniel91

    Cheato Refugium

    Thanks - good call.
  12. Daniel91

    Cheato Refugium

    Hypothetically speaking, with proper husbandry and care for over feeding, will a back chamber cheato refugium on a IM Nuvo20/25 zero out Nitrates and Phosphates? If so, would there be a way to NOT zero out Nitrates and keep the water “a little dirty” for some of the corals that might like it.
  13. Daniel91


    Welcome! Since you may be building in November, spend the time up till browsing used gear/setup(s) for sale. You can get a very good deal most of the time. ”Worst Case Scenario”, you can take advantage of some of the BF and Cyber Monday deals in November.
  14. Daniel91

    Hammer coral poo

    My Euphyllias do the exact same thing and even poop regularly after a water change. While they refuse to be spot fed various food, they are always happy and fully extended. Take necessary precautions (keep an eye out for any unusual behavior) and then just let it be. It’s most likely just coral poop.
  15. Thanks for the tip!