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  1. Daniel91

    Droys' IM Fusion 10 06/06/18 Update

    Amazing! Following!
  2. Daniel91

    Nitrates Crazy High after cycle!

    @sea bass - another 80% following the 80% I just did?
  3. Daniel91

    Nitrates Crazy High after cycle!

    Hi All, 80% water change done - still looking like 20ppm Nitrates left. Any suggestions? 3 gallon water change?
  4. Daniel91

    Cycling Done - Keep dosing?

    You cannot starve the bacteria?
  5. Hi everybody, My tank finished the cycle a couple of days ago - I did a major water change and Nitrates are now decently low. I am picking up TWO snails today - not a full pick up crew as light just got introduced to the tank and I have no visible algae or diatoms yet. However this got me thinking, won’t I have to add ammonium in order for the nitrifying bacteria to stay alive? Are the two snails OK until I get the first fish(s) in a week or two? Thanks,
  6. Daniel91

    DIY media basket

    Approved - looks good!
  7. Daniel91

    Nitrates Crazy High after cycle!

    Good notes people. Aurortpa, your last one? Haha.
  8. Daniel91

    need something NEW

    @banasophia - is that top one a torch? Absolutely gorgeous
  9. Hello hello, It's now 21 days since I started my cycle and it looks to be complete. Ammonia has zeroed out along with Nitrites and now we're looking at around 80 ppm in Nitrates. What are recommendations with the water change(s)? One large, multiple "smaller"? IM Fusion N10 - I will be introducing my a light to the aquarium as well now. Any good routines? I do not want to overdo it, if I do not have to. I'll be browsing for a small CUC as well (only a few soldiers, cannot be much to eat at this point) Thanks!
  10. Daniel91

    Daniel's "Cheap" IM Nuvo 10 Setup Journey

    HEEEYOOOO - Looks Day 21 gave us a fully cycled tank! We had a spike in Ammonia, then Nitrite and now crazy Nitrates. Let the waterchange(s) begin!
  11. Daniel91

    Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    Sorry to hear that 😞
  12. Daniel91

    IM Reef Escape

    I always hear stories about these females being bullies. Happy Flash is finally able to enjoy life again. Plan on getting him another partner/let him enjoy single life for a bit?
  13. Daniel91

    Daniel's "Cheap" IM Nuvo 10 Setup Journey

    Day 20 - Just tested Nitrite, seem like the same as yesterday. Must be the regular nitrite cycling spike. Will give it a few days before testing again. Hopefully it won't take long - cannot wait to go coral/fish shopping (after a small CUC ofc)
  14. Hi there - as somebody who recently started out my number one tip (among the many many many gained through research) is to manage your time and money efficiently. There is is no need for an upgraded pump, power head, light etc.) for the aquarium to do its cycle. If wanted, do yourself a favor and set up the basics and let the tank cycle for the 4-6 weeks (estimate) and during that time you can research/buy/save for the equipment