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  1. I agree with Mr. Goat - if it’s too much of a hassle to separate clown and anemone, just keep monitoring and do not take action unless you see decrease in health.
  2. Sorry about Gwen. You are doing an amazing job and hopefully it will recover. I would see if I can quarantine or keep the clown away - it might be too much for the anemone in current state and while it recovers. Edit; it seems as if the foot was not damaged - this is a really good thing. Also, my suggestion is to do 1gal changes every day for the next few days - you did the bigger one but still want to get rid of all the nasty stuff and one gallon changes may do it for you without stressing the system and parameters too much.
  3. Hey, Sophia - thanks! My clowns will host ANYTHING but the nem lol however it’s currently being kept company by my anemone crab. We’re looking at 15-25 Nitrates according to Salifert - this is not crazy high but it’s after a 20% gallon change. Phosphate TBD - I have a friend coming over with a Hannah checker. I changed my Seachem Matrix Carbon about a week and a half ago. Do it every 3 weeks.
  4. Hmm.. I need to get better at updating this thing. Tank is both good and bad - I am noticing growth in most corals but some are having a hard time. I am struggling with high nutrients and I can’t find the source - no overfeeding, no overstock, vacuum the sand bed every week.... My anemone has done well in the last few months;
  5. Gorgeous anemone. Whats the size of the thing? I feed mine only once/week and it’s doubled in size over the last few months. Edit; maybe three times as I just look at these pics
  6. You’re not you when you are hungry, have some brine shrimp.
  7. With your research effort and dedication, I am sure this will be a successful and fun build. Can’t wait to see where it is in a year from now. As a heads-up, please be ready to challenge SoCal summer heat, which can cause temp issues for your tank if not addressed. Unless you run A/C all day, then you might want to look into evaporative cooling or a chiller.
  8. I’ll let the professionals chime in but a suggestion would be to inquire with LiveAquaria for positive ID
  9. Great afternoon read - beautiful additions and lucky you on the anemone and clowns instantly hosting. Mine host everything but my anemone lol. Where did you snatch these additions?
  10. Not sure at all but I know the average pocillopora is thicker branched and PE looks fluffy
  11. First one Acro, second one looks to be a Montipora Digitata with a wicked growth pattern - nice! Both do best under higher light and moderate-high flow, but the monti can do well under a variety of tank conditions. With that, just be sure to acclimate probably and gradually increase flow/light as needed. Best of luck!
  12. I personally wouldn’t take action prior to seeing a decrease in “happiness” and health. While 0.21 may be high in some reefs, we forget to credit the recillience and adaptability of corals. As long as your system is stable at those numbers and everything seems happy, I can’t see why you would touch it. As a point of reference, check out Drew’s lagoon, who runs his phosphates even higher without major issues/.
  13. Hi @ktmrider89 This is a very generous offer that I would like to take you up on - it will serve as a gift for a family member, whom unfortunately lost her set up during a move last year. This will be a good way for her to set up again. We live in Los Angeles and can pick up anytime that is preferably to you. I’ll pm my phone number. Thanks, Daniel
  14. Just to close this thread, all 9 corals made it. Even after 50+ hours in transit, they are happy and open today.
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