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  1. I have never seen this before does anyone have ideas of what it is?! I was y worried about it until it spread to my zoas.
  2. What size tank was your tuna on? I want to put a 12 watt on a 8g biocube hoping to grow at least lps
  3. I’m looking at getting a tuna blue for an 8g, what kind of corals were you able to grow under your abi??
  4. Do you think the abi will grown lps?
  5. I just picked up an 8g biocube today that currently was gutted and has freshwater led lighting in it. I would prefer to fight lighting that fits in the hood but I’m thinking about getting an abi Tuna blue, will the 12 watt tuna grow at least lps??
  6. Lol what a coincidence you’re all about that drop, huh? How about we take a trip to Cali and round up some of these sea slugs to put in Lake Erie so we can make it into an ocean.
  7. Hi drippy what substance are you dripping? Are you talking about that stuff that does down the back of your throat
  8. Lost my friend drippy he’s a new reefer and I can’t seem to find him.
  9. I have a 40 so it’s on the line!
  10. What do you mean pre stir the sand??
  11. I’m using reef crystals which starts with a decent amount of minerals in it already. I haven’t Tested mag but I will Put in an order for a test kit. I like to keep salinity at 1.025. Would you recommend 2 part or kalk?
  12. I’m starting to have a large amount of lps and sps in my reef and just started testing for cal and alk. My alk is at 7 and cal is at 340. I’m looking into dosing kalkwasser or soda lime in my auto top off but I read that it can increase ph too high. Right now my ph is sitting at about 8.2-8.3 how much more will kalk raise my ph??
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