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  1. Thank you both, much appreciated
  2. Thank you so much for your insight, and any further insights onto additional information I've added would be insanely appreciated @Clown79 for reference this is the setup I'm thinking about http://www.hollywoodfishfarm.co.nz/product/aqua-one-nano-reef-35-starter-package/ Thanks again, Kiwi
  3. Thank you both, will look into the lighting options and go from there
  4. Hi all, First off brand new to nano-reef, be gently ? I've been thinking about getting a basic marine tank for a while now and am perfectly prepared to spend the time learning the cycles and levels required (have a basic understanding coming across from a heavily stocked planted tank.) As suggested my the name I'm from New Zealand and our selection of LFS' are lackluster to say the least... I have stumbled across a cheap NEW Aqua One Nano 40 and I would LOVE your input regarding my options. My options for a nano reef tank limited, basically the option for a new tank is a AQUA ONE NANO REEF 35 starter package which I can get for NZ$550 including: Aqua One Nano Reef 35 Aquarium with built-in lights and filter Aqua One 55Watt Heater Protein skimmer – Aqua One NanoSkim 40 3 Kg Aragonite Substrate 2.5 Kg Coral Rock API Saltwater Master Test Kit Red Sea Salt – 4 Kg Refractometer From what little I understand this is enough to suffice a cycle and I'm in no rush to by this or complete the cycle as I understand the importance of patience in this hobby. The alternative is a Aqua One Nano 40 for NZ$300, however this is a one off and has a very short timeline on availability. This would come with: 500 lr/hr pump 50W heater LED lighting (no further info) So my question is this (and sorry for being so long winded getting here) - would you recommend getting the Nano 40 now, or the Nano 35 later down the track (remembering I'm in no rush to set up, but my money is very finite.) Thank you so much for your input, I look forward to being part of this community. Kiwi out.