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  1. Live Rock and Live Sand indeed speeding up the cycle. Will be adding a snail or two tomorrow to double check the cycling process completion and over the next couple of weeks, will add a coral to see if stability sustains.
  2. Awesome progress with the corals. Really looking pretty! And what a great pic of the conch.
  3. Great! Looking forward to see the coral collection. I also have a BioCube 16, love it!
  4. Here is what the scape looks like. I tried my best to get some real estate in the middle (free sand bed) for my Trachy and maybe one more center display. There is still good amount of space on the rocks and especially the full back corners. Let's see how it all shapes up once I put the corals in 🙂
  5. I'm quite literally out of words! Hot darn! This is fantastic... what a splash of colors. Absolutely gorgeous!!!
  6. Waterbox Cube 7 - LPS Nano WHY A NEW TANK?! Alright, here we go! My much awaited Waterbox 7 is all ready to get into its cycling phase. My BioCube 16 LED will be a year old next month. It has gone through 2 significant transitions and the tank is doing great (thanks to many folks on this forum who have always been helping and providing wonderful guidance). As the corals are outgrowing, I usually give them to my local reefer buddies or give them to my local LFS for some store credit. It was not long ago, I thought it would be awesome if I had another tank (a small one considering the space factor) just to move a few corals from my current setup and ensure that there is no unseen warfare in the tank and someone eventually giving up. So as I was browsing through for a potential fit, I stumbled onto a great offer for the Waterbox Cube 7 at Saltwater Aquariums, and given I had some credits from some of my previous purchases, it did not take my more than 15 min to decide and go for it! It is indeed exciting to know that now I have one more tank where I can do everything right that I did wrong when I started with my BioCube 🙂 Experience teaches you many things, and this being a hobby that warrants continuous learning - one more tank, why not! Let's do it! WATERBOX CUBE 7 FEATURES ◕ Glass Thickness: 5 mm ◕ Tank Length: 11.8" ◕ Tank Width: 12.2" ◕ Tank Height: 11.8" ◕ Total Volume (Gal): 6.8 Ga TANK HIGH LEVEL CHARACTERISTICS ⇨ Aquascape : 4.5 lb. of Live Rock ⇨ Sand : 10 lb. of CaribSea Hawaiian Black Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand ⇨ Heater : Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater, 25 Watt ⇨ Lighting : AI Prime HD+ ⇨ Powerhead : Hydor Koralia Nano 240 ⇨ Pump : AquaTop NP-80 ⇨ Skimmer : Reef Glass (it tucks in perfectly in the second chamber) ⇨ Screen: DIY Screen Kit SUMP DETAILS Chamber 1 In the first chamber, there is the InTank Media Basket (very compact and enough space for a filter floss, little Carbon and Phosguard) Chamber 2 This chamber houses my heater and skimmer. Good enough space for the Neo-Therm heater to be one side and the Reef Glass skimmer to be on the other. Chamber 3 This has the return pump and the ATO inlet. Here are some pics of the setup. I'm still playing with the aquascape. Should have it ready tomorrow and then I shall pics 🙂Livestock additions will follow once I'm through with cycling! Can't wait to see how the colors of the coral pop with the contrast of the Black sand bed.
  7. So sorry to hear about Trinket 😓 I remember this feeling when I had lost my Clown Goby. It was such a beautiful sight to see him perch on the corals. Ah, no wonder you were MIA for a couple of weeks! I agree with what @billygoat has stated, there is only so much one can do! You’ve always gone above and beyond to take care of the tank, so don’t be too hard on yourself. I agree — Not or a bad idea to test the water on the Nuvo 10. But for sure, the clowns did have some good fun with 2 anemones ☺️ I’ve just completed setting up my Waterbox. Waiting for the cycle to get done, and transfer some corals from the BioCube. As of now, I think it is going to be a coral only nano.
  8. Krish87

    Shallow cube

    Look really cool . . ! 🙂
  9. What a great system setup. Good luck with the progress. Following through!
  10. Great work so far! Looking forward... The JBJ looks really great. Sad to see it go but thrilled with the upgrade.
  11. Highly recommend a Tetra or CA Neotherm 25w. Works like a charm! Have been using Tetra from the past 4 years for my Betta and Glofish Tanks. Consistent in performance.
  12. Alright, I'm very new owner of a Waterbox Cube 7. This would be by 2nd tank. Got it on a clearance deal @ Saltwater Aquariums. Although, this model is discontinued, I just love the fact it qualified with full merit for the space which was my primary requirement. I just received the shipment y'day. Checked it thoroughly for damages, and so far so good. Will be starting my build thread on it shortly. And interestingly, I got the AquaTop 82 GPH pump. I think I will be OK with that as I have a Koralia Nano 240 GPH doing the needful within! I'm in the processing of setting things up, so the build will be posted in a day or two. I wanted to ask fellow Cube 7 owners - If you have an InTank media basket, which chamber do you use for it? What's a good protein skimmer for this little tank? Anyone using one? Thank you so much for the insights, friends! 🙂
  13. "Looks great! The hammer wasn't on the skeleton anymore?" Do you still see the skeleton? All you know it might have just contracted. If that is so, give it some time, and it should extend its tentacles back 🙂
  14. I use Salifert for Mg, Hanna for dKH and Ca. It has worked great so far.
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