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  1. Krish87

    BioCube 16 LED Return Pump Question

    To address the following scenarios - I would like to have one pump handy in case anything goes wrong with the current one. And if I have another one with me, I'd swap it out every couple of months, especially during my complete tank maintenance schedules.
  2. Krish87

    BioCube 16 LED Return Pump Question

    Oh great, thanks for sharing that input. Did you end up modifying the tubing as such? Or it fit correctly?
  3. Krish87

    BioCube 16 LED Return Pump Question

    I know MJ900 is a great pump, but it would help if someone confirms whether it fits correctly + any tubing work required to get it going or not.
  4. Dear Reefers, I'm planning to get a backup return pump for my BioCube 16. Has anyone here got a pump different than the stock pump (Coralife) for their BioCube 16G? I'm looking for is something that would fit in that chamber and which would not require any modification to the tubing etc. Really appreciate everyone's input and suggestions 🙂 Thanks all!
  5. Krish87

    Reef Roids in Nano tank

    I feed reef roids. I use them once in 15 days. 100% of my corals are photosynthetic hence twice or tops thrice a months of reef roids. I have never faced an issue with GHA due to this. What's your feeding schedule for your corals?
  6. Ha ha ! Boy these things are so intriguing. Right now my goal is to just ensure the tank is clean, the corals look healthy and all livestock are doing well. I don't think I have space for any new coral and/or livestock. So let's see how this tank looks next May! 🙂
  7. Awesome! It sure is super large, but it looks amazing. Share more pics of your tank 🙂 Really interesting rock work and setup, I must say. And wonderful blast of colors.
  8. Wow! I also have a torch (Indo-Peach Tip/Green Body) but that guy stays isolated and its on a separate rock piece. I had moved things around a few times until I felt that everyone is strategically placed and there won't be any unforeseen warfare. What I want to understand is - when do the Euphyliias get agressive, is there a particular driving factor for the sweepers to come out or does it happen every night when the lights go off! I've been doing some night rounds to see what goes on in the tank but I haven't found anything concerning yet!
  9. Exactly! That's what I want to see as well. How will these thrive / grow with the stock lighting 🙂
  10. The Love for SPS I dared to get some easy SPS for my BioCube. To my pleasant surprise, I must say that they are doing very well 🙂 As a latest addition, I added 4 beginner SPS corals on the top of my rockwork. Now its truly a mixed reef nano. From soft corals to LPS, the vivid Zoas on the rock and now an arch like design on the top with these SPS corals certainly adds a splash of color to the nano tank along with the wonderful inhabitants of this ecosystem. POCILLOPORA STYLOPHORA Now its time to wait and watch how these wonderful underwater living things come together!
  11. That is good to hear! I totally agree to what you said - I don't want a crazy growth either because the tank is small. I think everyone is established as of now and just thriving. The only crazy growth is on my Zoas. The frag plug is completely covered and the its encrusting over the rock. Also, the Green Star Polyps - they have filled the piece of the tonga rock completely. I got another small tonga rock and will frag a piece and stick it on there 🙂 I'd say slow . . . but interesting developments so far!
  12. Thanks a lot. I did a comprehensive cleaning last weekend. Got rid of all algae on glass, stirred the sand, and ensured no detritus anywhere. I guess that's a major reason as to why it looks much better now. I won't say I'm seeing a crazy growth in corals, but I do see a steady growth to be honest, which is perfectly fine for me. I was thinking about getting a chiller, but I was able to take care of the temp swings and another few weeks and then we are back to normal weather, in fact one where I would need to get the heater into the tank. Glad to know that you are seeing an improvement in the tank. As of now, I'm only doing timely water changes and I also think I want to keep it a little simple for now. I would love to learn about your experience with the recent dosing you started.
  13. Krish87

    The SPS Arch

    2 vivid colored Pocilliporas on both ends, a beautiful Stylophora in the middle and a Bali Green Slimer towards the front. SPS is addictive!
  14. @banasophia How is the chiller doing? Is it a good buy?