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  1. Krish87

    AIPTASIA | Help Needed!

    Yup, Aptasia-X it is!
  2. Krish87

    AIPTASIA | Help Needed!

    Here is a uncropped version of the pic for clarity.
  3. Dear Reefers, Is this what I fear it to be? (you can spot in the middle area under the branch)
  4. Krish87

    Salinity Level Issue

    Thanks for confirming @MSunkin23. Yes, it dropped because of too much RO/DI water.
  5. Krish87

    Salinity Level Issue

    I noticed that my tank's salinity level has dropped below 1.024 (I usually have it at 1.025). In order to bring the level back up to the desired level, will top-offs with saltwater suffice? I have read that it has worked for folks but just wanted a second opinion before I do so. Has anyone else faced a similar situation before, and tried topping off with saltwater instead of RO/DI water?
  6. Krish87


    Such gorgeous coral! Love it...
  7. Krish87


    Absolutely looking forward!!!
  8. Krish87

    Another sight at the mini ocean @ dusk!

    Thank you 🙂 Finally got the 3 SPS on the top. I'll be thrilled to see them grow!!!
  9. Krish87

    Frogspawn problem

    @REEFERzz24 I had this on my Frogspawn before it split to 3 heads from 2.
  10. Krish87


    Beautiful tank. Please share more pics 🙂
  11. Krish87

    Another sight at the mini ocean @ dusk!

    Clicked this today. New additions - 2 new SPS on the top. 1. Pocillopora 2. Stylophora Great color combination in the mixed reef tank now. Hoping to see this flourish.
  12. Yeah that skimmer is doing good work! Its basically content to mind that its doing well when we see the bubbles correctly hitting that rim. And here are some pics that I clicked today. This particular frag - I had 4 polyps when I got it, and now its easily 10+ and growing... This one as well...
  13. Krish87

    Do you dose your nano tanks?

    I have a mix of SPS, LPS and soft corals. 3 SPS on the top area of the rock-work (Pocillopora, Stylophora and Branching Montipora) 8 LPS corals in the mid area to the sand-bed 5 soft corals Sure, will share the results on this thread. As of now, the corals are growing slow growth but have been healthy.
  14. Krish87

    Do you dose your nano tanks?

    Appreciate all the replies. Thank you so much. I just did a water change. Did a parameter test now and will do it before next water change and derive the diffs. Accordingly, I can see if its needed or not. Thanks for the suggestion @specore 🙂
  15. Krish87

    Do you dose your nano tanks?

    Thanks a lot!