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  1. Piti80

    Alkalinity depleted over hours!!!!

    i will do 100% water change tomorrow night, test right after and then test wvery night for a week with no dosing. Thank for all the replys.
  2. Piti80

    Alkalinity depleted over hours!!!!

    Thanks!! And im not sure if it is the vertex or not, but i bought it from petco, they keep them at the store. And is not only alkalinity depleting, calcium is too now, i so not keep a top because if i do the temperature rises to over 80, and last night i tested and alkalinity was, well i only used .30 ml om my red sea test, wich is under 5 and had the same result with the salifert, and calcium was 350, just for the hell of it i went all out and dosed 7 ml of each plus top off water with kalkwasser, I only tested for alkalinity after and it was almost 14, then in the morning on my way out to work, i dosed 2ml of each again, tested just now and alkalinity is 6.7 and calcium 400. Im totally lost. Im going to do 100% water chamge tomorrow, and then daturday agaim, because i just dont know what else to do.
  3. Piti80

    Alkalinity depleted over hours!!!!

    Great article!!
  4. Piti80

    Alkalinity depleted over hours!!!!

    Calcium when it drops below 420 which is like once every 2 weeks, because i assume the kalk is replenishing it. I understad they are supposed to be dosed in same amounts but the time i did that calcium when up through the roof.
  5. Piti80

    Alkalinity depleted over hours!!!!

    Thanks for the quick reply and yes is droping from nine dkh to 5 or even lower overnight, im basically dosing the same amount that in the bicube wich is pretty stocked! I included a picture. And water has been replaced in its totality a few times by now, by the amount of water changes im doing.
  6. Hi, i am new to the forum, but i have been keeping tanks for almost 30 years, i usually figure out my problems but not this one. I have researched and Ive found similar problems but no one came to a definitive conclusion. I have a 2.7 gallon pico reef that has been running for almost a year, but in the last tree months the alkalinity falls from 9.8 to under 5 overnight, i replace evaporation with kalk every day, and add alkalinity and no matter what i do within hours it drops to 6 then 5 etc. My test is good, i test at the same time i test my other tanks with the same test, and everything is ok but this one tank. I have sand three leather corals some zoas, one florida ricordea a very small xenia that is disappearing, another softy and two tiny mini carpet anemones, the anemones are doing better than everything else. O and i only keep 2 sexy shrimp 3 snails. I have a small refugium in the back with red and blue lights that come on at night. Nitrates are 0 or untraceable no matter how much i feed, and my test is good just like the other one. Calcium is 440, mag 1400, in the last month i have done 50 to 75% water changes weekly, with reef crystals and still all drops overnight. Ive done an 80 % water change with water taken out of my biocube, with no improvement. Any ideas? I pretty much have to dose my calk water, (2 tea spoons per gallon). Plus 4 ml of alk two part, every day, in a 2.7 gallon tank. I forgot to mention i have a gorgonian too.