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  1. Euphylin me

    Hipargero Aquarium Light

    i have had this light and i really like it, especially at that price. really cant go wrong
  2. Euphylin me

    Does a happy elegance coral look like this?

    i wouldnt change anything just yet. it is nice and puffed out. a week isnt enough time to tell if it likes the spot completely so i would leave it for now. seems pretty happy to me
  3. Euphylin me

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    dont worry! i have litterally seen fish lying on their side and swimming erratically get through treatment and turn out just fine. take your time and dont rush anything!
  4. Euphylin me

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    i guess those numbers wouldnt make too much of a difference. i just feared of going too low. the range i use does work so i guess ultimately....its whatever works for you. same time period as well. what kind of fish are you treating?
  5. Euphylin me

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    i wouldnt go that low with the hypo salinity. when i do it. i shoot for 1.013-1.011. be careful doing the dip after the treatment as you will need to acclimate it to normal salinity levels before you do the dip.
  6. Euphylin me

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    i agree but without copper. as you probably know, ich has different stages and only the free swimming stage (basically the newly hatched cysts) is affected by most treatments. raising the temp will speed the cycle and you will have a better chance at killing all of the cysts. and 1.020 isnt that low. when i acclimate fish its to 1.018 water. if done correctly, the change in specific gravity relieves some pressure off of the fish and aids in stress controll while at the same time making life harder for ich.
  7. Euphylin me

    ATTENTION all NW ohio and surrounding area reefers!

    new fish order coming in! we ordered some pretty cool fish. man i get all excited for shipment day. it's like christmas to yourself....that you paid for....ok i guess its not like christmas but it's still fun!
  8. Euphylin me

    ATTENTION all NW ohio and surrounding area reefers!

    move up here! we'd be happy to have you! it is pretty sad. it almost forces people to shop online. i understand that online shopping has improved immensely over the past decade but im like alot of people. i want to personally see with my own eyes what i am buying.
  9. Euphylin me

    ATTENTION all NW ohio and surrounding area reefers!

    Guys, the opening weekend was a blast! The raffle went very well and everyone was impressed. Check us out on face book and follow along! Hope to see you guys soon!
  10. Euphylin me

    ATTENTION all NW ohio and surrounding area reefers!

    It's finally here! A long text in the making! I am so excited to take the next step and help open an LFS with a good buddy! If any of you stop I. Please let us know!
  11. Euphylin me

    Question on dKH

    i would do the water change and then measure for the next few days and see if you get the same results. if the results are repeatable, youll have a good indication of your dosing schedule. for sure measure tonight to see what the drop is. kind of weird that it dropped .4 then .7 then .1....but you could measure on monday, then measure on sunday. 2 weeks and see if there is the same drop over the course of the 7 days. this way, you are only measuring twice a week. i think this should give you a decent idea of how much to dose
  12. Euphylin me

    What FIsh?

    for sure! ive never seen those before! i really want to get in occelate damsels or princess damsels
  13. Euphylin me

    What FIsh?

    it's in toledo!
  14. Euphylin me

    What FIsh?

    true! BTW the store is going to open this month! i cant wait
  15. Euphylin me

    What FIsh?

    yea for sure. we have a few wholesaler's so that is definitely something worth mentioning. i guess the only drawback i can think of is that it might detract from the things we already have in stock. but on the other hand, people who are looking for specific items normally call in and ask if we would have it anyways. Definitely might be worth a try.....am i going to have to pay you royalties if it goes well??