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  1. Euphylin me

    ?s about corals at lfs

    i originally thought pokerstar but the polyps are more spread out, which made me think supernatural montipora. if you look online some of the montis look exactly like that one when they are under blue/uv lights
  2. Euphylin me

    ?s about corals at lfs

    first one may be a supernatural montipora? second one i have no idea lol 3rd one could be a staghorn acro? or some type of loripes acro
  3. Euphylin me

    Question about filtration before fish

    i would add it before fish and feed the tank some food (not alot) and wait a week or two before fish. you dont necessarily NEED matrix as the rocks would handle the bioload as long as you dont over stock but it doesnt really hurt to have back up biological filtration incase you over feed or over stock
  4. Euphylin me

    ATTENTION all NW ohio and surrounding area reefers!

    absolutely! we got some yellow belly hippo tangs in and some of our favorites.....purple tangs!
  5. Euphylin me

    ATTENTION all NW ohio and surrounding area reefers!

    finally got the first fish order in today! got some pretty cool stuff!
  6. Euphylin me

    Isopods 😥

    i would recommend hunting rather than going fallow....obviously dont put in any fish. but parasitic isopods (from what i remember) can eat other things in the tank as well, like detritus. i would try the trap method. hunt them diligently and youll be okay. i just read something that people acclimate mollies and put them in breeder boxes (cruel) and then at night when the isopods feed, they take them out
  7. Euphylin me

    Isopods 😥

    see if you can capture one and post a picture on here. some isopods are very good for your reef but there are parasitic kinds. i have heard of people hunting them at night while they feed
  8. Euphylin me

    Stocking ideas for next fish

    i like the royal gramma suggestion. when i stock tanks i like to have life on all parts of the tank. i would suggest a bengai cardinal pair as well so you have something swimming in the open (not on top of the gramma) i mean either or
  9. Euphylin me

    Can Someone Review This Light?

    it seems decent and if you your elegance is growing i wouldnt venture to change anything. some varieties of zoas are very slow growers....ive had some utter chaos zoas take a month or two for just one polyp and the bam bams i have right now ive had for 3 weeks and i see 3 new budding heads. if you want, i would try feeding your zoas. if they are all opening up then they are doing fine, feeding may accelerate the growth. i use reef chili from brs and ive been noticing some good results. i have heard reef roids is good as well
  10. Euphylin me

    Hydra 52 NON HD

    ive seen the HD versions for that price so i would say its not a great deal but its also not a bad deal. if you can get it for 250 i would do that
  11. Euphylin me

    Cycling question

    you can but 2 fish added right away may cause a bit of an issue when clowns are small they wont be aggressive towards each other. i would add one with some cuc members and wait 2-3 weeks and change the rockscape and add the other clown
  12. Euphylin me

    Cycling question

    i agree with the others, dont get a full clean up crew right away....sorry i never add inverts before i add livestock (although some will to help with diatoms and such) clean up crews before other livestock are great to help rid the tank of diatoms/green hair algae/whatever else but they can starve themselves as most people will get them and wait like 2-3 weeks before getting fish. when i set my tanks up i get a fish and a few inverts on the same day.
  13. Euphylin me

    Cycling question

    i would do a water change and get the nitrates between 5-10 before adding anything as that is pretty high. and as for a clean up crew i would go with an 2 nassarius 2 cerith and 2 astreas and 2 blue leg hermits
  14. Euphylin me

    can we? Or can we not?

    nothing unusual. feeds new life spectrum and a mix of mysis,cyclopse, and brine. ill have to ask what else he feeds