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  1. I added all three to my display tank a couple months ago. After awhile one goby and shrimp established a den and the other goby found a nice rock with a lot of holes on the other side of the tank. Occasionally the shrimp would connect the two spots with a tunnel and the gobys would interact with each other, but mostly they stayed on their own sides. The goby that lives in the rock shares his burrow with a small fancy banded serpent star. I haven't seen him for about a week now, I'm afraid he got too comfortable with the star and it caught him sleeping. The star itself is pretty small, its disc is still >1" so I think it would be a pretty ambitious meal for him. its weird for the goby to disappear like this, he was always sticking his head out of one of the holes in the rock and came out for every feeding. If the star didn't get him, maybe he got too close to the RBTA. I'm holding out hope that he just went into hiding for a bit. Has anyone had luck introducing a second goby to a shrimp/goby pair? I really liked having a pair, but I'd prefer if they got along with each other.
  2. Can you elaborate on this? I haven't been able to find the article you mention
  3. yesterday I introduced my 2 high fin red banded gobys and pistol shrimp into my display freeing up quarantine for a new fish. I’m not sure what to get yet. I currently have 2 high fins 1 occelaris 1 Molly Miller blenny It’s a 34 gallon and I’m trying to stick with relatively small fish so I can keep my bioload smaller. I’ve been thinking maybe a hawk fish or a chalk bass, but I’d love to hear some other suggestions
  4. Well not much has changed. The one that has found the shrimp continues to spend almost all his time in the burrow. I never see him eat and I've only seen him out a couple of times. The other goby continues to be super bold and voracious. He has poked in and out of the shrimp's burrow a couple times that I've seen, but usually he sleeps under a pvc elbow. Im worried about the other goby not eating enough. I'm thinking I want to try some live food, I assume they would eat pods if I added some, but can anyone corroborate this?
  5. I've never seen any sort of hostility between them and they were both introduced at the same time. Im curious if aggression will develop or if the second will join the pair. Im wondering if I should encourage them to make a bigger burrow by swapping out the PVC elbow
  6. I recently placed a pair of hi-fins and an unknown species of pistol shrimp (Pistol ID thread) into QT. I havent had any experience with gobies, but they were spending at least 50% of the time hanging out together so I assumed they had paired up. For the first 4 days they showed zero interest in the shrimp, and I was beginning to suspect that its one of the alpheus species that doesn't pair. Two days ago I returned from work to find one of the gobies sharing a burrow with the shrimp. The other is now on his own. I've only seen the goby that found the shrimp stick his head out a couple of times since he paired up, and when I feed the tank he doesn't come out for food. The other goby eats voraciously and explores the tank with confidence. The burrow is a small pvc elbow buried in a bowl full of sand, I'm wondering if there isn't enough room for all three of them to share it, even though they dont seem to mind enclosed spaces or if the gobies werent actually paired. My end goal is a pair of gobies and a shrimp living in harmony, if anyone has any recommendations on how to acheive this I'd love to hear them
  7. In-case anyone is curious, it turns out this shrimp will pair. I added two hi-fin red band gobies the other day. Initially they were hanging out together and ignoring the shrimp, but after about 4 days one found his was into the shrimp den and the other is still on his own. The one that hasn't paired with the shrimp has been eating really well, the other doesn't want to leave his burrow and I haven't seen him eat since. I'm curious if the other goby will join them or if he's going to keep doing his own thing. The burrow is built in a pvc elbow buried in the sand so it would be pretty tight for three creatures.
  8. Well, a couple days in and my tank is looking way better, my corals are happier than I've seen them! The clown seems to be in limbo. One of his fins is improving quite nicely, and the other is still getting worse
  9. I hope you hang in there, this is one of my favorite tanks I’ve seen on here
  10. I know, unfortunately I found this out after I brought him home. The real question is the shrimp is a species that will pair with gobys
  11. It is! I picked these two up friday, it was a bit of an impulse buy being as the store didnt have the fish I was looking for (hi fin red band goby), but I got these guys hoping they would pair. He was also a pretty good price, I know the flaming prawn gobies can get quite expensive. After getting home and doing some more research it sounds like the goby isn't one that pairs with shrimp, or if so very rarely. I've also heard a lot about them being hard to keep alive due to dietary needs and I'm afraid in my 34 gallon I'm never going to see them. I'm pretty sure him and the shrimp aren't interested in pairing, every interaction they've had ends up with them pretty much ignoring each other. I talked to the shop and I think I'm going to trade him back in for some hi-fin's when their next order comes in. I hate to do it since he's such an awesome fish, I'm still totally new to this though and I'm worried about not being able to keep him healthy, not to mention putting him into my display tank and never seeing him again. So what I'm trying to figure out is if I trade him in for the hi-fins do I need to do a shrimp swap too or is there a chance that this one will pair with them?
  12. I was elbow deep in my tank earlier, but here's a pic of the tank after the sand swap. I did a bunch of rinsing and scrubbing of the rocks, but didn't manage to totally destroys the algae that was on them. Pay no mind to that light in the back of the tank, i'm working on a diy scrubber
  13. Can anyone help me ID a yellow pistol shrimp? He looks just like this one https://www.seascapestudio.net/reference/invertebrate.php?id=110 but that site's description is pretty generic for pistol shrimp in general.I'm mostly wondering how big they get and what kind of goby they would pair with easiest. Here's a crappy photo of the one in my QT
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