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    .5 Gallon Cube Pico

    I hope my .5 gal turns out this well. Looks great.
  2. DB Fishy

    .5 gallon Pico Reef AIO (Sort of)

    Thanks, I planned to keep only corals... maybe a shrimp or a snail but it is really to small for fish. (I thought about a yellow goby but do not really know anything about their swimming habits or space requirements... their size makes them seem attractive for this tank but i don't think it would be best for the fish). The LED's are a 10W hybrid 10000k and royal blue bulb. I have a second Bulb that is Royal Blue and UV wavelengths I got them on Alibaba express: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5pcs-10W-Square-Actinic-Hybrid-Cool-White-10000K-Royal-Blue-450nm-UV-395nm-High-Power-LED/32410729718.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.2a014c4dbHMPGi I attached them to a Heat sink that I pulled out of a flat panel television. I used a 12 vdc power supply and a 10 watt led driver to power the led with a 12VDC power supply https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10W-DC-12V-24V-LED-Constant-Current-Driver-Power-900mA-High-Power-Led-Hot-Sell/32798713164.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dmbpyHi Don't know if it right but it seems to be working.
  3. DB Fishy

    .5 gallon Pico Reef AIO (Sort of)

    I have kept a 50 gallon fresh water aquarium off and on (mostly on) since high school... 20 years ago. This will be my 1st SW aquarium with a big system planned sometime down the road.
  4. DB Fishy

    .5 gallon Pico Reef AIO (Sort of)

    Thanks... probably just corals but that is a good idea. Definitely a work in progress.
  5. Hi, new here and haven't lurked much so I hope this is appropriate to post. Since this was a DIY project I posted it there but I think I will need help and advice from those who have kept really small tanks. The tank is now cycling. I filled it up yesterday and added some bio-spira to get the biological filter started. The rock is not live as it has been in the tank with fresh water for several week as I was trying to work the kinks out of the project. I expect this to be a coral only tank. Because of its small size I plan to do about 50-100% water changes each week and use packaged sea water to refill the aquarium. How long should I expect to wait before adding any coral to this kind of setup? Any other constructive criticism is most welcome. Thanks
  6. So I wanted to have a desktop aquarium at work, and I wanted to get into Reef keeping so i decided to try a little experimental tank first... something I could piece together bit by bit. This project got a bit crazy though but I think I've got most the issues worked out and the tank is now cycling. I was inspired by a few tanks I has seen just googleing around. The tank started with a .5 gal beta tank which I divided off into a small sump section. The plan was to add some filter media a heater and a return pump in there. I also ordered some LED's and Drivers and Switches to rig up a LED light system on some aluminum heat syncs I pulled off an old flat panel TV power board. lastly fearing too much heat being generated by the lights I cut the lid and installed a 12vdc PC cooling fan. The heater and fan are plugged into a temperature controller. So far only the fan has needed to come on. I noticed quite a bit of evaporation from the tank during testing. Before testing I thought I could do a manual top off every couple days or so since I would not be in on the weekends or if I was on a work trip. After seeing the amount of water loss this didn't seem practical so I rigged up a automatic top off system. The top off is triggered by a float switch with is connected to a relay board the will power the pump in the fresh water reservoir to refill the tank as needed. inside the box is a power strip that everything is plugged into with a light timer and the relay board for the ATO. I picked up the rock from the beach on a recent tip to Hawaii. Thought it would be a nice reminder when I looked at the tank.