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  1. Well, it sounds like I may have had too much light for the new corals. This new light should be more appropriate. I'll considered the lighting a failed part of this experiment. So far the snail seems to be thriving. I'll find it all over the tank. looks Like it has a hitchhiker. 2 for 1 :) Is it common for Margarita snails to carry a younger snail? ill see them seperate then the small one will b back on the big one... weird.
  2. So for anyone following this all the corals died in short order. I have been running it empty since then. I know have some algae growing on the rock and glass which I take as a good sign that there is a biological filter that is cycled. I have put in a small snail. I will try corals again soon. The LED's I bought crapped out and I think they were too intense anyway. I bought a marine led on a goose neck mount and cut the roof off the tank. With the automatic top off I'm not too worried about evaporation but it doesn't look as clean as it did before. Could lighting be the reason for the fairly immediate demise of the first corals I had?
  3. Day 3, I came into the office to find that the Xenia, I'm sure, is dead. All day it just kind of shriveled up more and more. This morning looks like this:
  4. I value your experience until I can get some of my own... :) thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks,...Do you find the Xenia like more or less flow?
  6. So I have connected with the local reef store and they have suggested a few starter corals. here they are im not sure what they are exactly. some kind of Zoanthid and a leather coral and I'm not sure on the wavy one. Yesterday after I put the wavy one in, it was all kinds of open and "flexing" its "branches". This morning I came in and everyone was closed and the wavy one was all limp. so far the zoanthids are more open than yesterday but the wavy although more erect does not have its branches extended. (Can anyone reassure me that this is normal or point me in a good direction for help?) I'm sure they close up shop at night. I'll Keep an eye on them. Pretty darn excited. Yesterdays Picture (day 1) Today (Day 2) Thanks for looking :)
  7. I hope my .5 gal turns out this well. Looks great.
  8. Thanks, I planned to keep only corals... maybe a shrimp or a snail but it is really to small for fish. (I thought about a yellow goby but do not really know anything about their swimming habits or space requirements... their size makes them seem attractive for this tank but i don't think it would be best for the fish). The LED's are a 10W hybrid 10000k and royal blue bulb. I have a second Bulb that is Royal Blue and UV wavelengths I got them on Alibaba express: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5pcs-10W-Square-Actinic-Hybrid-Cool-White-10000K-Royal-Blue-450nm-UV-395nm-High-Power-LED/32410729718.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.2a014c4dbHMPGi I attached them to a Heat sink that I pulled out of a flat panel television. I used a 12 vdc power supply and a 10 watt led driver to power the led with a 12VDC power supply https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10W-DC-12V-24V-LED-Constant-Current-Driver-Power-900mA-High-Power-Led-Hot-Sell/32798713164.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dmbpyHi Don't know if it right but it seems to be working.
  9. I have kept a 50 gallon fresh water aquarium off and on (mostly on) since high school... 20 years ago. This will be my 1st SW aquarium with a big system planned sometime down the road.
  10. Thanks... probably just corals but that is a good idea. Definitely a work in progress.
  11. Hi, new here and haven't lurked much so I hope this is appropriate to post. Since this was a DIY project I posted it there but I think I will need help and advice from those who have kept really small tanks. The tank is now cycling. I filled it up yesterday and added some bio-spira to get the biological filter started. The rock is not live as it has been in the tank with fresh water for several week as I was trying to work the kinks out of the project. I expect this to be a coral only tank. Because of its small size I plan to do about 50-100% water changes each week and use packaged sea water to refill the aquarium. How long should I expect to wait before adding any coral to this kind of setup? Any other constructive criticism is most welcome. Thanks
  12. So I wanted to have a desktop aquarium at work, and I wanted to get into Reef keeping so i decided to try a little experimental tank first... something I could piece together bit by bit. This project got a bit crazy though but I think I've got most the issues worked out and the tank is now cycling. I was inspired by a few tanks I has seen just googleing around. The tank started with a .5 gal beta tank which I divided off into a small sump section. The plan was to add some filter media a heater and a return pump in there. I also ordered some LED's and Drivers and Switches to rig up a LED light system on some aluminum heat syncs I pulled off an old flat panel TV power board. lastly fearing too much heat being generated by the lights I cut the lid and installed a 12vdc PC cooling fan. The heater and fan are plugged into a temperature controller. So far only the fan has needed to come on. I noticed quite a bit of evaporation from the tank during testing. Before testing I thought I could do a manual top off every couple days or so since I would not be in on the weekends or if I was on a work trip. After seeing the amount of water loss this didn't seem practical so I rigged up a automatic top off system. The top off is triggered by a float switch with is connected to a relay board the will power the pump in the fresh water reservoir to refill the tank as needed. inside the box is a power strip that everything is plugged into with a light timer and the relay board for the ATO. I picked up the rock from the beach on a recent tip to Hawaii. Thought it would be a nice reminder when I looked at the tank.