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  1. toddrparr

    Biocube 32

    I went the AI Prime route and I love it. Evaporation is not a huge problem for me, maybe 0.5 gal/week, I do live in Houston, so it is humid... we keep the house at 73 degrees and humidity fluctuates between 35 and 50%.
  2. Back Story: I wanted to add a fish or two to my Biocube 32 to compliment my 2 nemos and starry blenny, something to add movement to the tank. So after much deliberation, I added a pair of firefish on Sunday. They immediately did what new firefish do, hid under the rocks in the back corner. They would both come out and eat, then dart back into the rocks, not accomplishing what I set out for. So, yesterday, I get home from work and my halloween hermit and emerald crab are playing tug of war with a dead firefish. Pretty sure it was a predator/prey case, not a sick fish and consumption case, other firefish still ok. I'm looking for ideas on a replacement fish that will come out and swim, look pretty and add personality to the tank. Probably something semi-aggressive, blenny is a bit grumpy.
  3. toddrparr

    Coral ID?

    Got my answer. Orange Pavona
  4. toddrparr

    Cheapest led for sps tank

    I was going through this same process and after reading many reviews on the cheaper lights, I ended up spending a bit more and going with an AI PrimeHD. While it is $200, you get full control over the spectrum and schedule, and great warranty and customer support. It was well worth the extra pennies.
  5. toddrparr

    Coral beauty or potters angel? Or something else?

    Thank for the input, it didn’t sound right to me. I’m think I’ll add a firefish.
  6. Looking to round out my fish family in my 32 biocube and the coral beauty or potters was suggested by my lfs. I’m definitely interested in either, but from everything I’ve read they need from 30 to 70 gallons minimum. Anyone have experience with either of these in s 30ish gallon? Want something that will be out and swim around.
  7. toddrparr

    Coral ID?

    Went to my LFS last night and picked up an AI prime for my biocube and of course left with a couple frags too. My 5 yo gets so psyched at the fish store and while tending to her I missed the name of one of the coral I got... also, sorry for he photo quality, the tank isn’t the only getting used to the new light.
  8. I used aiptasia x on a couple in my tank. Worked great.
  9. toddrparr

    BTA behavior? Shy, antisocial or sick?

    wanted to bump this... Mine has settled in the back corner of the tank in the sand, for 3 day or so, doesn't look happy at all. Would it be advisable to turn the pumps off for a couple of hours and try and pe-place it somewhere?
  10. toddrparr


    Beautiful tank and beautiful fish! on the aptasia subject, I recently found a couple in my tank. Tried the boiling water method and they disappeared and re-appeared 2 days later. Put a little aptasia X on them, no trace for ten days and still gone, highly recommend it!
  11. toddrparr

    Anemone and dr shrimp

    Mine does the same thing. Every time the anemone settles the shrimp starts "cleaning" it and it moves again. I'm considering removing the anemone...
  12. toddrparr

    Eyes bigger than it’s stomach.

    While feeling my anemone, cleaner shrimp stole the piece of fish and got mobbed by the crab mafia. I guess the emerald crab won. Now I need to somehow get it away from it...
  13. I added a PP4 to my biocube 32 about 2 weeks ago and I'm trying to dial it in. I've got it on the opposite side of the tank from the return nozzle pointed at the far front corner angled slightly up (not sure that's the best). I know the pump is variable from 132 GPH to 1000 GPH and taking this at face value, each level increases flow by ~96gpm?? Should I be shooting for 10 to 20X hourly turnover in the tank? I have zoas, mushrooms, a hammer, frogspawn, colt and finger leather in the tank. thanks!!
  14. I know anemones will roam the tank, but my bta has holed itself in the back of the the tank. Still open, still inflated. Should I move it? I think it will just go back... was at the green arrow for a couple weeks, now moved to red arrow.
  15. toddrparr

    My first saltwater build

    nice work!! Also nice car in the background, it is a Nomad?