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  1. best fish in my tank! Mine eats reef frenzy with the other tanks mates. Have fun with it!!
  2. Good morning and happy Friday to all!! I'm starting my first pico reef today. I picked up an Aqueon mini bow 2.5 with super cheap LED (will upgrade) and HOB filter. I'm planning on sexy shimp eventually but for now it will be a brine nursery, zoa and nuisance hermit holding tank. My question is, what does everyone run for filtration? I ordered some chempure blue nano, the HOB is very small and I think this is all I can fit in it.
  3. I have both the media rack and fuge basket in mine, I'm running floss, purigen and chempure elite on the rack and chaeto with a few chunks of live rock in the fuge basket. Works great and doesn't seem to impede flow at all. IMO it is worth it, the intank product is way more stable than the stock piece too.
  4. no algae ... I did see it. I dropped the angel in after acclimation and 30 seconds later the blenny tore into it, hit it right in the gills and it was dead 10 minutes later. The blenny has since be re-homed to a 150 gallon tank.
  5. my starry killed my dwarf angel... 40 gallon tank though and the starry was a jerk.
  6. I picked up an awesome chalice over the weekend and had some questions on placement. I’ve marked in the picture where I’m thinking. I’m running topless ( the tank, not me) with an AI prime. Let me know what you think.
  7. I got a wild caught, my LFS had him for about a month in one of their frag tanks and he's chubby. I plan on training it eventually. I'll defiantly check out the FB page, I have a batch of pods coming from algae barn tomorrow to start my culture.
  8. Hi all, I joined the mandarin owners club this past week, will post a picture this weekend (I'm superstitious about pictures and naming fish in the first week...). I have plenty of pods now in the tank and I'm setting up a culture following @banasophia model. My question is, how important is a light for the culture and does the addition of chaeto help the culture? thanks!!!
  9. I ended up doing something similar. I've got chaeto and a sprig of codium in the fuge basket and I've dose copepods 3X in there. They are doing quite well and once a month I swish the chaeto in the main tank to stock it. Very few are coming through on their own.
  10. I've got one in my 32 gallon biocube, wasn't planned came in a piece of live rock and it mainly keeps to the rocks. I see it about once a month or so. My tank hasn't exploded and it seems to do its job. Very interesting little beastie, mine is about 4 inches.
  11. I went the AI Prime route and I love it. Evaporation is not a huge problem for me, maybe 0.5 gal/week, I do live in Houston, so it is humid... we keep the house at 73 degrees and humidity fluctuates between 35 and 50%.
  12. Back Story: I wanted to add a fish or two to my Biocube 32 to compliment my 2 nemos and starry blenny, something to add movement to the tank. So after much deliberation, I added a pair of firefish on Sunday. They immediately did what new firefish do, hid under the rocks in the back corner. They would both come out and eat, then dart back into the rocks, not accomplishing what I set out for. So, yesterday, I get home from work and my halloween hermit and emerald crab are playing tug of war with a dead firefish. Pretty sure it was a predator/prey case, not a sick fish and consumption case, other firefish still ok. I'm looking for ideas on a replacement fish that will come out and swim, look pretty and add personality to the tank. Probably something semi-aggressive, blenny is a bit grumpy.
  13. Got my answer. Orange Pavona
  14. I was going through this same process and after reading many reviews on the cheaper lights, I ended up spending a bit more and going with an AI PrimeHD. While it is $200, you get full control over the spectrum and schedule, and great warranty and customer support. It was well worth the extra pennies.
  15. Thank for the input, it didn’t sound right to me. I’m think I’ll add a firefish.
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