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  1. toddrparr

    Changing live rock arrangement?

    Tanks for the input, reshape completed. Before and after pictures attached.
  2. toddrparr

    Changing live rock arrangement?

    thanks for the feedback, its almost "there", just needs a few tweaks.
  3. Wow I have a lot of questions... Today's installment: how bad is it to change my rock arrangement? I still have not added fish to the tank just CUC, tank has been cycling about 4 weeks and levels are OK. thanks!
  4. toddrparr

    Mushroom behavior

    Quick question. I was out of town for a week and my tank has been cycling. I have 3 mushroom hitchhikers on a piece of live rock and I thought they were small. Came home last night and they were extended (pictures). Is this normal?
  5. I’m going to be putting a goby and a blenny in the tank. I want a good food supply for them and the other fish.
  6. Hi again all, I swear I'm going to wear out this beginners forum... at some point, hopefully, I can contribute instead of require. Anyway, today question. I'm in the process of setting up my Biocube 32, been cycling about a week and all is well. I was looking into purchasing the Intake media rack and refugium tank for it. My question is can I raise and sustain a copopod colony in this refugium? Do they get sucked out through the circulation pump? Not sure how all this works... Thanks!
  7. I picked up an interesting hitchhiker on a piece of live rock. After a bit of google image searching, I think it is a tigertail cucumber. Pretty excited about it. I have a 32 gallon biocube and assuming the little guy can make it through the cycle, can I keep it in a tank of this size? I attached a picture... not great, the thing is maybe 3 inches long.
  8. Hi all! I picked up a piece of live rock from a lfs and choose firm over function, it was the perfect dimensions for finishing out my aquascape. It was a piece they had pulled from one of their tanks and has some established red coralline on it. It also has two of the organisms in the picture, they look neat! What are they and will they survive the cycle? Also, I found the spikey thing too. Thanks!
  9. toddrparr

    Using Damsels during first cycle??

    Wow!! thanks for the responses. I was planning on live rock and sand, so I will go with that. Thanks all for the feedback! I will post progress reports.
  10. Hello All!! I recently purchased a 32 gal Coral Life Cube and I am excited to begin this journey. My question is about cycling the tank. The place I purchased the tank from said to put sand, water and rock in and add a few damsels. They said some will die during the cycle and I'm not really sure I want them after the I'm done with the cycle (I would be stuck because my kids would get attached). Is this any better than a "fishless" tank cycle?