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    green star polyp

    I have a 90 gallon tank with good lighting and water perimeters. I recently added a green star polyp to my tank and it was out and perfectly fine but at that time, my blue anemone started moving around the tank and accidently stung my green star polyp. The star polyp is now closed for the 3rd day. Did the anemone injure it and why is it closed for so much days in a row now?
  2. After my green bubble tip died, i went to my local pet shop and got a blue sebae anemone(kinda bleached). My maroon clownfish tries to host it with its side but when it touches it, it quickly swims away. Does the anemone sting it too much?
  3. Grace Sky

    Why did my anemone die?

    I have an 100 gallon tank in my house and recently i bought a green bubble tip anemone and a lightning maroon clownfish as a pair. The anemone was healthy and i fell in love with it. I dont know the reason but after two weeks, the anemone started loosing color and eventually got flipped inside out so you could see his guts.(it died) Anybody have any ideas why it died because i also have a rose bubble tip and it didnt die.( both anemones were in my aquarium at the same time) and only one died.