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  1. ah no... might be worth contacting the shop and letting them know, they might well compensate/replace :)
  2. Corals look good too mate. I’ll pm you at some point for details, not sure on the rules of posting other sellers on here, that lepto is tasty! Had to log onto my pc get a proper view on the big screen haha
  3. I think my LFS sells some, @hyoib I’ll take a look at the weekend if they’ve got any and let you know, brand, price etc..
  4. @hyoib .. I managed to get a few pics but wont be able upload them until maybe Wednesday :) I've had a couple of issues this week though... 1 is that my hermit has killed one of my nassarius snails, and is constantly hunting down the other! and the 2nd is that after my last two water changes I've had a massive amount of micro bubbles. I'm not running the skimmer so the only place I can think it's come from is maybe my filter floss?? is that even possible?! They appear to be coming from my return pump but, seeing as it's a fully submerged unit I'm not sure how it can. Hence me wondering if it was from my filter floss.
  5. Nice... keep us posted, and if they're decent quality I might stick an order in myself :) :)
  6. Ha! Sounds like you’re victim of the same constraints as me!
  7. Not particularly, I’m doing a water change tomorrow so I’ll get some then.
  8. same here really mate, I've not bought any coral or fish online but, I have used charterhouse for my InTank baskets. I'm in Stoke-on-Trent, so I have a couple of good LFS's which is where I get my corals from. The only issue is, is that as there's not too many shops around, when something nice comes in, it's usually gone quick! My sister lives up in Leeds and I visit a few times a year but having looked at KKC it looks to be more over Hull way???
  9. looks really nice that mate.. good job :) I'm hoping to pick my Prime up this weekend... and then I'm hoping to see some improvement in coral growth and colour
  10. good job @hyoib nice to see some positive results... keep us posted with how it progresses! out of interest... as a fellow brit, can you recommend any decent uk based online re-tailers?
  11. i did wonder about this, can you not simply clip the bracket over the top of the intank for chamber 2? granted it's a complete pain in the ass when ever you want to take the basket out but that's maybe once or twice every other week?
  12. ah that's awesome :) looking good!
  13. nice :) make sure you get more pictures up when it settles in... I'm looking to buy a bubble tip over the next few weeks, but I'm just waiting for the right one to come in my LFS :)
  14. yes mate, I got rid of the stock foam filter almost immediately, during cycling. I ran the skimmer and media basket two for a while and I started to struggle with green hair algae. I was finding that 9/10 times the skimmer wasn't really working properly and I was constantly having to change its settings to make it work. I swapped it out for the media basket in chamber 1 and put some filter floss and chemi pure blue in.... so far so good. :)
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