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  1. ConnorD42

    Sale or trade

    I'm in Clemson, SC. You still got it? I'll have to check where Buchanan is really quick. Edit: Rip me, wrong side of Atlanta haha GLWS!
  2. ConnorD42

    SOS I vacuumed my Clownfish :/

    Needless to say I lost the fish ? So just left with his partner and a blue damsel at the moment. I'm just going to focus on my corals for now and pray I don't suck up either of them. I might replace the lost clown with another or something else a little later. Kinda thinking a watchman Goby or a couple other smaller fish.
  3. ConnorD42

    SOS I vacuumed my Clownfish :/

    Well I can certainly say I know what NOT to do next time something like this should happen ?
  4. ConnorD42

    SOS I vacuumed my Clownfish :/

    I'll add the airstone and keep him in the breeder net! I guess also keep dosing stress guard and say some prayers, he looks way rougher today.
  5. ConnorD42

    How to glue corals "temporarily".

    best option is to keep them on the frag plug and move them around until you get it right, I've even snipped the base of the plug off a few times to get the coral to sit where I want it to while trying to figure out where it wants to be. Or I guess the famed gel super glue would work in a lesser amount.
  6. Hey everyone, I was performing regular weekly maintenance yesterday and whilst vacuuming I sucked up one of my clowns. It took me a little longer than I would have liked to get him out due to the panic the situation put me in. This was not a "vacuum" vacuum I was just using some 1/2" clear tubing to remove some garbage in the sand bed and as I was checking a corner of the tank I felt him get sucked in. Afterwards I put a breeder net in the tank and dropped him in it so I could keep a close eye on him, he's missing a few scales, and his tail fin looks like it's falling apart. He seemed to be swimming fine until this evening, now he's just chilling at the bottom of the net keeping himself upright with his pectoral fins, and he's breathing quite fast and hard. I dipped him this morning after I observed a light string of a mucusy-looking strand a little before the tail. Anyone have any thoughts on what I can do?? Dosing some stress guard in an attempt to help him a little bit.
  7. ConnorD42

    Adding MORE live rock

    Awesome thanks guys!
  8. ConnorD42

    Adding MORE live rock

    Okay, my LFS is about to renovate their store. With that being said I bought ~25lbs of live rock that had been in their system curing for about 1.5-2 years from a 265 gallon take down. The rock sat out for about an hour and a half plus or minus 15 minutes before purchase. Long story short, the rock sat dry in a container for almost the whole day, but it's back in a separate tank curing at the moment, my question being would it be safe to add to my display tank kind of sooner? or am I going to have to wait the full 4-6 weeks for it to cure to be safe (while monitoring phosphate, ammonia, and nitrate levels)? If it helps, I don't plan on adding more than half to my display tank at the moment.
  9. ConnorD42

    Do I have a gorilla crab?

    I had to do the same thing to get a stone crab hitchhiker out of my tank. Needless to say, it was an effective way to deal with the little sucker!
  10. ConnorD42

    Ocellaris Clown Death Question

    I knew that metro-plex was to be used in food, however, I couldn't find it at any chain store (dedicated LFS is about 45 minutes away) so I started reading active ingredients on the backs of other medications and found one that contained metronidazole also so just used that instead. Although that doesn't make the other one reef safe either based on ingredients alone. I just didn't connect the dots for some reason or another. Stupid mistake.
  11. ConnorD42

    Ocellaris Clown Death Question

    Oh gotcha! I don't know why that didn't occur to me. I know for next time at least I guess. ?
  12. ConnorD42

    Ocellaris Clown Death Question

    Metronidazole has not hurt my corals as far as I can tell, and was dosed about 5 days ago. Otherwise treatment was carried out in my qt. edit: then a 30% water change was done and carbon media replaced
  13. ConnorD42

    Ocellaris Clown Death Question

    I feel like it was the transport-induced stress that did him in. I know it couldn't have helped at least. I'm going to monitor the firefish for a while I guess and just go from there. If fallow period is the final verdict then fallow the tank shall go!
  14. ConnorD42

    Ocellaris Clown Death Question

    Thanks! There was only one day that the spot appeared to have mass to it, but it was not mucousy, at least it didn't strike me as mucousy.. and yeah I left the firefish in the tank and he seems to be doing fine, but I'm watching him like a hawk with binoculars. I also dipped and medicated him to be cautious assuming that the parasite hadn't had time to encyst(? correct my word choice if i'm wrong, I can't seem to be able to find the stage again, oops) and treated the tank with metronidazole for 3 days no carbon in hopes it might help any potential issue.