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  1. For Sale: 6 x 54 watt TEK T5 light with bulbs, acrylic shield and timer. I purchased this light in May of 2009, so it is fairly new. The bulbs that are included are as follows: 2 Aquablue specials 2 Actinic Plus 2 Pro-Color 2 Geissman 6500 K Also comes with original box and packaging. Pickup in Dover, NH 03820. I will consider meeting within a reasonable distance. NO SHIPPING please - the light is too big Price: $275 Please send a PM for inquiries Pictures:
  2. XL Corals for Sale - NH

    Update: Corals Sold Today - Green Mushrooms Rhodactis Mushroom Pagoda Cup Coral Tongue Coral
  3. Corals: Giant purple/green frogspawn (45+ heads and 100+ babies on branches) - $100 (That is like $2 per head!!) ~8 inch tongue coral $50 ~50 metallic green mushooms $40 ~50 yellow polyps $30 very large hairy rhodactis mushroom $25 small pagoda cup coral $15 100+ brown polyp colony (some of the colony does not open up and is a little pale, the light may be too strong) $4 medium colony of anthelia $25 Location: Dover, NH (local pickup or delivery only please) More pics available upon request
  4. Hi! I have a baby Volitan lionfish that is about 2-3 inches in length (excluding the fins). He currently lives in a 29 gallon fish tank and he will soon be upgraded to a 75 gallon. Well, when I first got the lion, he was put into a quarantine tank and he ate everything. He would come up to the surface and I would hand feed him silversides and krill. His belly got enormous. However, I began to read that lions are frequently killed by overfeeding, so I did not feed him for a day, and his belly went back to normal size! Then, I noticed a few spots of ich on his fins and being in the quarantine tank, I treated him with Rid-Ich for 4 days. However, then the heater in the quarantine tank shattered (I am not sure how) and I lost a coral beauty in the tank from electrocution (The temperature remained the same). So, I put him into the 29 gallon that he was in quarantine for. He is still swimming around, but he will not eat and he would not eat yesterday in the quarantine tank even before the heater cracked. I read that when a lionfish becomes satiated or full, he will not eat for at least 24 hours, but I am concerned for before I believe that he ate even when he was full. Did giving him time to digest just make him really full? As of now, it has been about 36 hours since he last ate, but his belly is not sunken in yet. Please Help! UPDATE: He did not eat this morning again (now it is the 4th day that he has not eaten) and his fins that he "walks" with seem to shake occasionally. He is still swimming around, his eyes are clear as well as his fins and he stomach is not sunken in. He appears alert and if it was the first time that I had seen him, I would say that he was very healthy. I tried to feed him again just now using the clear airline tubing method with a silverside on the end - he just swam away and looked at me very funny. Do you think that he is just not hungry or did the electrocution/all of a sudden new tank event traumatized him?
  5. IS350

    I just purchased a 2007 Infiniti G35 after driving the Lexus IS350 and BMW 335i
  6. HELP! S. haddoni- URGENT :(

    Now with the lights out tonight, the anemone is completely inflated, mouth shut and looking really nicely. It is also hosting the saddle wonderfully. What does this signify? Are my lights too strong for it?
  7. HELP! S. haddoni- URGENT :(

    It was not/is not breaking up and is not greyish-green in matter and it is not stringy. It is definitley on an extended bathroom break. The mouth has closed up a little, but it is really deflated/droopy, but I have read/seen that this is normal as far as cleaning itself out. I bought the anemone on Friday night, so it is only on its' second day in the tank. Hopefully, by the end of this week it will be okay.
  8. HELP! S. haddoni- URGENT :(

    I acclimated it for 3 hours and the salinity, pH, and temp were the same when I released it from the bag. It is nice to know that your carpet experienced/performed these traits upon introduction into your tank as well. When should I begin to feed it the silversides? I do not believe it is expelling the zooxanthellae as it is not stringy, but quite large spherical matter coming out.
  9. HELP! S. haddoni- URGENT :(

    This morning the anemone was plump and happy, but now it is all droopy again and the mouth is wide open with a lot of the white insides spilling out again. It also pooped more. Why is it doing this?? The tentacles are still sticky/moving all around and the base is still firmly planted.
  10. HELP! S. haddoni- URGENT :(

    It has plopped and attached to the spot that I added it to (just moved to the right a little). I do have a 5 inch saddleback clown that is hosting it right now. Is that too stressfull for the anemone? What should I do if it is. From now on, I will not touch the anemone!
  11. HELP! S. haddoni- URGENT :(

    As I said before, I did NOT read the post until after I "fed" him. I left for work right after I wrote my last reply. This is a very stressful time and I would appreciate help instead of unwanted/unearned negative replies. Thanks
  12. HELP! S. haddoni- URGENT :(

    I did not read the post until after I "fed" him. Do you have any advice for me?
  13. HELP! S. haddoni- URGENT :(

    Well, tonight the anemone did not eat his silversides (I guess that is a good thing^)! When the lights went off, the anemone really opened his mouth and a lot of his white insides were out. After a while of seeing this, I got really nervous, so I turned the light on. I then stuck my hand in the tank. When I felt the anemone, the tentacles were very very sticky and really grabbed my hand. The base is also very well stuck to the LR/sand. Then, all of a sudden the mouth completely closed to the point of being picture healthy perfect. I do not understand. Is this anemome supposed to do that at night, or is it insane?! PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks
  14. HELP! S. haddoni- URGENT :(

    Well, I bought some fresh squid and clams for it. As soon, as the fresh food hit the tentacles, the mouth closed up completely. However, it did not eat the squid or clams which I guess is not surprising. I am going to try some krill and/or silversides (if I can find them). Now, the anemone looks perfect, but I hope that it stays this way.